The best pot for soup: Soups won’t stick to the bottom

Calphalon Classic






What’s the “ideal” soup pot? The word ideal is subjective. To some it refers to aa stock pot that just gets the work done. Others think of a multipurpose soup pot. One thing is certain though; you don’t need a pricey, high perfomance pot to make great soup. Any pot is good to go if it has a base thick enough that you could brown vegetables without scorching them. Anything more than an 8-quart, $50 pot with a thick base that retains heat while your soup simmers would be an overkill. You may consider spending a little more on an enameled cast iron pot as they’re used for more than making straight soups. With one, you c0uld make any stove-to-oven dish. These are our picks for the best pot for soup and they are all multipurpose.

  1. Calphalon classic – the best pot for soup

When buying cookware, I opt for one that’s multipurpose as they save space and (money). This ne makes perfect rice, tasty stews and delicious soups. The best soups are made slow and this is made possible on this Dutch oven pot as it has a bulky base that retains heat for a generous amount of time. Even though you have a choice of getting this pan with a non stick coating, I would go for one without this layer for durability. Dutch oven pots are designed to last a lifetime but the non stick layer would compromise on this. Cleaning up after cooking is a breeze too. If you accidentally end up with burnt food reside, let this pot soak overnight and the residue will come off easily after mild scrubbing. Ensure that you dry it well before storing as water may cause corrosion.

It’s conveniently placed measuring marks take the guess work out of recipes. This way, you get to accurately measure the amount of water you’re using for your soup ensuring that it won’t be too watery or too thick. Pouring soup is easy and spill-proof thanks to the innovative pour spot on the pot’s rim. It comes with a straining lid too if you ever need to make pasta (see our picks on pasta pots with strainers)

A soup pot wouldn’t be fancy without a fancy tempered glass lid that lets you see how well the stew is simmering without opening the pot and letting all the steam out. This 7 quart pot is made from hard anodized aluminium which is somewhat more durable than regular aluminum. The stainless-steel handles don’t have any coating in them either. Even though they never get uncomfortably hot when you’re cooking, don’t touch them without mitts when you finish off dishes in the oven or you will end up with burns. It’s both dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Cuisinart chef’s pot

The secret to great soup is making it with love. I’m kidding. It’s letting it simmer under low heat for a generous amount of time. This pot has an all aluminium base that facilitates for fast (and even) heat distribution to the soup you’re making. It heats up in seconds – quite literally. When choosing a soup pot, I would go for one without a non stick coating as they dint add foreign tastes and smells to the soup. This stock pot from Cuisinart has a stainless steel inner surface which doesn’t react with foods, is immune to corrosion and restores the shiny glow with a light scrub.

The ‘ideal’ soup pot should balance on the stovetop and have comfortable handles for slip-free cooking. The stainless steel handles give it a sturdy grip when storing and it won’t slide. The handles are bound to the pot with multiple rivets and this suggests that they won’t loosen up (or fall off) with time. Its lid sits tightly on the rim locking in all the moisture, steam, flavors and nutrients. This wide lid has a comfortable lid too at its center.

A soup pot wouldn’t be complete without a spot for drip free pouring. I doubt if a messy kitchen is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking of making soup. It’s freezer safe, dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit saying something about its versatility. Even without a colander, you can strain pasta from this pot with ease too. It comes with a steamer and you could make vegetables, shrimps and all the other fat free dishes you love too. The shiny mirror surface it comes with will eventually lose its vigor with time. When the inevitable happens, gently scrub it and a new shiny layer will be revealed.

  1. Faberware 16 quart stock pot

You may think getting a bigger pot would be an overkill until you get visitors and have to make soup in batches. A 16 quart stockpot will make enough soup, stews and even rice for a large family. It’s innovative construction makes use of an aluminium base for its fast and even heat distribution and a shiny stainless steel exterior. It comes with a bulky lid that makes it effective at locking in steam and heat for even faster cook times. With its sturdy stainless steel handles, you will comfortably hold this pot without risk of slipping even after finishing off dishes in the oven as its oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s dishwasher safe so cleaning up after coking will be a non-issue.

How do you make soup that isn’t “bland”?

Start by lightly roasting the bines before thoroughly sweating any vegetates you may be using. Using Fresh herbs makes all the difference