microwave egg cooker 🥇 will save your life

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Top Features

  • Poached/scrambled/omelets
  • Egg muffins
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe/fridge safe
  • Spatter proof steam vent
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Top Features

  • 1 minute cook time
  • Non-stick
  • No need to use butter / oil
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean
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 Oxo Microwave egg cooker

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  • Scrambled/fried eggs
  • Detachable base
  • Handles stay cool
  • Microwave safe/dishwasher safe

Eggs, a meal seen on the breakfast tables of most who seek its health benefits, those trying to change their boring breakfast meals and those well, who just love eggs. Preparing an egg is by far the easiest and fastest breakfast to prepare especially when you have a tight schedule and bear the risk of forgetting how important breakfast is.

Also, eggs are easily available and can be prepared in several ways to suit your needs. Despite all these, we haven’t yet got the hang of making the perfect egg meal yet. With the right utensils, making eggs can be much less engaging to a point of it becoming a hobby rather than work.

All you need is an affordable, fast and easy utensil to boost up your egg preparation. This is why we sought the best microwave egg cooker reviews for you. They ensure that you don’t go hungry for long by making your dish in less than no time! Let’s take a look at them and find you the one that blows your mind.

  1. Chef Buddy 82-Y3496 microwave egg cooker

If you yearn to have those tasty, fluffy, perfectly cooked eggs every time, then the Chef Buddy 82-Y3496 microwave egg cooker is your partner. With the ability to a single egg at a time in just 45 seconds, this utensil is a quick and convenient way to prepare eggs especially for those with tight schedules. It’s just tough to imagine how life would have been without this egg cooker.

The egg poacher has a transparent lid designed to it allowing you to watch over your cooking eggs. Now you can prepare quick home-made delicious sandwiches and eggs. You are also able to add seasoning, sausages, vegetables or bacon to add more flavor to your already delicious egg meal.

This utensil is made from food-safe plastic and works great and safely in a microwave too. This saves you a lot of time. It can hold two eggs at the same time. It is dishwasher safe and you can also use hot soapy water to easily clean. Its lightweight design makes this microwavable egg poacher simple to store reducing your kitchen bulk.

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  1. Allstar Innovations Egg-Tastic microwave egg poacher review

By allowing you to prepare quick tasty and fluffy eggs right in your microwave, this egg poacher is nothing like you have ever seen before. With the ability to hold up to 4 large eggs, this durable ceramic pot allows you to whisk all of the eggs and ingredients in it. This reduces the number of utensils you need to just one, the pot has it all!

It has a maximum fill line ensuring you don’t worry about to what level you will fill your ingredients to. Just a cooking tip, egg-tastic allows you to add veggies to your eggs. People have witnessed that using veggies add extra water to your eggs and may lead o wetter eggs, something not cool. As so, preparing the veggies first and draining off the excess water before adding the eggs will ensure better taste and texture.

The interior part of the ceramic poacher catches up heat quickly and evenly distributed it preparing you a delicious mouth-watering meal every time. It also features a non-stick and dishwasher safe surface that allows easy cleaning. Keep your kitchen mess-free with the best microwave egg poacher.

After purchasing your egg poacher and cooker and opening the box, you will see a ceramic pot and a vented lid. The lid has been designed with a small hole on it to reduce the steam build up in the non stick microwave egg cooker. This poacher is highly versatile allowing you to prepare not only poached eggs but also omelets, scrambled and egg-whites in 1-4 minutes.

After the period of cooking, ensure that you are extra careful when removing the cooker from the oven. This is because, being made of ceramic, the poacher becomes hot and may burn your fingers. Ensure you use oven mitts to hold it out. After this, stirring slightly increases the rate at which it cools.

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  1. Nordic ware 64702 microwave egg poacher

Nordic ware has been in the market long enough to know what suits you just right. This cavity poacher allows you to have two perfectly cooked tasty poached eggs every single time you use it. It is made from food-safe plastic and works very well in a microwave. You deserve perfectly cooked poached eggs with your pancakes, right?

This item is among the best in the Nordic ware egg poachers list because of how simple it is to use. Similar to the progressive microwave egg poacher instructions, all you need to do is put half tablespoon of water in each of the two cups, break the eggshells to pour out the egg to the cups and slightly pierce the yolk of each. Place it in your microwave and about 6 minutes, you have your rich flavored poached eggs. No messy and tiresome poaching any more.

The utensil is dishwasher safe and can also be easily cleaned using hands. The small size of the poacher allows for easy storage on your shelf.

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  1. Norpo(966) silicone egg poacher for microwave

The great feature that made the way for this utensil to the best egg poacher reviews is its uniquely designed transparent lid that allows you to monitor how your egg is poaching as well as retaining the heat and releasing vapor. This makes your eggs to be ready in just a matter of a few minutes

The egg poacher, as seen on tv, has two cavities that prepare two nutritious tasty poached eggs at the same time. This capacity is similar to that of the good cook microwave egg poacher. The poacher makes use of heat resistant silicon material to ensure that it can resist temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The product. Being dishwasher safe is easy to clean and also affordable.

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  1. Joseph 45008 M-Cuisine egg poacher

We all know the troubles of preparing poached eggs using a pan, the mess and the inconvenience that comes with it I just too much to bear. This is why the easy to use and attractive Joseph Joseph 45008 M-Cuisine egg poacher is the ideal utensil for a simple and convenient method to prepare delicious poached eggs in just a few minutes.

The two cavity egg poacher has an integrated egg cracker to make just work easier for you. It has individual colanders allowing you to drain and easily serve your eggs. This product is made from BPA free plastic safe for microwaves. It is also dishwasher safe making it easy to clean.

Here is how you can use this egg poacher; pour in water to each of the two cavities up to the maximum fill line. Using the integrated egg cracker, crack an egg to each of the cavities. Cover the poacher using its lid and microwave till perfectly cooked. Drain the water using individual colanders to serve.

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The best microwave egg cooker buying guide

Well, I suppose some (if not all) of the above-handpicked products have caught your attention. This is greatly attributed to the distinguishing features they have that make your egg cooking easy, convenient and safe than other products in the market lack.

There are many look-alikes out there, not just in people but microwave egg cookers too. This is why you need to know these features to consider to ensure you acquire the genuine and most convenient one for you. Let’s check out these factors together.

  • Number of eggs it can cook at the same time

Among the major reasons why we go for the egg cookers is the fact that they can hold more than just a single egg. However, the maximum number an egg cooker can hold varies from brand to brand. Moreover, the capacity of the poachers also varies.

This is why some like the Chef Buddy 82-Y3496 microwave egg cooker have the maximum fill line to allow you to know the capacity. It is therefore important to consider this when going for an egg cooker to avoid frustrations.

  • Size of the egg cooker

This is a keen factor to consider especially if you have limited space in your kitchen. It goes without saying that the higher the number of eggs an egg cooker can hold, the larger its size. However, some designs of egg cookers are compact and although they hold up a huge number of eggs, their sizes are relatively smaller.

  • The material of the egg cooker

The most commonly used materials for design are usually plastic, silicon and ceramic. All these materials have their pros and shortcomings as well. Plastic, for instance, is usually light and also is safe to use as it does not become very hot. They tend to be compact therefore easy to store. The lid of most plastic egg poachers is usually transparent allowing you to monitor your eggs.

However, plastic is no so much durable compared to other materials. You should also ensure that your cooker is made of toxin-free plastic to prevent food contamination.

Silicon and ceramic on the other hand are durable but silicon becomes hotter as compared to plastic.

  • Safety precaution enhancements

Apart from just making it easy to prepare a variety of egg meal types, egg cookers lighten up your kitchen with the sleek design that many have. These kitchen tools just look too beautiful too hurt anyone. However, they may turn to your worst nightmare without the necessary safety precautions incorporated in their design.

Egg cookers may become too hot when preparing your eggs. It is the reason why most have the steam outlets on their lids. Ensure you do not get into contact with the steam to avoid burns. The outlets should also be always open to avoid your egg cooker blowing up. In case your egg cooker comes with a manual, ensure you carefully read the precaution section.


FAQs on microwavable poached egg makers

Q: What is the best egg cooker on the market?

A: The remarkable features that enhance convenience, safety and quickness leave us no choice but to crown the following as the best microwave egg cookers.

  1. Chef Buddy 82-Y3496 microwave egg cooker
  2. Allstar Innovations Egg-Tastic microwave egg poacher and cooker
  3. Nordic ware 64702 microwave egg poacher
  4. Norpo(966) silicone egg poacher for microwave
  5. Joseph Joseph 45008 M-Cuisine egg poacher

Q: How do you use a chef Buddy microwave egg cooker?

A: Hey, you no longer have to queue that fast food line at the gas station for a sandwich for breakfast. Get yourself a Chef Buddy microwave egg cooker and make your own delicious and nutritious homemade sandwiches in less than a minute.

All you need to do is crack you’re your single egg or two to the two cavities available and add other ingredients that you like just to boost the flavor. The ones that work great are sausages, bacon or vegetables. Put in your microwave for 45 seconds and boom! You get your perfectly cooked nutritious egg ready to be made into a sandwich. This egg cooker is ideal for students, children and also adults with a tight schedule.

Q: Is egg cooker healthy?

A: microwaved eggs are perfectly healthy and safe just like any other type of method. They might even be more nutritious! You can also make your microwaved eggs more nutritious by adding other nutritious ingredients and using certain methods of cooking eggs.

It has been proven that when we fry, roast or bake food, we tend to lose almost all the nutrients in the food. This is because nutrients do not co-exist well with dry heat. When using an egg cooker, less time of cooking is used exposing the nutrients to shorter periods of dry heat. This is why microwaved eggs have a high percentage of vitamins as well as folic acid.

We cannot however completely say that heating is a bad thing. Heat kills off bacteria on the food that may result in serious problems. Some other methods of cooking eggs work well with high temperatures such as egg-whites which require high levels of heat to solidify perfectly.

Here is an interesting fact. Did you know that egg whites contain up to 57% of the proteins in an egg? Our bodies also digest faster-cooked eggs than uncooked once by up to 180% more.

The egg’s yolk, however, has a bulk of the nutrients. The eggs should not be overcooked to maximize nutrient retention. When the yolk is overcooked, the fat present in it is immediately oxidized making them sticky. The body will also have a rough patch trying to use the nutrients.

Looking for a microwave bacon cooker?

With all this information feed, the bottom line is if you want the healthiest eggs out of an egg cooker, consider poaching the eggs. When poaching eggs, the eggs are cooked just enough to make the proteins bioavailable. This means that important nutrients are maintained.

Besides, you do not require fats and oils to prepare microwave poached eggs. Here is a cooking tip, ensure the yolk is preserved and the whites are cooked for a healthy egg meal.

If you prefer scrambled eggs, you can add some vegetables such as spinach or broccoli in it just to make it more nutritious and healthy too. Is should be noted that whichever method you use to prepare your eggs in a microwave egg cooker, the results will always be fine.

Q: Do microwave egg cookers work?

A: what most of us know is that microwave egg cookers make good eggs fast but have no idea of how this happens or even if it works at all. Over time, most people have developed a myth about how bad cooking in a microwave is. To such, the clear sky truth might shock you. Microwaves are among the healthiest modes of cooking in the present age!

Microwaves make use of energy waves to cook your food. They are usually shorter waves as compared to radio waves and target the water molecules in your food. They trigger them to vibrate and therefore causing a heat build-up that facilitates the cooking of your food. This is the reason why microwaves cook food evenly in contrast to conventional ovens which cook food from the outer surface to the inner parts.

A small percentage of people usually relate microwaves with dangerous radiation. It is important to note that radiation that may change the DNA or chemical make-up of food is ionizing. Microwaves use non-ionizing radiation and therefore cannot change the DNA of the food.

Although microwave egg cookers do not heat up evenly enough and therefore lack the aspect of precision cooking, they are a great way of getting a quick breakfast.


Advantages of microwave egg cookers

Before even looking at how great egg cookers are, let us take a moment to appreciate the already amazing benefits offered by eggs. Eggs are readily available and highly affordable in comparison to other breakfast alternatives such as bacon.

Eggs also store large amounts of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and even antioxidants. Oh, we can’t just simply forget how versatile eggs are. From the different methods you can cook them, omelet, scrambled, poached, boiled to how they make good sandwiches and pizza toppings. The list is endless.

And just when you thought the greatness of eggs could not get any better than microwave egg cookers were developed. It is now time to quite the greasy work with the pans and turns to this whole new world. Here is why;

  • Higher nutrient retention– It is well known that every single second that passes as your eggs cook regardless of whether you are frying them using a pan or are using a microwave, nutrients are consistently lost. This means that the only thing that we can do to at least salvage some nutrients is by reducing the heating time. Microwaves ensure that your cooking is done quickly thereby ensuring that your egg maintains high nutrients.
  • Less supervision required– Microwaves allow you to do other things as you wait for your eggs to be perfectly cooked. Most egg cookers come with the exact amount of time they perfectly cook your eggs. You can set this time using your microwave and won’t have to worry at all. Leaving frying eggs on a pan will make you have all the reasons to worry.
  • You will save more energy– Microwaves tend to use less energy as compared to normal ovens because of two major reasons: The wattage of microwave ranges from 600 to 1600 while that of a conventional oven is close to 3000 watts. Microwaves also focus 60% of their energy directly to your food, unlike ovens which only focus on about 13% of the energy.
  • Microwaves save time– Preparing eggs in a microwave is such a breeze. This is not just because of how energy is concentrated in your food. Let’s say you are preparing your egg recipe using a conventional oven. First, you have to wait for it to warm up, then boil your water or let your pan be hot and then cook your egg recipe to another couple of minutes. You then have to carry all your used utensils to wash them. Isn’t it just hectic? With a microwave egg cooker, all you need to do is crack your egg into your egg cooker, place it in a microwave and after a minute or two, your egg is ready. The only utensil to be washed is probably your dishwasher safe egg cooker.


Sadly, we have come to the end of our experience together. However, at least you have the best egg poacher that will always remind you of our time together. If you have a microwave at home, or you are planning to acquire one, then it is to ensure you acquire a microwave egg cooker to ease up your kitchen life.

The cookers are affordable, safe to use and can be stored easily too. You could also play around with other ingredients to boost up your delicious eggs too.