how to use pizza crisper

The Crisper for Pizza… No Way!

Make it work for you

The Crisper Basket/Tray is a device that can be used to make any type of pizza that you are interested in. From Chicago Deep Dish to Thin Crust, you can choose the crust of your choice and make this cooking utensil work for you!

What?  You say.

Just hear us out.  We promise that we will have you sold in no time. The Crisper Basket/Tray is a great way to create a pie that doesn’t require oils or butter when you cook it. It is one of the best ways to cook the pizza in the oven or air fry we should say.

Give your guest a reason to brag!

Using the Crisper Basket/Tray at your next pizza party gives your guests another reason to brag. This is one of the best and innovative ways to create your next pizza pie and you can do it in the oven without having to use oils or butter to keep the dough from sticking to the pan.  The air fryer cooks the pizza in its own oils and it makes it marvelous.

Pizza has many different flavor components, when added to the right dough you can make something you will want to keep making over and over again. Crust, sauce and toppings all have different types of flavors that work with different palates and even ingredients that strengthen the flavor in any type of pizza. So, go to your kitchen and let us get started and make some pizzas.

They’ll be coming back for more

Once your friends, neighbors and family members taste the types of pizza that come out of the Crisper Basket/Tray they will be coming back every time they have pizza on the brain. But, this time they will be asking you to teach them how to make these succulent recipes themselves.

When you make these pies, do not skimp on the toppings. Deciding which ones work best with your dish can make all the difference? And, not just on your palate, but on your next dinner or dessert party, as well.



Designed with Intelligence!

Dual combination cooking power

The Crisper Basket/Tray kit consists of a non-stick mesh basket that lies on top of a non-stick cookie sheet. The mesh basket is coated with ceramic combined with a stainless-steel rim that allows the heat of the oven to pass through and circulate 360 degrees, which cooks all sides of the pizza at the same time.

The great thing about this air fryer is that the air that circulates around the pizza makes the dough crispier than you have ever had it before and it leaves all of the other ingredients tender and juicy.

If you decide that you don’t want to cook the pie in the basket, you can place the dough on the non-stick cookie sheet, which will still cook the pizza in its own juices. The baking sheet also catches any crumbs, grease, or drippings from the mesh basket. This helps keep your oven clean and safe while cooking your food just the way that you want.

How It Works

This perfect crisper air fryer is a great way to cook the dough of any pie and make it as crisp as you could possibly want it. The non-stick ceramic coating of the Crisper Basket/Tray allows you to cook without butter, oil or any other chemicals that keep your food from sticking to the basket or baking sheet. Now you can cook while reducing calories and fat.

The oil-less air-baking that the Crisper Basket/Tray provides is an excellent alternative to cooking the conventional way, and it helps those who are very interested in reducing cholesterol or avoiding extra calories. Using the air fryer helps conserve the amounts of vitamins in your food that are usually lost in traditional cooking.

However…in some of these crust recipes we have you to brush light oil because we know there are some of you who like your crust Super, Extra  Crispy!

Texture of the base of the crust

The great thing about the Crisper Basket/Tray is that it creates a great texture on the bottom of your crust. The base of your crust will be cooked all around and made to perfection. This doesn’t matter if you are using thin, deep dish or New York style crust, the basket will cook the crust just the way you like it.

The base of the crust will be cooked all the way through, but can be just as doughy or as crispy as you want it. This makes the Crisper Basket/Tray the best way to make pizza. You will love how this utensil makes your crust feel and taste in your mouth.

something to keep in mind

Some crusts may not work as well in the crisper tray because of the cage like surface. Some of these crusts will have to be made on the cookie sheet that comes with your instead. These crusts include:

     Cauliflower Crust

     Zucchini Crust

     Butternut Squash Crust

     Whole-Wheat Dough

     Flatbread (Gluten Free) Pizza Crust

     Beet Style Pizza Crust

     Eggplant Pizza Crust

     Sweet Potato Pizza Crust




The Magic of Crisper Crust!

A little oil to brush the crust

We often cook with butter, oils and other chemicals to keep our food from sticking onto the pan, baking sheet or even pizza peel. Those tend to add unneeded calories to our meal, especially if we want to eat healthy. However, there are times we use oils to add a little bit of flavor to the meal. In that case, olive oil, avocado and other natural oils are great to use in such cases.

With the non-stick Crisper Basket/Tray you can use the oils to add more flavor to your crust. Just brush it all over your pizza dough for some added color and flavor. You will not regret how great it tastes.

Master the Craft

Making the perfect dough is an exact art. It is not necessarily the ingredients that go into the dough that makes the dough special, it is how you handle it. Personally kneading your dough with your hands, gives you that one on one personal connection with your dough. It helps you master it to the perfect type of consistency.

Once you master your dough then you can choose all of the other ingredients that you would like to go on your pie and put the Crisper Basket/Tray into the oven. Since you’re becoming the master of pizza making, it is important that you check the dough so that you can cook it to the perfect consistency!

How Crispy is up to you!

On every pizza recipe, we are told how long we are supposed to cook our pizza crust for. What if you wanted your crust to be a little more doughy than normal, or burnt on the bottom? All of this is your choice. No one is telling you how long you should cook your crust that is totally up to you.

The Crisper Basket/Tray is the perfect cooking utensil because it allows you to cook things as crisp as you want. This includes all of the toppings, and the crust. So, start creating something great in the kitchen.



Crisper Care

Cage Strong

The Crisper mesh basket is 9’ x 12’ in size. And it can hold most sizes or weights of ingredients. It can hold any pizza dough and toppings that you want to put on your pizza. The cage is made of sturdy stainless steel and it will not break down after continuous uses.

When using the mesh basket, do not be fooled at how it looks and test it out for yourself. You will understand once you try it and realize that it is not flimsy, but made to hold all of your ingredients without falling apart. So, come and try the product today. You will not be disappointed.

Easy Cleaning

The Crisper Basket/Tray is very easy to clean. It is dishwasher safe! However, it is recommended that it be cleaned by hand. We ask that you wash it in warm water, with non- abrasive soap and a non-metallic sponge or cloth. Please make sure that the crisper cools off before you emerge it into water.

It is important to take care of the crisper so that it has a great shelf life. For instance, do not use baking soda, detergents or other harsh soaps or solutions on the crisper itself. Other than that, the Crisper Basket/Tray is very easy to clean. When rinsed off, it can be put inside the dishwasher, which gives you  a faster clean up and more time to enjoy some of the other things you enjoy doing.

Crisper Storage

Storing any of your cookware is a very important task. A lot of pots and pans, especially non-stick, are supposed to be stored away from others so they do not get cut or scratched, which in all reality can ruin the non-stick part of the utensil. That is one of the most important parts of the basket, and we want you to be able to use the Crisper Basket/Tray for long periods of time.

We recommend that you avoid direct exposure to other cookware, or bakeware. If you have to store with other cookware, adding a protective layer in between the other pieces can ensure the life of your Crisper Basket/Tray for years to come.



For The Love of Pizza

Any Pizza You’ve Ever Wanted

Sometimes we eat what we are comfortable with, and we are afraid of trying new things. The great thing about pizza is that everything tastes good on top of dough. You can mix match non-traditional crusts and sauces, and even toppings. Who can tell us how to eat pizza? It is our right to be creative! We encourage you to do that!

Now that’s A Mouth Full

Fit these delightful pies into your mouth. Get creative and make different ones. We recommend inventing an international pizza night and make pizzas from Spain, France, Mexico, America, Thailand, and Italy. A lot of these recipes use ingredients that are known in those. Pizza is one of the few dishes that have brought people together all over the world. When visiting different cities, states and countries, you will find that they have their own version of pizza, which may not be as different as you think. Trying new types of pizza can open up your palette to different types of tastes.

Getting Creative

There’s more on the Menu than Pizza!

You can use the Crisper Basket/Tray basket on the outdoor grill or in the oven. That means that you can create tons of other types of food inside the basket. It does not necessarily have to be pizza.

The Crisper Basket/Tray can be used to bake fry foods such as chicken, vegetables, and even ribs or a whole ham. There is nothing that cannot be cooked inside the basket or on the baking sheet. Small thin flatbreads or even mini pizzas can be made inside the baking sheet. No matter what you are in the mood for tonight, the Crisper Tray is great for most or all your cooking needs.

Use Your Imagination!

Making pizza should always be a fun experience. Look at our recipes as a guide to make pizza and then go from there. Our recipes are just ideas, but if they are not exactly what you want, it is okay to start to use your imagination and create your own.

Think about all of the great ingredients that you love to eat. Ask yourself if they will be good on a pizza. And then go for it. You will never know what it tastes like unless you try it. The whole idea of cooking is to experiment in the kitchen and create something that people have never had before. So, have some fun and start creating!

Share the Experience

One of the great things about cooking is to be able to share it with those you love. And making pizza is one of those experiences. Bring in the whole family and create different types of crusts. See if the kids want to make a deep dish, stuff crust or even a thin crust. They might want to make more than one pizza with different types of crusts, sauces and toppings.

Go wild with the toppings and let them put whatever they want on their pizza. After all, you are trying to show them that they can be creative and innovative in the kitchen. Let them know that it is okay to try new types of foods or tastes. This will ensure that they will not be picky eaters, especially when it comes to their pizzas.


the Crisper Pro’s Know

Never too much garlic!

Garlic is great to cook with, especially when it comes to Italian food – like pizza. What if I told you that garlic was more beneficial for you than just to enhance the flavor on your pizza?  Garlic is actually really healthy for your and is great for your immune system.

Garlic is high in Manganese, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium and fiber. It also contains decent amounts of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and Vitamin B1; as well as low in caloric intake.

So, go ahead and put as much garlic on your pizza as you want. There is never too much garlic, unless you want to kiss someone right away. Then you might want to chew a stick of gum first.

If in doubt…put it in the crust

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what ingredients you want to put on your pie or there might be too much. Well, we live in the world of stuffed crust and if you are in doubt of putting any ingredient on top of the crust, have you ever thought of stuffing it inside the crust?

We have seen different types of pizza makers stuff cheese in the crust, but that is not the only ingredient that tastes good inside the top of the crust or in the middle of the crust itself. Try stuffing some sausage, cheese and olives inside the crust for some added flavor. You might find that it is one of the best things you have ever done!

Flavoring Favorites

We all know what we like to eat. There are certain types of foods or flavors that we go to every time we cook or order something in a restaurant, and this is okay. Putting these flavors together in your mind can make a great type of pizza.