microwave bacon cooker 🥇 Makes crunchy, chewy bacon

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Prep Solutions 


Top Features

  • Makes perfect bacon every time
  •  Can be used to make bacon and scrambled eggs at the same time
  •  Collects bacon grease for easy cleaning
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Makin Bacon

Top Features

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reduces fat by 35%
  • Tray for catching fat
  • Bacon is cooked in air not in fat
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Top Features

  • 12 pieces of bacon
  • Simple to store and serve
  • Made from dishwasher safe plastic

Bacon, a dish that makes a lovely breakfast for many, has over the years become a staple food for a great number of people. This dish is typically from pork salt-cured pork meat. However, it can also be made from other forms of meat such as turkey and beef

Being the champion of breakfast as it is, you need the right appliance to prepare it. A bacon cooker has been designed with all the necessary features that are useful in the preparation of bacon.

They work to make the bacon slices be as perfectly crisp as possible. They also work to make your cooking healthier by draining away the excess fat. In addition, this ensures that the possible splattering of oil out of the pan is limited.

Using bacon cookers wipes away all the worries of flipping or burning your slices. Therefore, you will never go wrong with a bacon maker machine as you will always end up with the perfect slices every time.

This article gives you a wide variety of hand-picked bacon makers that have the necessary design features for the best and healthiest kitchen experience.

The best bacon cooker

  1. Prep Solutions by Progressive Microwave Large Bacon Grill with Vented Cover.

This Progressive Prep Solutions microwavable bacon cooker offers too much in relation to its affordable price. With this bacon cooker, you are able to prepare 7 to 9 pieces of bacon all at once. With its small design, it will fit any kitchen space available.

The grill has been designed above the bottom surface to allow excess fat a place to drip down to for healthier and safer cooking. This is a great evolution from the ordinary cooking pan that would allow excess fat to accumulate on it.

The microwave is designed to evenly cook your bacon for a crispy and tasty meal. The vented cover ensures that no grease finds its way to the inside of the microwave. This is a feature that upholds clean bacon cooking.

The grill made from BPA-free plastic material is dishwasher safe. However, you can also wash it by hand easily. It only takes a few minutes for your bacon to cook. You should, however, be keen on the grill temperature inside the microwave. You can adjust its height using the recessed handle in the cover. It is important to use tongs to remove the bacon as safety measures.

Major strengths of this bacon microwave cooker

  • The grill design above the bottom allows excess fat to drain
  • Its dishwasher safe
  • The lid ensures no splattering of grease
  • Less fat accumulation makes the dish healthier


  • It is quite hard to time how long for the perfect bacon texture


  1. The Original Makin’ Bacon Microwave Bacon Rack

This unique bacon rack is used to prepare bacon inside a microwave. Its three bars are able to carry 18 slices of bacon. This rack has a tray at the bottom to hold off any excess fat dripping to ensure that your microwave is always clean. Further, the tray’s sides are high to prevent grease from splattering into the microwave.

This bacon rack ensures that the bacon cooks in the air rather than the fat lowering fat intake by up to 35%. As so, your bacon is healthier and safer for consumption.

The bars can be placed specifically customized for the number of bacon slices you are preparing. This, therefore, means that cooking using this microwave cooker is simple.

The bacon slices are covered with a paper towel while hanging on the bars. This towel ensures that there is no grease splattering while soaking u the excess fat. Each slice of bacon is prepared for less than a minute. This makes the cooking process faster and easier. The cooker is dishwasher safe hence cleaning it up is easy.


  • The bacon is healthier as excess fat drips down and is soaked up by the towels.
  • The drip tray ensures that the grease does not come into contact with the microwave
  • You are able to prepare many slices at ago
  • Its dishwasher safe

Its shortcoming

  • It does not have a lid and a thin handle. However, a paper towel is used to soak up the grease.
  1. Lekue Microwave Bacon Maker/Cooker with Lid

The plastic Lekue Microwave Bacon Maker/Cooker with Lid is designed with grooves on its base to ensure that it is elevated to drain excess fat away. This ensures that the bacon cooks with air rather than the fat ensuring healthy eating.

Looking for a pressure cooker?

With its capacity of 6 slices of bacon, this bacon cooker can be used to prepare enough bacon for a whole family. And if 6 slices aren’t enough for your family, worry not. This cooker prepares each slice quickly while maintaining the perfect crispy taste in every slice. Therefore, you can make more batches!

The microwave bacon cooker with a lid ensures that there is no splattering of grease inside the cooker as you prepare your bacon. The lid is transparent allowing you to peep inside and see how much your bacon has cooked. The in-built spout allows you to easily drain the excess fat that has accumulated on the tray after you have finished cooking.

Further, the handles are large with a good grip that ensures you can easily remove from the microwave with a dishcloth. The cooker has been made from BPA-free plastic. This guarantees you that there will be no chemicals leaching into your bacon.


  • The deep grooves allow fat to drain for healthy eating
  • In-built spout allows you to pour out grease easily
  • The transparent lid not old prevents greats from splattering but also allows you to view your bacon
  • It takes a shorter time to prepare bacon
  • It’s also dishwasher safe


  • It is smaller for a huge family. However, with the short cooking time, you can prepare several batches
  1. Emson Bacon Wave, Microwave Bacon Cooker

If you are looking to prepare numerous slices of bacon all at once, then the Emson Bacon Wave, Microwave Bacon Cooker is just what you need to equip your kitchen with. When fully stacked, this amazing bacon cooker can fit 28 slices of bacon! The racks have been raised to hold the bacon above the tray to ensure that fat drips down to the tray.

The racks ensure that all the slices cooker evenly to perfect crispy slices by allowing air to circulate around them. Every slice is ready in a minute’s time. After cooking, the collected grease is drained away. The cooker is dishwasher safe and it is easy to clean.


  • Has a large capacity of 28 slices for a party or extra-large family
  • The rack holds bacon above tray to allow fat to drip
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Faster cooking


  • Absence of a lid puts your microwave at risk of splattering grease
  1. OXO 11185700 Cooker Good Grips Microwave Bacon Crisper

The OXO bacon cooker is a safe and convenient way to prepare your bacon. It has been designed with an adjustable kickstand that allows the grease to drain into a reservoir. This cooker is capable of preparing 6 normal cut bacon slices or 4 to 5 slices of thick-cut bacon.

The lid, made of silicone, prevents grease from splattering into the microwave. It is also removable for easy cleaning. This amazing cooking is able to fold flat and can, therefore, be easily stored in small spaces within your kitchen.


  • The cooker is BPA-free hence your health is safeguarded
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • The cooker is multipurpose as it can be used to prepare eggs and popcorn recipes as well


  • The grease may seem to leak
  1. Nordic Ware Microwave Bacon Tray and Food Defroster

The Nordic Ware bacon cooker composes of a slanted tray that accommodates 6 bacon slices placed across the ridges. The tray has V-shaped ridges that ensure uniform distribution of heat and allow drained fat to collect in a reservoir for healthy cooking.

The strong aluminum based microwave bacon pan is easy to clean and has non-stick properties to prevent the bacon slices from sticking on it. This tray is so simple, what a convenient way to prepare your bacon.

In addition, the tray can also be used to defrost food. It is dishwasher safe, therefore making its cleaning process easy. This tray can be used as a serve ware for hot bacon due to its ergonomic design.


  • It is made stronger for longer life
  • It is easy to clean
  • Multipurpose kitchen appliance; defrosting, cooking bacon, serve ware
  • V-shaped ridges for draining of excess fat
  • Large accommodation capacity


  • The grooves make it tough to clean by hand
  • The tray cannot be used in standard microwaves as it does not fit
  1. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 MultiGrill Indoor Grill, Griddle and Bacon Cooker

For the best kitchen experience and healthy cooking, then the Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 MultiGrill Indoor Grill, Griddle and Bacon Cooker is just what you are missing. This cooker gives you the power to multitask and prepare the entire breakfast all from one pan! The grill also rises higher with its cooker mode.

The grill has also been designed to heat up really fast to ensure that your bacon becomes perfectly crisp while saving the amount of time you spend in your kitchen. In just ten minutes, you have the crispiest bacon you would ever taste.

The expert design of elevation allows the excess oil to drain hence you do not have to worry about oil splattering or eating an unhealthy breakfast. On top of this, both the grills, top, and bottom, heat up ensuring that after the lid has been closed your bacon cooks perfectly without the necessary need to keep on turning it.

The grill heats up quickly to ensure that the bacon becomes crispy and finishes cooking in only ten minutes. The elevation lets excess fat drain away, preventing any hot fat from splattering. Both the top and bottom of the grill heats up, and once the lid is closed, you only have to wait for the bacon to cook, without needing to keep on turning it.

This bacon cooker with a lid can be opened up completely and laid flat. This design feature allows you to prepare other breakfast items on the griddle while simultaneously grilling your bacon. The non-stick material surface offers you a cooking space of up to 200 square inches.

The temperature of the grill and griddle can be easily be adjusted to prepare different kinds of meats and press indoor sandwiches. With the three different options and dishwasher safe properties of the drip tray and cooking plates, it goes without saying that this is the best bacon cooker.


  • It has both the griddle and grill
  • The expertise elevation drains excess fat easily
  • No need of flipping with the top and bottom grills sandwiching your bacon
  • A wide cooking surface
  • Cooking surfaces are dishwasher safe
  1. Smart Planet BNB 1BM Smart Planet Bacon Nation Bacon Master

If you are looking for a convenient, safe, healthy and durable electric bacon cooker, then the Smart Planet BNB 1BM Smart Planet Bacon Nation Bacon Master was made for you! The bacon, similarly to how the rack works, is draped over the vertical bacon cooker and heated. The vertical position of which the bacon is laid allows excess fat to drip and drain off for a healthier meal.

The bacon is then allowed to cook at moderate temperatures at a slow pace for a perfect texture and evenly cooked bacon. You just have to preheat the cooker and place your bacon inside it and cover it with a lid. The lid prevents any grease from splattering to the microwave.

There is a tray at the bottom of the cooker to collect all the dripping fat. After cooking, you can remove the fat and clean the tray easily. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the lid and tray as they are dishwasher safe. The cooker also has non-stick properties hence it is easy to clean as well.

On top of this, the cooker has timer settings with controls of either light, crispy extra crispy bacon texture. Enrich your kitchen with the 6 slice capacity electric bacon cooker that will feed your family to satisfaction. In just a time frame of 8 minutes, your bacon is ready!


  • Can prepare 6 slices of bacon at once
  • Non-stick properties for easy cleaning
  • The lid and tray ensure that fat is not splattered to the microwave
  • The lid and drainage tray are dishwasher safe
  • The vertical cookers ensure that fat drips down
  • There is temperature control


  • Although 8 minutes are few, other microwave cookers are faster
  1. The Black Presto Bacon Microwave Cooker

This lovely microwave cooker has three racks and space enough to hold 12 slices of bacon. The Presto bacon microwave cooker is definitely among the best and healthiest bacon cookers.

The three racks are designed to lay on the deep base, therefore, allowing the excess fat to drip down to the black painted surface. Ensure that you place a paper towel on top of the bacon slices to prevent fat from splattering to your microwave surfaces.

With this microwave cooker, you will always have the same results, crispy perfectly cooked bacon slices with low-fat content for a healthy meal. The rack is also dishwasher safe. As so, you can easily clean and even reuse for a great experience. You do not need to worry about small areas on the dish or rack that could be a hustle to wash.

The rack is also non-stick therefore you can easily serve your bacon. The bacon cooker is able to fit in small spaces of your kitchen. This is so because the racks are removable. You can stack them inside the base.


  • Quick cooking as it can prepare 12 slices at ago.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Healthy cooking by the excess fat drip drainage
  • Able to fit into small spaces
  • The racks are non-stick


  • There is a slight risk of overcooking as timing the bacon is quite tough
  • Has no lid, therefore, a paper towel has to be placed over the bacon to prevent grease from splattering into the microwave cooker

FAQs on bacon cookers

Q: Is microwaved bacon good?

A: In general, YES! Microwaved bacon is the best. I mean, look at how quickly it gets ready. You are also able to prepare a number of crispy slices for a whole family using a microwave. The microwave cookers come with lids to ensure that your microwave does not get messed up with the grease, and even if it gets dirty, you have to admit that wiping microwaves is easier than a stovetop or oven.

However, not everything is 100% perfect, right? Microwaved bacon, with the wrongly chosen method, may become crispy on the edges while still soft in the middle. You also cannot make a huge number of slices using the microwave cooker as you would have prepared using an oven. It is also not possible to sear the sides using a microwave bacon cooker.

Q: How long does it take to microwave bacon?

A: As something unique about microwave cooked bacon is how they get perfectly crispy in just a matter of a few minutes. The time it takes to prepare your microwave bacon will be impacted by the following factors:

  • The amount of power your cooker uses to cook. This can be found on a sticker mostly place inside the door.
  • The number of bacon slices you are preparing also affects the time. If you are making 1 to 3 slices, you will definitely use less time than preparing 10 slices.
  • The thickness of your bacon slices affects the time it takes to perfectly crisp. IF the slices are thicker, you will use more time.
  • Just how much crispy you want your bacon will affect the time. If you want it perfectly crispy (it’s exactly just how I love it!) you will cook for a longer time.

On average, depending on the method you are using to prepare your bacon, you might use six to seven minutes when using a 1000 watt microwave. After this time has elapsed, you will end up with perfectly crispy bacon slices.

Q: Is it safe to microwave bacon?

A: Microwaving bacon is safe if you do it right. Here is what you could do. If your microwave bacon cooker has a lid, place them carefully inside the cooker and close the lid. It will ensure that no hot grease splatters of the cooker to burn you or make your microwave a mess.

However, if yours does not have a lid, you could use 2 sheets of paper towel on the bottom of your bacon slices and another two on top of it. They will both work to soak excess fat. The top ones will also serve to ensure that there is no splatter of the grease. Ensure that you keep an eye on the bacon after some time. You will have your crispy bacon without the grease messing your microwave or your skin.

Q: How do you properly cook bacon?

A: Here is a simple procedure of how you can properly cook perfectly crispy bacon slices.

  1. Look for a microwave safe plate. This should be one made from BPA-free plastic for health reasons. It is usually labeled on the bottom of the dish.
  2. Property line 3 to 4 paper towels on the plate.
  3. Lay your bacon slices on the paper towels. Ensure that they do not touch each other. You can overlap them if the situation forces you too because they will cook well. However, the slices have a tendency of sticking to each other on edges of overlap. So, if you are able to avoid it, the better.
  4. Place 2 other paper towels on the top to avoid any possible mess and to also absorb excess fat.
  5. Now, you can microwave your bacon slices for about 5 minutes. Check them and continued to cook for another 45 seconds to 1 minute to perfect crispy slices.

Ensure that you use some tongs to remove it from the microwave as it is usually hot. You might end up burning your hands with the grease.

Microwaving Your Bacon

microwave cooking is a quick and easy way to prepare your bacon.  I do not think that it comes out as delicious as when you pan-fry it, but I do prepare it this way sometimes.  

I microwave my bacon when I only need a couple of slices, like to add to another recipe.  It is less cleanup if you do it right too, but you have to do it right or you will have fun getting all of the splattered grease out of your microwave.

If you plan to microwave bacon frequently, I completely recommend buying a bacon cooker for your microwave.  They can be found for as little as $5 at discount stores and make cooking and cleanup a snap.

Look for one that has a little bit of a raised area so that the bacon grease can drip off the bacon.  It is also important for it to have a vented lid to keep the grease from spattering around your microwave.  I say vented because if the lid has no vents at all, it traps the heated air under the lid.  Heated air expands, so the lid can “blow” off the bacon cooker if it expands too much.  You have probably experienced this if you forget to vent other foods you heat in the microwave, what a mess!

As a general rule, one full slice of bacon is usually equal to about one minute in the microwave.  Be sure to stop and check yours frequently until you get used to the cooking time for your unit.  It can also vary depending on the thickness of the bacon and even the fat content of the slice. 

You can easily overcook your bacon in the microwave and burn it so be careful.  It won’t seem very crispy when you take it out, but just like pan fried, you need to let it sit for a few minutes on a paper towel to drain and crisp up.  

Look for a golden brown color.  Sometimes bacon in a microwave doesn’t always cook very evenly so you may need to rotate it if it is not cooking evenly.   Bacon is one of those meats that you do not want to eat raw, especially if it is not fully cured.  Most commercially sold bacons in the United States are not fully cured, just prepared enough to add flavor and must be fully cooked and kept refrigerated before and after cooking.

Be careful when taking the bacon cooker out of the microwave as the grease inside will be extremely hot and tipping it even a little can result in a burn.  I recommend using pot holders.  To make clean up easier, drain the grease into a can while it is still warm and will pour easily out of the cooker.  Again, never pour bacon grease down the drain as it can cool inside the plumbing causing backups that are expensive to have a plumber clear.

When the bacon grease in your can is cooled and hardened, you can dispose of it in your garbage, but wait until it has hardened to put it in there to avoid messy spills.

If you don’t want to buy a specific bacon cooker, you can still make bacon in the microwave without too much a hassle.  I place a paper plate (all paper, not the ones coated in plastic or wax!) on a regular microwave plate.  This is to make clean up a snap.

On the paper plate I lay a couple of paper towels.  These are to soak up the bacon grease.  Don’t use napkins for this because they tend to come apart and stick to your bacon, which isn’t very good to eat and is hard to remove.

Put about 4 or 5 pieces of bacon in a single layer on the paper towel covered plate.  Add another layer of paper towels over the top of the bacon and cook.  Like the bacon cooker, it usually takes about one minute per slice but keep an eye on it until you get familiar with your microwave.  

The bacon grease will be hot, so be careful when you lift it out of the microwave.  To get the best crisp on this bacon, I take it out of the grease soaked paper towels and lay it on a fresh paper towels. 


Oven Baking Your Bacon

Did you know you can cook your bacon in the oven?  I never even thought about doing this until I was at a weekend retreat and someone in our group prepared it this way.  Who knew?  

This method is great if you need to free up your burner space for thinks like pancakes and eggs.

Like pan frying, I don’t recommend going too far away as it does still produce a lot of grease, but if you use the right equipment you can keep it from being a problem.

To make clean up easy, line a baking pan with aluminum foil making sure to wrap the foil up over the edge too.  You will want to make sure you use a baking pan with a lip to keep the grease from running off the baking sheet into the bottom of your oven.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.  Place bacon in a single layer on the baking sheet.  Don’t overcrowd the pan because your bacon will not cook as evenly.  If you have more than one pan of bacon, you can add a second baking pan and put them both in the oven at the same time.

Place the baking pan on the center rack of the oven.  If you are using two pans, place them as close to the center as possible.

It will take about 25 minutes to fully cook but keep an eye on it.  Depending on the thickness of the bacon and your oven it might take a little less or longer.

To let the grease drain, place the cooked bacon on a paper towel to drain for a minute before serving.

If you want crispier bacon, you can put a baking rack on top of the foil lined pan.  This will get the bacon up off the dripping grease.


Guess what!  The best part about this recipe is that you won’t need to flip your bacon over halfway through.  Cleanup is also a snap.  You can just let the bacon grease cool and solidify on the foil lined pan. Then when solid, just roll up your foil and throw it away.  What could be easier?  Crispy, delicious bacon without the messy pans.