🥇 These 5 Best Small Slow Cookers make tasty single servings

Slow cooking has really come to the rescue of many. Talk of a superb way to prepare your meals when you are out of your home, a cheap way to prepare enough food for small families or a clean and safe method to prepare food free of gluten, a small slow cooker has it all.

These appliances are designed to prepare meals slowly on average of six hours. The cooking time may even end up being ten hours depending on the temperature setting. This is why a slow cooker is an ideal choice of device for the people who want to leave their food cooking and go to their other commitments.

Small slow cookers are available mostly in sizes of 1.5 quart. At an affordable price, you will be able to acquire a cooker that will simply lighten up your kitchen. Slow cooker dishes ensure that the flavors of every dish are preserved resulting in a well-deserved meal for your family.

Small cookers are a great appliance to have in your small kitchen. They fit almost any space. Do not be deceived with their photos. They may seem a little large but in real sense, these are the smallest you could ever have.

Advantages of having a small slow cooker

If you are living alone in the college or a family of two, then this appliance fits you perfectly. Come to think of it, it occupies minimum space and prepares enough meals for you leaving nothing to waste.

That’s not all, you can leave your food to prepare overnight and eat in the morning at breakfast or during the day and eat it late night as dinner. A reason for the word slow in its name.

It has also been cried out loud that cooking smaller dishes in a large slow cooker often does not produce good results. So instead of buying a big slow cooker to prepare a dish for one, save your money and purchase a smaller unit that will offer great results.

The appliance is also affordable. Although some units tend to have a huge bulky price tag on them, our selection has selected some of the affordable units for you.

Now that you are certain of why you would want for the best mini slow cooker, let’s find you the best small slow cooker. Or would you prefer a programmable slow cooker?

The 5 best small slow cookers List

  1. Elite Gourmet MST-250XS 1.5 Quart Electric Slow Cooker

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This inexpensive appliance is just what your kitchen is missing. It is so basic in design, a great advantage for people who hate complex things that keep on confusing your mind. The stainless steel exterior design will just brighten up your kitchen. For this reason, many single people love this appliance and would highly recommend.

It is made with a tempered glass lid that allows you to peep and see how your food is cooking. It has a removable stoneware pot of 1.5-quart capacity. Both of these are dishwasher safe. This is why it is among the best small crock pots.

The temperature of which your food is cooking can be changed and set with the dial. You have three temperature settings; low, high and warm.

The Elite Gourmet MST-250XS Key features

  • Has a capacity of 1.5 Quart
  • Temperatures can be regulated with the low, high and keep warm settings
  • Has a clear tempered glass lid allowing you to monitor your cooking
  • The stainless steel finish is really attractive
  • Its dishwasher safe
  • A removable inner pot

Its shortcoming

Most customers, regardless of the many praises, have said that the temperature settings are extreme to some extent. This is to say, warm is too warm, low is too low and high the same case or it’s not high enough. This might be attributed to the fixed 3 temperature settings.

  1. NESCO SC-150V Ceramic Oval Slow Cooker

The violet slow cooker is a great choice for a small spaced kitchen. It is also available in blue and red colors. The cooking pot is removable. This makes it great for oven cooking and refrigeration as it works as a pot on its own.

The slow cooker is designed with three temperature settings; low, high and auto temperature to allow you to have control of what temperature your dish is cooking at.

With its high quality and durability, this is one appliance that will live for ages on the shelves of your kitchen.

Nesco SC-150V Unique Features

  • 1.5 quart of capacity
  • The lid and inner pot are dishwasher safe
  • The inner pot is removable
  • Available in blue, red and violet


The slow cooker has to be manually switched to the auto temperature setting.

  1. Proctor Silex 33111Y 1.5 Quart Portable Oval Slow Cooker

Isn’t it just the red color beautiful? From the high ratings on the customers’ review, I guess it’s a yes. With a capacity of 1.5 quart, this slow cooker can prepare enough meals for 1 to 2 people.

This small crock pot is so simple to use. It only has three temperature settings, low, hot and keeps warm. Although it has no timer or complex granular controls to make it a programmable small slow cooker, the appliance works just fine.

The inner stoneware pot is removable. The clear lid allows you to check on your food. Both of these are dishwasher safe.

Something interesting about this slow cooker is the rubber seal designed with the lid to offer air-tight closure.

Proctor Silex 33111Y Unique features

  • 1.5 Quart in capacity
  • An attractive red finishing to brighten up your kitchen
  • A stoneware removable inner pot
  • The lid and pot are dishwasher safe
  • The lid has a rubber seal


The rubber seal, despite being of great honor to many, to some it is hard to attach it.

  1. Crock-Pot 1-1/2-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker, White

Sometimes, all we want is just to cook, no complicated dials to press, settings to put right. If you are riding on this boat, then the Crock-Pot 1-1/2-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker is the best small crock pot for you.

With its 1.5 quart capacity, the slow cooker is able to prepare an adequate meal for one to two persons.  It has a removable stoneware insert and a glass lid that both are dishwasher safe. The clear glass lid also allows you to monitor your food.

The white exterior design and the white-accented lid make the eyes glued to its beauty.

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The Crock-Pot 1.5 Quart Features

  • Dishwasher safe lid and removable stoneware inner lid
  • Has no settings, just plug in and you are good to go.
  • 1.5-quart capacity
  • Comes together with recipes


According to some customers, the one setting cooker was a little bit odd for them. I guess they just don’t realize how this feature is great. I hope you buy it and reply to the ill reviews after you appreciate it.

  1. Kitchen Selectives Red 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker.

If you have an artistic eye and always look to better how your kitchen looks like, then the red Kitchen Selectives slow cooker is just the small piece of art you are looking for.

This best small crockpot, unlike all the others we have looked at, has only two temperature settings; low and high. The temperature is adjusted using the dial present. The removable insert has been crafted using stoneware. The glass lid prevents exposure of your food.

This best mini crock pot Unique Features

  • Has a 1.5-quart capacity
  • Has only two temperature settings; low and high
  • It has a glass lid
  • The stoneware insert is removable
  • The red color is used by many to enhance the interior design


Although most are positive, it is simply weird not to find negative feedback. Some customers claim that the appliance is very small. I, however, do not see this as a shortcoming. I mean, it’s why they are called small slow cookers.

FAQs on small slow cookers

Q: What is the best small cooker?

A: After seeing just awesome the above-reviewed products are, it goes without saying that the best small slow cookers are;

  1. Elite Gourmet MST-250XS 1.5 Quart Electric Slow Cooker
  2. NESCO SC-150V Ceramic Oval Slow Cooker
  3. Proctor Silex 33111Y 1.5 Quart Portable Oval Slow Cooker
  4. Crock-Pot 1-1/2-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker, White
  5. Kitchen Selectives Red 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker

Q: Is it safe to leave a slow cooker on all day?

A: A slow cooker, unlike ovens and stoves is definitely safe to leave all day. Its design allows for slow safe cooking. However, one usually may have second thoughts when deciding to leave it on all day. Reasons being, most kitchen rules state that you are not supposed to leave a kitchen heating appliance on its own.

There is no need to worry at all so long as you leave it set properly. The million-dollar key is to ensure that you put the safety precautions on the slow cooker to action. If your slow cooker, does not have one, you can easily access these precautions online. Microwave bacon cookers are great too

But since you are already here, we have outlined the important precautions that if you follow, you won’t have to get worried when leaving your small crockpot cooking at home. Visiting the kitchen will only be during putting your ingredients, turning your cooker on and during the evening when serving your dish.

  • Ensure you place your slow cooker on a flat hard surface that is heat-proof

Putting in mind that slow cookers generate heat, you cannot just place them on surfaces made of wooden or combustible material. You, therefore, have to place it over a tiled countertop or one made from granite or marble.

It’s not just the sitting place, but also ensure that it is distant from your walls or other plastic or wooden kitchen utensils. A slow cooker generates heat from its bottom and sides too. Wall finishes and other utensils may, therefore, be affected by this.

  • Ensure that its top is always on

It is recommended that your lid is always on during the cooking especially when you are not around to supervise the cooking. In fact, you should not remove the lid for the first two hours of cooking unless the cooking recipe demands so.

This is to ensure that steam is locked inside the smallest crockpot for faster and uniform cooking and also to prevent it from affecting your kitchen utensils and furniture. Allowing the water in your cooker to evaporate may cause your food to burn. This leads me to the next point.

  • Put enough water in your slow-cooker

It is highly recommended to ensure that you have put enough water in your small size slow cooker to ensure that your food either does not burn or the water does not overflow. On average, half filling your slow cooker to three-quarters full will serve right. This is in consideration of the cooking hours. However, certain types of custards and cakes are an exception.

  • Before leaving, turn the heating setting to low

Slow cookers are designed to cook over long periods of hours. As so, you ought to turn the temperature setting to low to ensure that your food will not burn or overcook.

Q:  How much does a slow cooker cost?

A: The amount of money you will pay for a slow cooker varies with its size. The affordable best small slow cooker may averagely cost 16 dollars. Larger ones averagely cost 40 dollars.

Slow cookers have increased their sales over the years. It has become a friend of the busy people who have limited time that can’t be spared on watching food cook.

Q: Do you have to put water in a slow cooker?

A: Similarly to other cooking methods, when you are not using water to cook, you are probably going to end with uncontrollable cooker temperatures, sticky food at the bottom and even your food may burn.

You simply have to add just enough amount of water that won’t force you to keep on adding more after every single hour therefore not enjoying the comfort of a slow cooker. Opening a slow cooker every time to add water will lower the temperature and general cooking pace.

You should also not use to much water on some recipes such as meat. You will end up with a dish that has no flavor at all as all of it would have been diluted into the excess water.

Q: What size is a small slow cooker?

A: The smallest slow cooker is of 1.5 to 2-quart capacity. It is enough to feed one to two people.

Q: What is the biggest slow cooker?

A: The biggest slow cooker is probably the 8.5-quart capacity. This cooker can feed a huge number of people with very little effort.

Q: Which is better, a crockpot or a slow cooker?

A: It should be noted that although a crockpot and a slow cooker perform the same function, there are some few differences between the two. You could use both with either electricity or moist heat to prepare perfectly cooked tenderized meat.

These appliances also combine flavors much better as compared to some quick stovetops. They both can also be left to run the kitchen business on their own when the master is out. So where does the difference come into play?

  • Types

Crockpots fall under the big umbrella of slow cookers. This automatically means that not all slow cookers are crockpots. A crockpot is one of the many types of slow cookers that has a stoneware insert that is removable and sits inside a surrounding heat source.

A slow cooker is simply a pot made of metal that sits on a source of heat. When using this type of slow cooker, you are at will to remove the inner pot and use the metallic surface to fry other foods.

  • Features

Crockpots and slow cookers have the same composition; a lid, a pot, and a heating element. However, in the case of a crockpot, it only can be set to two cooking settings; high and low. With the recent developments, some have a keep warm feature too to allow your food to warm in order to serve.

In the case of crockpots, the heating element remains constant all through the process. However, in slow cookers, the heating element cycles on and off.


Both slow cookers and crockpots are designed in various sizes to meet various family demands and specific purposes. However, the stoneware design makes crockpots a little heavier and tough to manipulate during washing time as compared to metallic slow cookers.

Crockpots are also generally delicate due to the stoneware making as compared to the metallic slow cookers. When using a slow cooker, food may end up being scorched as a result of the on and off heating cycle.

Small slow cookers buying guide

Slow cookers are a real partner when it comes to ensuring you have an affordable meal without necessarily being in the kitchen the whole time.

In case you seek to enjoy these advantages that accompany possessing one or replacing your old one, then you might need a list of what to look out for when purchasing one. In case a small slow cooker is your desire, consider the following;

  • The lid material

When preparing a meal using a slow cooker, you won’t want to keep on opening the lid to check on how your meal is doing every time. This is because, by doing so, you will be allowing steam to escape thereby increasing cooking time. A slow cooker with a glass lid like the Kitchen Selectives Red 1.5 Quart Slow Cooker allow you to view your meal without having to remove the lid every time.

  • Crock construction

Crocks are often made from metal, porcelain, and ceramic. All of these are a great way to ensure even distribution of heat. A good crock should, however, be removable to ensure easy cleaning. This is why slow cookers with the heating and crock fused are so boring. Try out the white Crock-Pot 1-1/2-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker for the best experience.

  • Shape

The best slow cookers come in oval and round shapes. The one you pick is entirely a matter of choice and rationality than a matter of which is best. Think of it, in the instance where you are to prepare chicken or ribs, then the oval-shaped Proctor Silex 33111Y 1.5 Quart Oval Slow Cooker will definitely be the best choice.

However, if you are used to preparing peas, beans or stews, then the shape really does not come into play when cooking. Here, you may consider the shape that will fit perfectly to the shelves or the one attractive to you.

  • ‘Keep Warm’ setting

Slow cookers come with adjustable temperatures settings of low and high. However, some like the Elite Gourmet MST-250XS 1.5 Quart Electric Slow Cooker come with an additional keep warm setting. This setting allows food to be held warm at a lower temperature.

Some slow cookers have built-in timers to automatically switch the cooker to warm function after it has cooked.

This is a great setting as it allows food to maintain warm but not high extreme temperatures for slow consumption during house sleepovers and gatherings. If you also have an engaging schedule, you could also come late to warm food that is not overcooked.

  • Method of heating

A good slow cooker should have even distribution of heat. A number of slow cookers usually have the removable pot snuggled in a base. The heating element is often at the bottom. However, if you find a good slow cooker, the heating element is available up to the sides. This ensures uniform distribution of heat to evenly cook your food.

In some cases, you will find a crock that only sits on the base of the heating unit. This inhibits even distribution of heat. You might be forced to keep on opening the lid and stirring to prevent burning of your food. This is depriving you of the joy of a slow cooker.

  • Timer

Getting a slow cooker with a timer is definitely a great deal. The timers are present in the form of present cooking timers or digital timers. This ensures that your food never overcooks. Plus, you won’t have to worry about leaving your food cooking on the slow cooker because as soon as it’s ready, the keep warm setting is activated.