Aquasource Faucet Reviews – What Our Experts Say?

If you are looking for budget-friendly faucets for your kitchen but don’t want to compromise on the quality, Aquasource faucets are a decent option.

Getting great Aqua source faucet reviews by the customers, many plumbing retailers began selling this brand, and soon these faucets were readily available at every plumbing outlet.

Best 3 Aquasource Faucets:

History of Aquasource

The brand doesn’t have a solid background when it started its operation. They didn’t even have any manufacturing or selling units. The brand’s primary retailer is Lowe’s. Aquasource sells several plumbing fixtures like sinks, valves, tubs, and faucets. However, the Kitchen faucet collection by the company is something worth looking out for. Not only it is available in budget-friendly rates, but it also comes with amazing features to assist you in the kitchen.

Apart from Lowe’s, you can find Aquasource faucets at several other retailers dealing in kitchen faucets.  However, Lowes itself purchases these faucets fromAcuasource and distributes the faucets around the world. Homewerks Worldwide, LLC is a US-based seller of Aquasource faucets.

You can also find these faucets at online stores like Amazon and e-Bay.

How Good are Aquasource Kitchen Faucets?

You will find most of the designs offered by Aquasource as traditional and classy. Homeowners, who do not want to spend too much on a revamp, should try out the Aquasource kitchen faucets.

It is hard to find reliable reviews regarding Aquasource faucets online.  Its restricted availability only led our exposure to certain public reviews. And our findings led us to the ranking of the faucets, scoring 7 out of a total of 10 when it comes to quality and features. Additionally, there wasn’t any online site, that registered any serious authentic complaints regarding the brand.

Most customer reviews we came across, discussed the durability of the best Aquasource faucets. Upon installation, most customers liked the traditional touch; these faucets gave to their kitchens. Plus, the faucets were reported easy to operate and maintain with a low probability of any leakage or spills.

The common complain we came across, made by the users, was the faucet pipes’ length. The length of these lines was shorter than the usual brands in the market. This posed an extra problem for some customers as they needed to get some extensions installed before they could fit in the faucet by the company.

Apart from this, no other concern or major issue was spotted in the faucets by the users. Overall, the customers preferred the brand for its robust faucets which were easy to install. Plus their low cost but great quality made them pretty popular among the homeowners.

The Technology Used in Aquasource Faucets

You will be surprised to know that the faucets offered by Aqausource are not only economic but ergonomic too. Their kitchen faucets come laden with features and designs that make your daily chores in the kitchen quite simple and lively. The faucets offered by the brand are versatile, especially the Gooseneck range.

The Gooseneck features reverse osmosis technology; this enables the faucet to produce filtered water suitable for drinking. The technology makes use of the filtration process, getting rid of impurities to make the faucet water suitable for drinking. In addition to the provision of clean drinking water, these kitchen faucets meet the low lead standards.

The faucets are further ensured to be free from dripping and leaking. The ceramic valves installed in them ensure the dripping does not take place. When properly installed, the faucets will give you a smooth and simple experience, without creating a hassle of the water leak or spillage when working.

The interesting thing with these faucets is that they can be installed by the user themselves. The faucets come with the installation kit and the user manuals. These guide you through every step to complete the installation of the faucets. However, it is recommended to have a professional plumber do the installation to prevent any issues that may spring up later due to a lack of expertise.

What Types of Kitchen Faucets are Available from Aquasource?

Despite its limited availability, the kitchen faucets by AquaSource come in several styles and designs. The major stress of the design component is towards a classic old look, but you can come across some modern-looking pieces too. All these designs are offered by the brand in different finishes so that you can match them up with the interior of your kitchen.

Following are the categories of kitchen faucets available at online retailers:

  • Side spray faucets featuring a single handle
  • Kitchen faucets featuring gooseneck style
  • Double-handle faucets with arc
  • High and Low arc kitchen faucets

In addition to this range, you will find wall-mounted and bar faucets too by Aqausource. The wall-mounted faucets are further divided into two categories, one featuring a low arc and the other featuring a high arc.

However, the most popular and in-demand faucet style is that of the gooseneck. This modern design is exclusive and gives a lot of benefits to the user owing to its shape. The gooseneck can be regarded as the highest rank product of Aquasource. Its high arc allows for more space to work in, below the faucet making it an absolute customer favorite.

Warranty on an Aquasource Kitchen Faucet

The warranty offered on these faucets varies from one retailer to the other and so does the service provided when a fault is detected. However, the brand itself guarantees its faucets to be foolproof and defect-free. Additionally, the company extends a limited lifetime warranty on its kitchen faucets. This, however, can only be availed by the person who primarily purchases these faucets.

The warranty does not signify that the faucets will be repaired by Aqausource unconditionally; it really depends on the brand’s discretion.

If you happen to buy the faucets from Lowe’s you can simply call on the number provided on their online site to complain of any leak or fixes that need to be made. However, this number is not the same for every retailer. On many online platforms, the number varied and did not stay consistent. So it is recommended to contact the same site or retailer from which you purchased the brand.

If finding the correct number is difficult, you can email your concern to AquaSource at In the entire process do remember that the warranty given by the brand and the retailer you are purchasing from will vary and will be subject to certain conditions. So when buying the kitchen faucets from any retailer, make sure you are aware of their warranty policies.

Prices of Aquasource Faucets

Aqauasource faucets are known for their subsidized rates. Homeowners prefer them for their value and of course the design. You can get hold of these nifty faucets at retailers and online stores however the price range may vary from products to categories.

Regardless of this, you can get most of their kitchen faucets for less than $150, which is pretty decent for the quality and the features offered. But if you happen to purchase the faucets from Lowe’s, you might get the added benefit of getting prices as low as $75!

The pricing will be different at the different online sites, so you need to make sure that you look for the authentic dealers to avoid fraud and to avail the best price range. The max you will go with the price if an authorized dealer is concerned is $200. Any price greater than this might ring some alarm bells.

The finish you may select for your faucet may change the price a bit. The polished chrome or oil rubbed bronze are their two famous finishes and may cause the price to be a little higher than their other finishes. Nevertheless, you will be assured of the quality of the money spent on the kitchen faucets by Aquasource.


If you want an ergonomic faucet, Aquasource is one of your top choices in the market. However, its reliability and warranty can be an issue, therefore you need to first check whether the seller is authorized or not and then proceed accordingly to get an amazing hassle-free faucet action in your kitchen.