Can You Freeze Corned Beef?

Corned beef is an essential for a lot of people in the kitchen. Whether you have it on sandwiches, in a salad or as part of a cooked meal, you are likely to have a tin of corned beef in the cupboards. But sometimes, you don’t necessarily need a whole tin of corned beef for certain meals, leaving with you with some corned beef that could risk going off.

Since corned beef can keep well for a lengthy amount of time, a lot of corned beef lovers might not be too concerned with preserving it for any longer. But if you find yourself with half a tin of corned beef and nothing to do with it, freezing is a great option.

You can definitely freeze corned beef in order to extend its life. This handy guide will be the perfect way to gain some knowledge of how to freeze corned beef, as well as how to defrost it when you want to use the rest of your tin.

There will also be a very useful set of tips and things that you should consider when you are going to freeze your corned beef.

How to freeze corned beef

Although tinned corned beef can keep for around 4 days after being opened, if you already know that you will not be using the rest of the tin after you have opened it, you can freeze it. Here is a step by step guide on how to freeze your left over corned beef when you know you aren’t going to use the whole tin:

  • Step one: take all of the corned beef out of the tin (you should not put tins or cans into the freezer since they can expand and crack, meaning that the food inside won’t be sealed and safe).
  • Step two: take some tin foil and wrap your corned beef in the foil. This is the step where you should think about how you want to freeze your corned beef. More on this later!
  • Step three: with the corned beef wrapped in foil, place it into a freezer safe bag and push out any excess air before sealing.
  • Step four: use a marker to label your freezer bag with the contents as well as the date that you are putting the corned beef into the freezer.
  • Step five: place your corned beef that is correctly packaged and labelled into the freezer and leave it in there until you need it again.

Since you can freeze corned beef, this generally means that you can also freeze a lot of meals that have corned beef as an ingredient. An example of this is corned beef hash, which freezes just as well as corned beef.

As mentioned in step two, there are a few ways that you can choose to freeze your corned beef. You can definitely freeze it as one whole block of corned beef straight from the tin. You can also plan ahead and slice your corned beef into more portioned sections so that you do not need to defrost your whole frozen corned beef block for one sandwich.

You should remember to take out your corned beef from the freezer within at most three months for the best quality of corned beef. If you leave your corned beef in the freezer for too long, you risk it getting freezer burn, which can significantly alter the taste and quality of food.

How to defrost corned beef

This is just as simple as freezing corned beef. There are not that many complicated steps to defrosting corned beef because it is already food that preserves well and keeps well on its own. So, when you decide that you need some of your corned beef, or you have a recipe that requires the other half of a tin of corned beef that you can remember buying a few months ago, get yourself to your freezer!

Here is a quick step by step guide on how to defrost your frozen corned beef safely and efficiently so that you can worry about how good your food will taste instead of how long it will take to defrost all of the components:

  • Step one: think about what meal you want that includes corned beef as an ingredient. This helps if you plan ahead.
  • Step two: take your frozen and packaged corned beef out of the freezer and check the label to make sure it has not been in there for too many months, as well as that it is the right portion size.
  • Step three: place your corned beef in the refrigerator after taking the freezer bag off.
  • Step four: let this thaw for around two to three hours in the fridge until it is back to its usual texture.
  • Step five: use it in your meal and enjoy!

A handy tip to remember is that you can always add your corned beef to your meal when it is frozen if you are planning on cooking it straight away. This way you are eliminating the thawing time and can thaw it out while you are cooking your food. This is the most efficient way to defrost your corned beef.

Factors to consider when freezing corned beef

The most important thing to remember is to never put a metal tin of food in the freezer because it will likely expand and crack or split, leading to your food being able to seep into the rest of the freezer and not freezing safely or correctly.

The best tip is to think about your portioning when you are deciding on how to freeze your corned beef. You can slice it into meal sized portions or ready for a sandwich. Either way, you should also consider labelling your freezer bags so that you don’t end up thawing the wrong portion size of corned beef for your meal.

As long as you follow this guide for freezing corned beef, you will have efficient and safe freezing and defrosting which will lead to well-prepared corned beef meals!