🥇5 Best Asian Rice Cooker Brands that are incredibly good





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In case you are so much into rice, then a rice cooker is definitely in your wish list for essential kitchen devices. This goes down to more specified types of rice cookers with the type of rice you are preparing.

Today, we will bear witness to the 5 best Asian rice cooker brands that will always make your Asian or sushi rice perfect every time. These are Zojirushi, Tatung, Cuckoo, Tiger, and Cuchen.

In case you are asking yourself, “why Asia?” well, Asian countries are located in an area where the general climate is subject to changes throughout the year. As a result, they produce high-quality rice cookers that fit and adjust well to the climate.

These brands make use of ever-evolving technology to come up with high-quality materials that work best for rice cookers. This is a great contradiction to other countries which majorly if not entirely focus on cost minimization.

These Asian rice cookers can be used by anyone. However, they are a great deal for those who love Asian food.

It should, however, be noted that Asian measuring cups are relatively smaller than the traditional American ones by 2oz. This is critical when it comes to measurements being done according to the instructions that accompany the rice cookers. As so, if you are not using the Asian measuring cup, just simply measure 3 quarters of your cup.

Now that you have acquired great insights, let’s find you the best rice cooker brand.

  1. Zojirushi NS-WAC10-WD Rice Cooker

This Asian rice cooker, made by a Japan company in China, is the perfect one for a huge family. With a capacity of 5.5 cups and the Fuzzy Logic Technology, you are served home with this rice cooker brand.

From preparing brown, white, sushi, porridge, the cooking functions for this cooker are endless. It has an LCD control panel that is user-friendly. You will realize that on the purchase of this Asian rice cooker, you have introduced a unit that will manage and control its temperature to prepare you a well-cooked rice dish.

This inexpensive cooker has triple heaters which are located on the side, bottom and the lid, Warmer specs and a dent resistant body. This ensures that your rice is cooked only at optimal temperatures and is kept warm automatically after it is ready.

This cooker is sold alongside a rinse-free measuring cup that is recommended for all rice measurements, ice measuring cup, a spatula, and a spatula holder. Its power cord is detachable to allow storage when not in use.

Interestingly, this rice cooker can also be used as a crockpot. You simply need to prepare your ingredients and place them in the cooker, set the timer and leave off for a movie. You will always come home to a great dish.

This rice cooker can be used to make a number of great dishes, some of which are shortlisted in the recipe that comes together with it. However, they aren’t much interesting. You might want to acquire a cookbook to add flavor to this recipe.

The fuzzy technology applied to this appliance is slightly different from the regular ones to serve you better. Instead of watching on the water levels, it keeps an eye on the rice. As so, your rice will never over or undercook.

  1. Tiger JNP-S10U-HU Rice Cooker.

This awesome rice cooker and warmer is made by a Japan company in Japan. With the stainless steel material used to make it and easy to disassemble, say bye to hustles of cleaning.

It has a retractable cord that allows you to store easily when not in use. This product is very durable, all said by its slightly higher price.

This Chinese rice cooker is so simple to use that your job is simply to plug it into a power source, ass your rice or grain, close it, press the one and only button on it and that’s it. When your grain is cooked, this quality brand oriental rice cooker automatically switches itself to warming mode. This has simply made rice preparation the simplest form of cooking.

As long as your lid is properly fastened, then you do not have to worry even a single bit as the Asian rice steamer will steam just fine. This cooker is capable of preparing 3 cups of uncooked white rice and 2 cups of the brown one. Avoid overloading your cooker with extra cups.

If you have not been preparing your Asian rice with Tiger, then most probably you have been eating up uncooked or overcooked rice unknowingly. I mean, seriously thinking out loud, it is the high time you get yourself one of these.

The inner pan is quite heavy, the science behind even distribution of heat across the cooker for an evenly cooked meal. This cooker is simple to use and also occupies minimal spaces in your kitchen.

This Chinese rice steamer empowers you with the ability to prepare a meal that can be consumed for a whole week comfortably with the aid of the warmer feature. This is so much more than you could ever get from your stove.

  1. Cuchen Premium Pressure Rice Cooker

If you are sick and tired of staying in the kitchen for long hours preparing rice, then the Cuchen Premium IH technology Rice cooker has come to salvage you. With the inner pan made with high-quality Diamond Queen Coating, this cooker will be able to prepare 6 uncooked cups of your white rice within just 14 minutes and mixed rice in less than half an hour.

This Asian rice cooker from the reputable brand Cuchen, in Korea for usage in the USA, has Warmer features that keep your rice warm and fresh for days after the preparation. Trust me, any day you taste your rice, it will still have the original flavor as though it has just been cooked that very moment. You also get to save yourself time and energy for cooking rice every day you want some.

If you would love to preserve the rice for the same taste, you can wrap your rice neatly and store it in a freezer after being perfectly cooked by the Cuchen WHA-VE0601G Premium IH Pressure Rice Cooker.

This cooker has a one-touch button and self-cleaning properties that make it so much easy to use to prepare healthy and quick meals.

When connected to a power source, you will recognize the glow of all the menus on the rectangular shaped LCD screen display. The other buttons do not glow like that of the menus. It uses 110V. You also get to have a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer just, which you will use for formalities since this rice cooker never disappoints.

The display buttons are in English and Korean. The voice control for this model, however, is only in Korean. The cooker has many cooking options that can be spoken out loud in Korean.

Although it lacks a retractable cord and is a little bit expensive, this model occupies minimal spaces as compared to the common stovetops, therefore, every single penny spent on it is worth the value after all.

There is an LCD display for the menu but the other buttons do not glow. And this model does not have a retractable power cord.

  1. Cuckoo CR-O631F Asian Rice Cooker.

The Cuckoo Asian rice cooker made by Cuckoo in Korea has definitely earned a spot at the spaces in our kitchens today due to the great design and technology used to make it. The 6 cup 110v rice cooker works to put your tongue glands yearning for more.

The water-resistant metallic cooker in bronze color is a great way to make a decent rice meal for a three-member family. The nonstick properties allow you to easily clean the cooker with simply a sponge and warm water with no scrubbing hustle needed at all.

In addition, this rice cooker can maintain the state of your rice for two days while maintaining its original taste. Actually, the third day is no exception.

This rice cooker comes with a rice measuring cup with water measuring markings on it. The capacity of this cup is 180 ml, which is the standard measurement for 1 portion of dry rice in Japan.

This prestigious cooker comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer to cover the cost of labors and parts. This warranty may be extended by the retail store you are purchasing from. At the moment, however, these extensions are unavailable.

The Cuckoo rice cooker comes with extra features that can’t be witnessed in any ordinary rice cooker and does a good job preparing your rice. Your rice is kept moist and fluffy at all times for the days you want to eat. Its small unique size fits silently in your kitchen and you might not even realize its presence there.

You now no longer have to worry and tire your brains again in the kitchen after a long day. All you need to do is rinse your rice, place it neatly in your cooker, and water, tightly close your lid and allow it to sit for nearly 30 minutes.

After that, connect to a power source, press the turbo cook on the cooker and let it do the rest of the business. After 20 minutes, you will hear a beep. At this stage, unplug the cooker from the power source and allow it to sit for another 10 minutes. Using the paddle, fluff your rice using the paddle and there you have it, a perfectly cooked rice.

It is important to seal tightly your lid to ensure perfect steaming. Wetting the rice paddle before fluffing is also important to prevent it from rice sticking.

  1. Tatung tfc-5817 Multicooker

This fuzzy logic technology cooker comes with interesting features that will amaze you at how easy they will make your life. This includes an 8 cup capacity that allows you to prepare a 16 cup decent rice meal for a big family, 11 programmed cooking functions, a preset timer that is programmable and not to mention the warmer property that automatically sets to after your rice has been perfectly cooked just to mention a few.

The Tatung tfc-5817 cooker made by the Taiwan multinational company comes in a magnificent stainless silver look and a golden top that brightens up your kitchen shelves. You are now able to prepare a wide range of cooking functions that include brown rice, soup, slow cooker, reheat and oatmeal that are all pre-set.

The cooker allows you to select the mode of cooking you prefer. The modes include congee, quick and white rice cooking. This cooker has been designed with an LED display of menus and a timer.

The fuzzy logic technology ensures you use less thinking as it does everything for you. You only need to rinse your rice, place it in the cooker and add measured water and plug it on. Ensure you use the timer to allow you to mind your own business.

FAQs on the best Asian rice cooker

Q: What is the best rice cooker?

A: If you are searching for a great rice cooker, then you might want to pick one of the following. This is because they have been experimented and have put a smile on the faces of many.

  • Zojirushi NS-WAC10-WD Rice Cooker
  • Tiger JNP-S10U-HU Rice Cooker.
  • Cuchen Premium Pressure Rice Cooker
  • Cuckoo CR-O631F Asian Rice Cooker.
  • Tatung tfc-5817 Multicooker

Q: What is the best Japanese rice cooker?

A: A quality rice cooker from Japan will definitely be the Zojirushi NS-WAC10-WD Rice Cooker and Tiger JNP-S10U-HU Rice Cooker. They are manufactured by the most trusted and reputable brands in Japan and have earned all the credit.

Q: What is the best small rice cooker?

A: Small rice cookers are specially designed to fit perfectly for single people or those in colleges. They mostly can prepare up to 3 cups of uncooked rice. The Tiger JNP-S10U-HU Rice Cooker with a number of additional features makes it perfect for this situation.

Q: What is a Micom rice cooker?

A: The word Micom, Micro computerized in full, is an ideal technology used in most present-day rice cookers. A microchip is designed inside the cooker that ensures you have perfectly prepared rice. This allows the cooker to “think” on its own. It regulates the temperature at which your rice is cooking. As so, it will automatically switch to warming mode when your rice is cooked.