🥇 Best programmable slow cooker: End crappy restaurant food

A programmable slow cooker is a device that is used to prepare meals over a particular duration of time and comes with a set of functions that lets one choose the temperature and time settings for that session. Some of its components include a glass lid, a heating element and a vessel.

The heating components seat at the base of the container and then the metallic pot is placed on top of it. The heating components provide heat to the metallic pot which in turn heats the contents of the slow cooker to the desired temperatures. The glass lid helps trap in hot moist air which help keep the inside of the slow cooker hot at all times. Slow cookers are ideal for preparing meals to a tender yet desirable quality.

The work below shall involve reviews that will lead you to the best programmable slow cooker.

  1. Hamilton beach 6-quart slow programmable cooker with a set and forget temperature probe, model (33969A).

This is yet another programmable cooker from the Hamilton Beach series that is stress-free to use and makes cooking an easier task to do. It is well known for its provision of three choices to cook the meals in that include probe, program and manual mode. These choices together with the 6-Quart capacity, power interruption protection, clip-tight lid and ease to clean makes this series of cookers ideal and one to dream of.

The three choices for automatic cooking makes it easy to prepare meals with minimal supervision. The probe mode allows the chef or user to set a temperature for which the meal being prepared should reach. The temperature of the meal is recorded by the probe which displays the temperatures as they rise. When the desired temperature is achieved the cooker shifts to warm temperature since the meal has been prepared as desired. This setting therefore can be used especially when preparing meals with strict recipes that require one to be cautious with exact temperatures.

The program setting on the other hand allows the chef or user to set the time for which the meals being prepared should heat in the cooker. The program function allows one to select the heating temperature and assign a time throughout which the meal will take to be prepared in the cooker. Once the time has been achieved, the cooker shifts to warm temperature to help keep the meal warm pending serving.

The other setting is the manual setting that allows the chef to alter the temperatures of the meals while the food is being prepared. The user selects the temperature mode for which the meal is to be prepared which can either be warm high or low. The temperature mode selected will be preserved for the rest of the cooking cycle. This means that the chef has to be physically present to turn the cooker off once he or she is satisfied that the meal is ready.

This slow programmable cooker has a clip-tight gasket lid that prevents messy spills during and after meal preparation. This lid has an opening through which the probe passes through that is properly sealed to prevent the leak of the cooker’s contents. The lid together with the removable crock makes this type of cooker components safe to clean in a dishwasher.

The cooker is one of the best 6-Quart programmable slow cooker whose capacity is adequate enough for most meals like a 6-pound chicken meal or a 4-pound roast. Such a capacity is adequate for most meals served for a family. The cooker also has a power interruption feature that helps keep the cooker warm even after power is out. This feature helps preserve the conditions of the dish prepared.

  1. Hamilton beach (33473), 7-quart slow cooker crock with touch pad.

This is one of the best 7-quartprogrammable slow cooker that has an easy-to-clean touchpad, removable stoneware and lid and simple yet viable programmability options for a good mix and match of temperatures and time. The most outstanding feature for this series of cookers is the larger size and capacity of the cooker when compared to the rest in especially in the Hamilton Beach series and the touchpad.

This cooker has programmable options that are simple and flexible to operate. Through the digital display touchpad, the chef can decide to input the desirable temperature levels he or she desires the dish to be prepared using. These levels range from low to high and to warm.

The touchpad also provides for the chef to input the duration for which the meal should be heated in. The range of these temperatures escalates from 30 minutes up to 18 hours. This means that the chef can leave the dish to prepare for a time duration of as small as 30 minutes and as large as 18 hours of a day in a single cycle.

Usually the cooking time remaining for the meal to get ready or as programmed is displayed on the touchpad. That way the chef is able to plan for the time he or she will need to come and check on the meal upon completion. The cooker switches to warm mode upon completion of the heating cycle to keep the meal warm.

This slow programmable cooker has a 7-Quart capacity and thus provides ample space greater volumes of meals to be prepared in a single cycle. With the 7-Quart capacity, meals such as a 7-pound chicken or a 5-pound roast meal is possible. This helps save on time as well as making it possible to prepare more food for more people. The cooker has a wraparound feature that helps maintain uniform heating of meals to improve efficiency and avoid over-burnt foods.

  1. Hamilton Beach Flexcook programmable slow cooker model (33861)

This is another product of Hamilton Beach that comes with a dual digital timer, a 6-quart capacity and a stainless steel body covering. The main highlight for this type of a slow cooker that is programmable is its ability to accommodate the cooking process into the schedule of the chef or the user of the cooker. This is made possible by its programmability abilities.

Flexcook cookers allow the user to program as many as two temperatures to be featured in a single cooking cycle. There are pressure cookers that do this too. This improves the flexibility that also makes the cooking process effortless, effective and efficient. With double the temperature settings, comes an additional ability created by the cooker. The ability to leave a meal to prepare on its own even with the absence of the user or operator of the cooker.

The three programmable options available for this series of top rated programmable slow cookers include Flexcook, program and manual settings. The flexcook mode allows the user to configure the cooking process to fit into his or her wanting. It allows the user to choose to use as many as two temperatures in a cycle, for instance, he or she can choose to set the cooker to be on high temperatures for the first three hours and be on low for the next two hours.

The other setting is the program mode. This setting allows the flexcook to operate on only one setting of heat on a particular timed cooking cycle. Upon the completion of the cycle when the time lapses, the cooker automatically switches to a warm temperature to keep the meals warm for a while.

The last setting is the manual mode which rests all the controls to the user of the flexcook cooker. The user physically and manually decides what temperatures to cook in at every stage of the cooking cycle. this means that the user put the temperatures suitable at that stage of the cycle. This mode requires the user to constantly be on the lookout for the meals being prepared.

The capacity of flexcook is 6-quart allowing for meals of weights around 6pounds to be accommodated in them. Such a capacity is ideal for meals such as 6lbs chicken or even a 4lbs roast to be prepared in flexcook cookers.  The cooker has an advanced system that allows the cooking to continue for a while despite a power outage.

It has a power interruption protection that does the same and make the cooking process controllable and effective. This is because once the power goes out the user can choose to act on the meals being prepare. For instance, reducing the quantity of meals being prepared if the meal is an urgent one.

Flexcook programmable cooker has a Go clip tight sealed lid that helps ensure that the meals are tightly sealed and avoid escape especially for the more liquid foods. This feature makes the flexcook cookers ideal for transport. The flexcook can be placed in the car and the food would not spill out during the journey.

This cooker also has full-grip handles that also handling easy. The grips are placed at the sides from the bottom of the cooker’s exterior. They are stylish and of the right size for a comfortable and strong grip.

The stoneware of the flexcook is one that is detachable from the main component making cleaning possible in a dishwasher. The glass lid is also dishwasher safe. The other components can be cleaned by wiping above them.

  1. Hamilton beach programable slow cooker model (33551), 5-quart with lid latch strap and chalkboard panels.

This product of Hamilton Beach is an amazing innovation that is built to enhance a person’s cooking life. It is a good-looking top rated programmable slow cooker that is thoughtfully built with a design that catches the eye of any observer. It is a perfect choice for preparing meals and beverages. Some of its of its outstanding features include a 5-quart capacity, the ability to alter and mix temperatures with those of the cooking time of choice, additional programming options, ease to travel with and ease to program the meals being cooked.

With this slow cooker that is programmable, the guests or any other person dealing with the meals will have the ability to know the contents of the dish or the cooker. This is made possible by the availability of a chalkboard panel attached to the exterior of the dish architecture. This board is clipped onto the dish and can be scribbled and erased with ease. This helps one make quick identification of the meal and minimizes mistakes. This feature is appreciated generally for making the cooking process flawless with minimal need to raise the lid of the cooker over and over again and thus making the process efficient and effective.

With a low, high and warm cooking setting, Hamilton Beach programmable slow cookers enhance planning process. This programmable slow cooker provides the users with more options to programme their meal preparations. This is made possible by the availability of additional programming feature.

The cooker provides features that allow one to select a combination of temperatures and cooking time to make cooking process using the cookers effortless and easy. All these temperature settings allow one to prepare a meal that will keep warm even at their absence for instance those meals set to be preserved warm for buffets. This feature together with the fact that the lid latch strap and gasket lid, that help avoid spills, makes this cooker ideal to keep such meals warm enough for travels.

Hamilton Beach slow programmable cookers have a 5-quart capacity which makes it a fit for preparing meals of about 5 pounds. The cooker is oval in shape increasing the length of one side so as to make the dish ideal for meals that are solid and have a lateral length like a chicken dish. This cooker has a red glamor finish which is a perfect finish to go with the mood of festivity. This finish helps the slow cooker fit in perfectly with the other cutlery on the dinner table, a perfect transition from the kitchen to the dining table.

  1. KitchenAid slow cooker model KSC223SS 6-Quart

This slow cooker brand is ideal for every day meals ranging from meat to soups. Some of the features of this brand of digital slow cookers include an oval-shaped and 6-Quart ceramic vessel which is removable, a variety of temperature settings, programmability of up to 24hours, a setting that allows meals to keep warm and a digital display for monitoring cooking.

The 6-quart slow cooker comes with a temperature setting that allows the user to choose between four modes of cooking temperature. These modes are the low, medium, high and a keep warm mode. These options make cooking of a meal less strenuous and easy to do. This is because the user can decide to use a particular mode for certain types of meals and another mode for other type. The keep-warm feature is an added advantage in the sense that it helps maintain the warmth of the contents of the slow cooker when the meal has cooked or when travelling and storing.

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The ceramic vessel together with the lid are removable. The glass lid is designed in such a way that it has hinges that are attached to both sides of the lid in a special but appealing design. This feature enables easy pulling and lifting of the glass lid as well as carrying out one-sided serving when one side of the lid is opened. The ceramic vessel is usually removed upon finishing the serving activity and is easily fed into a dishwasher for cleaning. This feature makes this kind of a slow cooker one that is easy to clean and use using a dishwasher.

The slow cooker has a special feature that allow the user to program the cooker to heat or warm food on its own without supervision. It has a 24hour programmability which includes a 30minutes increase option. This means that the slow programmable cooker can be used to prepare meals and can be timed for at most 24hours.

This removes the need to closely monitor the cooking process and the user can engage in other activities while the slow cooker is preparing the meals. The slow cooker allows for other time settings of various durations such as 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 hour and 30 minutes, and 2hours among others. The 30-minutes increment option allows the user to add to cooking time with ease just by clicking a 30minutes button.

This slow cooker that is programmable has a digital display that is easy to read. It is conspicuous and huge enough to aid the user to make right readings and it eliminates the possibility of making a misinformed decision. The LED display is used for the timing of cooking time.

This cooker is characterized by its oval shape. This shapes serves the purpose of providing a desirable shape for accommodating various types of meals. Some solid meals such as chicken require accommodation that is large to allow its lateral protrusion. This is not achievable on a round and circular shape. An oval shape allows the longer end of such a meal to lie on the longer direction of the oval shape allow easy and comfortable preparation of the meal.

FAQ’s on the best programmable slow cooker

Q: What is the best slow cooker in the market?

A: Here are the best slow cookers;

  • Hamilton beach 6-quart slow programmable cooker
  • Hamilton beach (33473), 7-quart slow cooker
  • Hamilton Beach Flexcook programmable slow cooker
  • Hamilton beach programable slow cooker
  • KitchenAid slow cooker

Q: What is the biggest slow cooker available?

A : They include:

  • Hamilton beach 6-quart slow programmable cooker
  • Hamilton beach (33473), 7-quart slow cooker
  • Hamilton Beach Flexcook programmable slow cooker
  • Hamilton beach programable slow cooker
  • KitchenAid slow cooker

Q: What is the best slow cooker brand?

A: Currently, a variety of manufacturers provide slow cookers and crockpots. However, Hamilton Beach manufacturers deserve honorary mention. They are responsible for the innovation of some of the best programmable slow cookers and the best programmable crock pots.

Their products are easy to operate, easy to clean and efficient in their cooking function. This brand is also responsible for the manufacture of some of the biggest programmable slow cookers in the market.

Q: Is it safe to leave a slow cooker on all day?

A: The question on whether or not a digital slow cooker can be left on all day depends sorely on the type of slow cooker one is using. Some slow cookers have a feature that allows them to run for as many as 24hours. Most meals take 6 to 8 hours to get ready.

Depending on the type of meal being cooked, a person decides on whether or not he or she can leave the food all the 24 hours to cook. Mostly manufactures provide that ability and often once the 24-hour mark is reached the slow cookers turn off automatically.

Q: Is there a slow cooker with delayed start?

A: A delayed-start feature in a machine enables that machine to start automatically on a future time even without supervision. Slow cookers are not programmed to do so because of a few reasons. The first being a possibility of a bacteria attack threat when some meals are left on unrefrigerated conditions such as those in a slow cooker before the heating begin.

The bacteria could multiply on those conditions before the heating process is scheduled to start. This could cause a health threat to those consuming such meals later on even after preparations. The other reason for not having delayed start is the threat of having an electricity interruption that can be brought about by a circuit breaker tripping.

Instead of being dependent on the delayed start feature, programmable slow cookers have settings that allow longer times on low temperatures which upon completion will switch to warm mode.

Q: What is the difference between a slow cooker and a crockpot?

A: A crockpot is similar in architecture to a slow cooker in the sense that they share similar components. A crockpot has a glass lid, a pot and a heating component just like a slow cooker. The difference is the materials used for the pot. While a programmable crockpots have porcelain or ceramic pots, slow cookers have a metallic pots.

Another difference is the positioning of the heating component. For a crockpot, the heating component are attached all-round to the walls of the pot. On the other hand, the heating components in a slow cooker are often positioned at the base of the pot. This means that crockpots help achieve uniform heating of meals while a slow cooker is better when preparing more fluid meals that transmit heat from the bottom to the top through convectional currents.