all clad vs scanpan

Scanpan vs All-Clad

When it comes to cooking sets, we cannot talk about their quality without the mention of Scanpan and All-Clad brands. These are two companies that have been in the kitchen game for long enough and their products have spoken for them for a while now.

Talk of Scanpan. This is a Denmark based company that makes use of recycled aluminium, that is sourced from well monitored sources, to make strong cookware of high quality. Their cookware comes with non-stick surfaces which is almost everyone’s preferences when it comes to cookware.

On the contrary, all clad is a united states based company that also specializes in making cookware. However, all clad makes use of a combination of stainless steel, aluminium and copper to create top kitchen products.

Given that Scanpan has specialized in the use of aluminium, it was challenge addressing the issue of introduction of coil stoves and induction coils. To address this, the company came up with a special base that makes it possible to use their pots and pans on the induction coils and electric coil stoves. When it comes to all clad, all their pots and pans have a magnetic stainless steel finishing or rather layer which makes the cookware induction surface friendly.

The more layers of material are used on a specific cookware, the better the turn out in the product in terms of durability and quality. This is something that both all clad and Scanpan have in mind as through a combination of several layers of the respective materials, they are able to come up with quality pieces of cookware that guarantee you a long life full of quality service.

Let’s talk about handles. When it comes to all clad, they fix stainless handles on all their cookware. These handles are fixed using rivets that are well fastened for utmost safety. On the contrary, Scanpan only uses the same stainless steel handles only on stainless steel cookware. For the other handles, they are attached to the respective pots and pans using a patented locking system which is safe anyway.  Scanpan has made their cookware special by applying a unique and very sophisticated non-stick surfaces which makes their cookware stand out among the many brands.

Both brands are quite expensive. This is however a non-issue if you are really looking for some good quality cookware. Let’s now take a look at some All-Clad and Scanpan brands compared. We shall look at the different properties concerning each and every brand to decide who wins in this Scanpan vs All-Clad battle.

  1. All-clad HA1 hard anodized vs Scanpan professional non-stick pans compared.

Features of the pans

To be fair, the two brands have excellent features that distinguish them from the other brands in the market. They are both made from different types of the metal aluminium which is known for its well proven heat transfer properties. Scanpan have made their pans professionally with cast aluminium and a much thicker aluminium base. This flat bottom base design makes sure that the pan works well on glass tops. However, they are not good with induction coils.

When it comes to All-Clad pans, they are made using hardened and anodized aluminium and their stainless steel attached non warping base which brands them induction pleasant. However, there are some complains that the smaller pans didn’t work well with some induction stoves while the biggest pan worked well.

Quality comparison

Both sets have been proved to be oven safe up to temperatures of 500oF. they are also dishwasher safe. However, Scanpan insists that it’s better to wash the pans with hand to make sure the non-stick layer lives longer. Both sets come with non-stick layers. However, those of Scanpan come with a green tek surface that is enhanced with some ceramic and titanium particles to add some more strength. The two companies offer warranties to their pans.

Ergonomics in design

Let’s begin with Scanpan. Their pans come with exquisite lines and the black color of the pans body blends well with the stainless steel handles. There have been a few complains of the pans being too shallow which makes them good for frying eggs and not larger amounts of food. However, a larger part of the target customers still finds these pans amazing.

All-Clad pans have a wide and a flat base which is enhanced with a very low profile shape which has just the right angle which prevents food from sliding out of the pan. The handle is well indented although we have had some customers complain that the indentation is too deep which makes it a bit uncomfortable. These handles have been specially made for big handed people which is a disadvantage to the people with smaller hands as the pan gets a bit of a job to handle.

Generally, both pans are light in weight which is convenient for the average human to handle. However, All-Clad pans are a bit lighter that the Scanpan ones. This could be because of the few inches’ difference in width.


Both sets have exceptional quality. However, Scanpan sets will cost up to 3 times of what the All-Clad brands cost. Are they really worth paying for that much? Well the big difference could be because of the well-chosen source of the aluminium used to make the Scanpan pans. If you don’t really care about where the metal comes from, then All-Clad pans are cheaper and would be a great choice.


They are both durable. They are made from carefully crafted materials and well stuck on handles. The non-stick layers are excellent and will last for a long time. However, Scanpan has the rights to brag thanks to the special green tek non-stick layer that is enhanced with titanium particles.

Scanpan vs All-Clad verdict

From the extra superior non-stick coating to the handles, it’s with no doubt that scan pan brands would be a much better choice compared to all clad.

  1. All-Clad HA1 hard anodized non-stick pan vs Scanpan classic deluxe

Pieces comparison

The two sets come with a 10-inch-wide frypan plus a 2 quart and another 3-quart sauce pans. They both have lids. In addition to that, Scanpan includes a sauté pan (3 quart) that comes with its own lid, and then a sauce pan also with a lid and finally a stock pot (6.5 quart) that also comes with a lid.

Besides the above mentioned All-Clad pieces, they also offer an additional 8 inch frying pan, a sauté pan (4 quart), and a bigger 8quart stockpot. All these come with their own lids. If you have a bigger population to cook for, then All-Clad would be a much better choice.

Features of the cookware

Both companies produce cookware with exceptional designs that are meant to suit your kitchen needs. To mention is the 5ply structure design that includes an aluminium base that’s well bonded to a well-crafted exterior of stainless steel. This designs play a great role is even heat distribution and the extent to which food cooks. They both come in a beautiful stylish design that features a very durable non-stick coating. The two are equally good options if you’re looking to getting non-stick cookware.

Quality of the cookware

Here let’s begin with Scanpan. Their cookware has a non-stick coating that is made of stratanium which gives the layer a smooth look that is tougher than stainless steel. When it comes to all-clad, they do 3 well compacted layers of PFOA chemical non-stick coating. This layer is pretty tough and can withstand even stronger scratches. However, to make sure their layer is much stronger, Scanpan has gone ahead to use up to five layers of the stratanium material. This is the best non-stick coating that lasts for a much longer lifetime.

The two sets are dishwasher safe although it’s advisable that you hand wash them to protect the non-stick coating. They are also safe for use in the oven for temperatures as high as 500oF.

Ergonomics in design

There is no set with a better design than the Scanpan. It comes in a good looking black that blends really well with the outer non-stick coating. The handles are not too long neither too short and are designed to make it easy to handle the pans and pots excellently. They are super easy to use and very comfortable.

On the other hand, All-Clad pans and pots also have their own design that distinguishes them from the others. The stainless steel handles are securely riveted on the pots and their color makes a perfect combination with the design of the pots. They are also comfortable to use although they will get hot when the pot or the pan is in use. They are a bit uncomfortable although this shouldn’t write them off.

Durability of the cookware

Remember the 5ply design we talked about when discussing Scanpan cookware? This special method gives Scanpan cookware excellent strength and durability to resist scratches. The stratanium layers also play a great part in boosting the durability.

All-Clad isn’t left behind as well. Their sets come with a warp resistant aluminium base. This plus the triple layer on non-stick coating gives the All-Clad stuff perfect durability.

Referring to this products, it’s with no doubt the winner is Scanpan. Due to their exceptional properties, design and durability, many customers tend to be happier using this great set of cookware.

  1. Stainless steel cookware:

    Scanpan CTX deluxe vs the All-Clad D5

Scanpan vs All-Clad cookware pieces

2 quality frying pans, two sauce pans, and a sauté pan are common among the two sets. They also come with lids in both cases. In addition to that, All-Clad offers a stock pot of 8quarts. When it comes to Scanpan, they have a 7.5 quart Dutch oven. The Scanpan sauce pan is a bit smaller in size (with about 0.75 quart) which is a con anyway. When it comes to pieces, All-Clad offer much larger sauté pans and sauce pans.

Features of the cooking sets

Both sets have been made using top quality technology. A 5 ply bonded structure that has alternating aluminium and steel layers. This results to a strong warp free pan or pot that is ley to even heat distribution during cooking. Scanpan is however special thanks to its ecofriendly aluminium layers that is covered with stainless steel on the outside and a non-stick layer made of stratanium layer on the inside. This makes Scanpan very induction coil friendly compared to all clad.

A shiny stainless steel exterior gives the all-clad cookware a beautiful look on the outside as well as a non-stick layer.

Quality comparison

The two companies have been on this game for a long time. They deliver products of exceptional quality and that last for decades. They are both oven safe to an approximate temperature of 500oF. on top of that, they are safe to use in the dishwasher and are both safe for use with induction cooking.

In this category Scanpan definitely wins. An excellent non-stick layer made of stratanium and is close to 10 times tougher than steel make some excellent super strong products. However, there have been some complains about the All-Clad cookware that some foods will stick despite them being much cheaper to maintain.


Scanpan cookware comes in stainless steel exteriors and black interiors. The lids are made from a combination of glass and stainless steel which is a bit strange. The stainless steel handles are riveted to the pans and are way comfortable to use than those of all-clad.

All-clad handles are however heat resistant and are stylishly riveted into the cookware. All-Clad has a stylish shiny stainless steel finish that rhymes well with the shiny lids. It has excellent heat retention and distribution properties which makes it a better set.

Price of the cookware

They don’t differ so much in pricing. However, the All-Clad sets are a bit costlier


They are both fairly durable. They are made using the earlier discussed 5ply technology which gives them excellent strength to last for years. However, Scanpan has a more enhanced non-stick layer which makes it more superior than the all clad. However, the All-Clad cookware tends to last a bit longer due to absence of a non-stick layer.

Finally, the All-Clad set sounds a much better choice. Despite it being a bit expensive, it’s definitely worth paying given the better pots and pans verity of sizes, better looks and the smoother finish that translates to more durability.

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