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Apart from not choosing Afrigas and blue rhino tanks, what other considerations should you make when choosing a propane heater? Portability would certainly be important; especially when it’s not cold throughout the year and a wall unit would be an overkill. Again, propane heaters work better in Environments where air flow is limited (such as in garages) compared to kerosene ones that give headaches due to fumes. The only real risk when working with a propane heater is that they use up oxygen too and if the room is air tight, you may suffocate. Luckily, Mr heater, one of the heaters we’ll be looking at today has an oxygen sensor and auto shutdowns once the oxygen is low. Dyna Glo is a great propane heater for your garage too but how do these units compare? We’ll look at their similarities and differences and you’ll know which one to go for. They both make moisture through condensation when in operation and this may be a surprise.

Mr Heater: how it performs

This portable heater is a popular item for campers, woodworkers, van dwellers and people who just want a cozy garage. It works in the basement too. Of course, this heater is propane fueled and certain precautions have to be taken when using it lest you end up with accidents. Either way, the unit is fairly easy to use and the manual it comes with contains detailed instructions.

Many people prefer propane heaters over electric ones as you can use them in indoor spaces with limited ventilation such as in tents, homes and huts. I’ve seen fishermen take them in boats when ice fishing too. It comes equipped with a few safety features with the most notable one being the oxygen sensor that shuts off the unit preventing suffocation.

At maximum setting, the unit produces up to 9000 BTU which is enough to comfortably warm a 250 square feet room. It comes with a cylindrical propane tank – that’s easy to screw in place without tools. The manufacturer also guarantees that you can use this unit with larger third-party tanks as long as they don’t exceed 40 pounds and that you use an external hose and filtering kit.

This will be the easiest heater you’ll ever use: Turn the control knob to switch on and off the pilot burner. Of safety, this unit has an oxygen sensor (which you’re already aware off) and a tip off sensor. It will turn off when tipped over accidentally, or knocked past the 45-degree mark. This is certainly a handy feature that keeps accidents away.

At 9 and a half pounds, this won’t be the lightest portable propane burner you could get but it’s easy to carry around thanks to its foldable handle. The company recommends that this heater shouldn’t be left unattended as a precaution. It should also be left to cool down before storing; with the propane tank disconnected from the unit if possible. With regular cleaning once in a while, this unit will last a decade.

Why I would get the Mr Heater.

Looking at its safety features, price, innovative design and portability; this device will certainly be helpful when working in chilly garages, huts, patios, tents and even in outdoor spaces.

Dyna Glow: How it fairs

Propane heaters are practical in that they don’t require electricity and can bs used as backup heaters in power blackouts. With models ranging from 4500 BTU to well over 30,000 BTU, this heater will come in handy when you need to heat excesses of 1000 square feet of space. Unlike the Mr heater that’s free standing, the Dyna Glow comes with a wall mount bracket and the necessary hardware to mount it if you choose to install the unit permanently.

Again, even though this is a vent free heater – where you don’t need to install external ducts for it – you will notice that it produces moisture just like all other propane heaters. This is most notable when working in very cold weather. It has an elegant black exterior casing too if aesthetics is your biggest consideration when getting a heating unit.

This unit wouldn’t be popular if it weren’t responsive. You will notice that the room starts to feel warmer as soon as you switch on the unit. Please note that it’s only for use in indoor venues and will be of little help in outdoor spaces.

Of convenience, the piezo-ignition system it comes with ensures that operating this heater is a breeze. There are two sturdy handles on each side of the unit and I’ve seen people carry it while it’s in operation though this isn’t recommended. You should switch it off before moving the unit as a safety precaution.

How much propane do they typically use?

There’s no “right” answer to this question. It will depend on how long you use the unit everyday and the heat setting it operates under. Using it for an hour every day, you’ll require one tank of propane every two weeks

Are they safe?

Mr Heater that we’ve featured above has an oxygen sensor that shuts the unit when oxygen levels get low. It also shuts down when knocked over or tipped off. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt getting a Carbon Monoxide detector (Amazon) that warns you when oxygen levels are low. Unlike furnaces that burn clean air from the outside, you’re sharing oxygen with these indoor propane heaters which explains why they shouldn’t be left running all night long.

Are they reliable?

The units themselves are quite reliable and won’t fail to start up. However, their gauges aren’t. Get a backup tank (and a backup for it too). A larger propane tank (about 30 pounds) is cheaper when filling by the galloon and gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t run out of gas any time.

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