🥇 This best rice cooker for brown rice makes fluffy brown rice fast

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Top Features

  • Multi-Functional Use
  • Nutritious & Delicious
  •  20-cup Capacity
  • User-friendly Programming
  • Accessories(non-stick inner pot, rice measuring cup, steam tray, and a plastic rice spatula)

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Top Features

  • 10-cups/1.8 litres capacity
  • Built-in retractable power cord
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Easy to clean
  • Interchangeable beep and melody signals

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 Instant Pot

Top Features

  • Easy for beginners
  • Healthy and Consistently Delicious
  • Worry-Free Cooking: 10+ safety features
  • 13 programs that can be customized

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Even though brown rice is prominent among the Japanese, this dish has had its infectious sweet flavor across the world in recent years. It is usually made of rolls of cold brown rice flavored with vinegar. It can be served with eggs, vegetables or even raw seafood.

To achieve the best results when making brown rice, you should ensure that you do not use too much water to avoid making the rice too soft. This is to prevent mashing up of the rice when you add up vinegar. The vinegar will also not mixed up properly with the rice and the texture will also be terrible.

This is majorly made possible with their ability to adjust both temperature and cooking rice automatically for a conducive environment for brown rice cooking. No more watching over a pan for hours to get this superb delicacy. We are certain that you will get the best brown rice cooker.

  1. Aroma ARC-5000 Professional Plus Cooker

Need a cooker to perfectly cook brown rice, then welcome home friend! The Aroma ARC-5000 rice cooker has a sushi setting that allows you to make your brown rice perfectly by just a single touch of the button with no stirring nor monitoring at all.

This rice cooker, despite just making sushi rice, can be used to either cook or steam quality white and brown rice. The tough to cook brown rice will be a story of the past. Other functions such as Soup, Quinoa, Smart Team and Quick rice are also at your disposal.

It can steam vegetables while keeping your rice warm simultaneously. This is to say, if you are preparing vegetable rolls, then you can get your steamed veggies and rice from just a single device. It certainly makes your work far much easier. You do not have to stick around the kitchen waiting for your rice to cook.

You can prepare other dishes such as stocks, jambalaya, desserts and so much more to your interests using this newly developed cooker.

It has an advanced slow cooking feature entailing of High and Low settings allowing you to use this 3-quart cooker as a programmable slow cooker too. Time settings for slow cooking are between 2 to 14 hours. This means that you can leave your food preparing, go to your job place and come back to a perfectly cooked dish.

In case you delay a little bit, no need to worry about overcooking anymore. The cooker will automatically switch to the Keep-warm setting.

When it comes to preparing the best hard-boiled eggs, this cooker is up to the task. Just use 2 cups of water, place your eggs in a steamer basket and set your cooker to steam for about 14 minutes. After that, run them under cold water and refrigerate.

Selling points of Aroma ARC-5000 Professional Plus Cooker

  • Makes 20 cups of cooked rice
  • Has a programmable 15-hour delay timer
  • It has a digital panel that automatically switches to the keep warm function after perfectly cooking your food, therefore, giving you peace of mind
  • It has an easy to clean non-stick inner pot
  • The cookers components are all dishwasher safe
  • All of its accessories are removable for easy wash-up.
  1. Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker

For a fluffy perfectly cooked brown rice, choose the Zojirushi Brown rice Cooker. In addition to this, it tags itself a steaming basket making it a brown rice steamer too. A cake menu setting is also available to ensure easy delicious cake making too.

This 10-cup rice cooker is perfect for making white, brown rice, porridge, cake, and quick cooking. Once the dish has been prepared, you will end up with 20 cups of cooked rice. This is more than enough to feed a big family.

The Sushi function on the cooker makes everything simply a walk in the park. Just press the button, sit back and wait for your perfectly cooked rice.

This menu setting might seem similar to that of white rice. However, one thing is for sure; you will require less water in its preparation. All you are required to do is wash the rice, fill water up to the fill lines, add the rice and let the cooker do the rest.

The 820-watt cooker makes use of a black thick inner cooking pan for even heat distribution ideal for even cooking. After the cooking cycle is finished, a beeping sound and a melody shall be produced to alert you.

This brown rice maker is designed with an inbuilt battery allowing you to use it in camps or even when you have unplugged it. The cooker makes good porridge to. However, ensure that you clean it properly after, lest it rusts.

The warm setting feature allows you to even eat your rice after two days. The rice will still be perfect without overcooking or burnt bottom layer.

Unique Features of Zojirushi NS-TSC18 Micom Rice Cooker

  • Has a 10 cup capacity. (1.8 liters)
  • Has a non-stick black thick inner cooking pan ensures even heat distribution for efficient cooking.
  • The inner lid is removable for an easy cleanup
  • The LCD Display panel can be easily read and has a timer and clock functions that automatically switches to keep warm function
  • Two-setting delay timer
  • Micom fuzzy logic technology
  1. Cuckoo CRP-G1015F Brown rice Cooker

For a big family in love with making Brown rice, GABA rice, then the Cuckoo CRP-G1015F Brown rice Cooker with an inner pot-sized 10 cups is just what you need to boost up your cooking. This cooker makes amazing rice every time without disappointing. You would not believe how much it offers for its reasonable price.

This cooker displays the time at which your rice used to cook. It also keeps warm and fresh your food for a maximum of 48 hours.

The cooker, however, comes only with Korean voice recognition and not options to change. However, learning only two Korean phrases wouldn’t strain a nerve. The first message informs you that your rice is almost ready while the second informs you that your rice is ready.

Washing this perfect Brown rice cooker might be the easiest thing to do on the planet so far. The lid does not get dirty, therefore, only the removable pot needs cleaning. The rice starch can be wiped off using a paper towel.

The cooker works great with medium-grained or Calrose rice rather than long-grained rice. It’s time to live healthy, this cooker just ensures that.

Major strengths of Cuckoo CRP-G1015F Brown rice Cooker

  • Prepares up to 10 cups of uncooked rice
  • X-wall diamond-coated inner pot
  • Inner lid is detachable for easy cleaning
  • Uses fuzzy logic and intelligent cooking algorithm
  • You can delay your cooking time for up to 12:50 hours
  • Has an LCD menu display and automatically switches to keep warm function after cooking has been completed
  1. Panasonic SR-MS103 Rice cooker

This rice cooker has been designed with the Sticky Setting for making 5 cups of uncooked brown rice in rice cooker perfectly for a short time as an hour only. This cooker is of a reasonable price while not compromising your needs.

This well-designed cooker has been made using high-quality material that ensures a longer life than most products in the market. These parts are also easily disassembled and assembled back to ensure easy and thorough cleaning.

Although this cooker lacks a retractable cord, it will not give you a hard time to unplug it from a power source. Even if the metal inner lid has not been installed, you won’t have to worry as this cooker has an interlocking design to ensure the cover does not latch.

It only takes around 40 minutes to have perfectly cooked jasmine rice and a slight deviation of the other types of rice. The rice will remain at the ideal temperature until serving time as the cooker has the keep warm mode.

You can enjoy any of the 8 pre-programmed cooking menu options. These are steamed vegetables, sticky rice (sushi), slow cooking that can run up to 12 hours, porridge, cake, white, brown and the quick cook menu option. For those who love soft Asian rice, it will be best you use more water.

Why have Panasonic SR-MS103 Rice cooker

  • Prepares a maximum of 5 cups of uncooked rice amounting to 10 cups of cooked rice
  • Precise cooking made possible by the fuzzy logic adjustments
  • Has a binchotan-type charcoal aluminum pan for better aroma and taste. Also, the dimple pan can expand the heat for up to 20% for better results.
  • A large orange LCD display backs up the easy push-button control panel
  • Has a 24-hour clock and can keep warm for up to 12hours
  • Inner lid is removable just by pushing a button for easy cleaning in the sink

FAQs on the best rice cooker for brown rice

Q: What kind of rice is used for sushi?

A: Sushi a Japanese originating dish including mainly brown rice flavored with seasoned vinegar. Brown rice should be appropriately selected as it is a big deal in sushi preparation. There would never have been Sushi without Brown rice in the first place. The whole perfect delightful dish can be ruined by using the wrong type of rice.

It is therefore advisable to use japonica (is a white polished short-grained Japanese rice) or the medium-grained California rice. In the US, you will find these types of rice labeled as Calrose rice or Brown rice in the stores.

Q: Is Nishiki rice good for sushi?

A: This is absolutely a perfect choice of rice for sushi. It has been grown on the robust soils and clear waters of California. The premium medium-grained rice is certainly referred to as the best by Sushi experts because of its flavor and impeccable texture.

Q: Can I use white vinegar for Brown rice?

A: White vinegar should not be used for brown rice. It will disappoint you over and over again. It won’t matter if you have used the correct type of rice, as long you are using the wrong vinegar choice, you will never be perfect in brown rice cooking.

It is important to note that making perfect brown rice is not that easy. It takes time to be able to perfect the skill. Using the right type of rice, right and correct proportions of vinegar, as well as a cooker with sushi setting, will ensure that you learn the skill in no time.

Q: What is a micom rice cooker?

A: A micom rice cooker is one that has been embedded with a micro-chip in its design to ensure that your rice perfectly cooks rice every time. The question then is, how is this even possible? Well, this cooker can adjust the temperature inside the cooking pot as well as the period your rice will use to perfectly cook.

This is relative to the amount of water used for cooking and the stages involved in the cooking cycle. This micro-chip detects the internal temperature of your cooker and knows exactly when to auto-switch from cooking to keeping your food warm.

Q: What type of rice is Brown rice?

A: To make perfect sushi, using the right type of rice should be key. This is why we use japonica rice (white polished short-grained Japanese rice) or the medium-grained California rice. You will find these types of rice labeled as Calrose rice or Brown rice in the stores in the US. Ensure that you thoroughly wash your rice to remove the starchy powder that accumulates around the grains.

Q: Can I use Arborio rice for sushi?

A: When making the best sushi, selecting the appropriate rice to get the job done is usually key. As so, it is preferable to select the short grain premium Japanese rice. However, when this seemingly becomes tough to get, you can opt for Arborio rice.

This is a short-grain rice that is majorly grown in Italy. However, in the US, rice can be grown in Missouri and California. Although its texture may not be as satisfying as the sushi in the restaurants using the Japanese short-grain rice, it is the best immediate substitute.

Q: Can you use brown rice as regular rice?

A: Yes, brown rice also works great for regular rice. People like how the rice is of sticky texture that is at least something different from the regular rice. Brown rice is just as nutritious as regular rice, therefore, will provide the satisfaction that you so much yearn for.

Q: Is kokuho rice good for sushi?

A: The key element in selecting the best rice for sushi is that it should be sticky to allow you roll into rice balls, sushi rolls or to allow you to use chopsticks while eating your sushi (the chopsticks come with the whole art and embracing the culture in eating sushi). This is the reason why short-grained rice is preferred.

However, if you find it hard to access the short-grain rice, then the medium-grained rice becomes a good alternative. Both Kokuho and Nishiki rice are medium-grained rice that works great for sushi.

Brown rice Cooker Buying Guide

There is certainly a wide variety of brown rice cookers or rice cookers with a sushi setting in the market. When shopping for one, your head might get clouded and your selection might end up to be not the perfect one for you. As so, we have compiled the key features of a rice cooker for sushi that you should look out for to ensure satisfactory sushi making.

  • The model should be multifunctional

This applies mostly to people with small kitchens that might use a multi-function cooker. Some models can do cook other meals such as porridge, cakes, brown and white rice, and GABA rice. Some can be used as slow cookers, steaming functions, have the Keep Warm functions or quick-cooking function.

  • Should have easy-to-use controls

You do not want a rice cooker that makes you keep on scratching your head thinking of what button to push, display to touch or always going back to the manual to do anything with it. As so, the controls should be easy to use.

  • Have the features your cooker must have

Ensure you have a brief image of what your cooker needs to look like based on your preferences. For instance, if you are usually short of time, opt for a rice cooker that has a quick-cooking setting. Some models have timers that can tell you how far your rice is from cooking and can also switch off after the cooking cycle.

  • Having a model with the Automatic keep-warm setting is preferable

The keep-warm function is a great plus to rice cookers. They will keep your food at an ideal temperature until serving time. It is advisable to select one that automatically does the switching. This way, even if you are engaged in other activities during the cooking period, you wouldn’t have to get stressed up. Your rice cooker will always have your back.

  • Cool to touch handles

If you often serve your rice directly from the rice cooker, ensure that the model you purchase is cool to touch. The handles, therefore, have to be made with a material that does not conduct heat. It should also have a good grip to avoid accidents.

  • A removable/retractable cord is ideal

This feature reduces the bulk and spaces your rice cooker will occupy in your kitchen. Also, it enables you to use your rice cooker portable without having to drag the power cord along too.

  • A detachable inner lid

In the market, most of the rice cookers have a lid that is hinged on one of its ends. This is suitable for a single-handed use but is disadvantageous when it comes to cleaning up the cooker. As so, ensure that your rice cooker has a detachable inner lid.

  • Easy to clean inserts/rice bowls

The rice bowls have to be made of a nonstick material that is easy to wash with water or wipe with paper towels. Others are also dishwasher safe and those made of BPA-free plastic material can be washed on the top rack of a dishwasher.

Some cookers make use of stainless steel design in the cooking bowl construction. These are much more durable materials as compared to the former. However, they tend to be tougher to wash.

Advantages of using a Brown rice Cooker

Brown rice cookers are used to make the perfect sushi. Despite just this, they are able to do the following too:

  1. They can cook any other type of rice. Despite them being used to preparing brown rice, they also work perfectly in making other types of rice too. This multi-function feature is supported by the pre-programmed rice grain cooking options that come with the cooker.
  2. A brown rice cooker saves power. They prepare food perfectly using the minimal amount of time, which directly relates to the amount of power consumed. With rice cookers, no stirring is required. As so, the steam locked in enhances quick cooking.
  3. Science has proven it that over cooking meals diminishes the nutrient content of the food. Rice cookers prepare food with the minimum amount of time required therefore maintaining nutrients for our consumption.
  4. The keep-warm function ensures that your sushi is kept at an ideal temperature for serving. This ranges from 30 minutes to even 12 hours depending on the model you are using.
  5. They are multi-functional thereby saving space. Brown rice cookers may have quick-cooking, slow cooking and steaming functions too reducing the number of appliances you need to get the job done.