chamberlain vs liftmaster: Why most people prefer the Chamberlain







What’s the difference between a chamberlain and a liftmaster garage door opener? Which one should you get? The Wi-fi and MYQ features of the Chamberlain seem like an overkill (and an upsell) but they’re really worth the extra comfort. With their app, you get a notification every time the door is opened and even remote open it to let someone in. Its remotes operate on CR2032 batteries that need to be replaced every twelve months; not that this is a big deal but your phone doesn’t ask for new batteries. It doesn’t work with Alexa though. The 8550W Liftmaster is powerful too and you will be surprised that its quiet. Either way, the Chamberlain and Liftmaster garage door openers both have the same internal components and the only thing that sets them apart is in their rails. This is why handymen charge the same (about $100 for installing either model). Installation is pretty basic and you could do it on your own in two hours. In fact, installing the outside pad doesn’t take time as its wireless. Here’s a chamberlain vs liftmaster comparison. There are both great. If you’re looking to save a few bucks, getting a quiet motor would be an overkill considering that the opener runs for only two minutes.

chamberlain vs liftmaster: Why most people prefer the Chamberlain

in terms of durability, this is the best rated garage door opener in the market. However, please note that even the best motor will wear out when running on old/rusty rails or an un maintained door.

How to install it

Go through the product manual before installing this unit; paying attention to the safety precautions. The manual has a step b step guide too on how you configure the Wi-Fi to work with your smartphone and garage door opener. The support team are reachable via phone and email too if you ever run into installation errors (which will certainly not happen).

Design and functionality

The garage door opener has a premium feel to it. The unit is aesthetically pleasing, though I doubt if this will be the biggest factor you’ll be considering. Either way, it will compliment your garage’s décor. How’s this important? With their app, you can open the door for Delivery guys or that friend that comes to borrow your bicycle and they will certainly notice that you’re making the mist out of technology.


It’s three quarter horse power motor will strain when lifting doors heavier than 600 pounds. Fortunately, even the largest double doors weigh less than 400 pounds.  Download their MYQ app from Apple app store or Google Play store and you will be able to lock/unlock the door from anywhere. Am I the only one that forgets if I locked the garage door? The app is a savior. In fact you could even schedule the door to lock every day at a certain time or turn on the lights before you get home.

Theirs another innovative use of the MYQ app too: when you’re on vacation, schedule your garage lights to turn on and off and your nosy neighbors (and burglars) will always think that you’re home. Won’t the garage door fail to open when there’s power loss? Not if the Chamberlain garage door opener comes with a backup battery. The battery will last a week and I doubt if the power will be off for this long.


In the Whisper drive mode, the motor won’t be as noisy. This feature will be beneficial if the bedroom (or living room) is next to the door. Older garage door openers were noisy and we still git used to it. The whisper drive feature is a gimmick and won’t be as practical as you think. Either way, if you come home late and leave early, you will want a quiet unit that won’t wake your sleeping kids or spouse.

Lift master Garage Door Opener

Installation is everyone’s biggest challenge when installing a garage door and here’s a video showing how easy it is

Installing a garage door is one of those things you could “learn on the job”. With YouTube Videos, installation manual and the product’s support team, you could do it on your own or get a handy man to fix it for about 150 bucks depending on the state.

Design and functionality

The Black and red color scheme is easy on the eyes. However, garage door openers are basic items and if it locks and opens, then its good enough for the job.

This is a MYQ compatible garage door meaning that it can be configured to work with the inbuilt door remotes modern cars (manufactured in 2012 and beyond) come equipped with. Isn’t it relaxing knowing that you could control your garage door and home lighting system from, the same place? Also, if you’re like me and often forget if you closed the garage door (and switched off lights), you could check the app. Unfortunately, the door opener doesn’t come with a MyQ gateway which is required when configuring it to your smartphone. You have to get it separately.

In their latest model, the motor noise is reduced too. However, note that some of the noise may be emanating from the rails and locking mechanism and not from the motor itself. Oil them regularly and this won’t be a thing.

Why do Garage door openers stop working (after a year)?

This depends on the Brand of the unit (cough, cough Linear, Lowes) and the door condition. Keep your door oiled up and the opener will last a lifetime (seriously)

The Chamberlain Door opener is great but How do I pair it with Google home without paying $1 a month. This door isn’t Alexa friendly and it kinda sucks. Who should pay for a monthly subscription to open a garage door anyway? Here’s a guide.

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