πŸ₯‡ These best hot pot cookers have dividers for multiple dishes

The culture of hot pot dishes, originating majorly from Asian countries, has stimulated the taste buds of the United States people in these present times. Sliced meat to thin pieces, tofu, seafood, and even leafy vegetables can be greatly prepared using a hot pot cooker.

This metal or ceramic pot filled to the brim with simmering delicacies has been a source of broths and the famous Japanese shabu shabu. Besides, a hot pot is also a great way to enjoy a well-deserved meal prepared by all at the center of the table as a family especially during the cold winter.

With the right cooker, doing a hot pot at your home is resoundingly fun and easy. With the daily spread of hot pot popularity, there has been dire need to find the right hot pot cooker to prepare the best of this Asian delicacy.

This is why we are here for you, to provide you with the correct guide to the right cooker for you. We also have handpicked the 5 best non-electric hot pot cookers that never disappoint. In case your deepest question is where can I buy a hot pot? You can buy hot pot online on Amazon with the links we have provided for you. This is the ultimate answer as to where to buy a hot pot cooker.

The 5 best hot pot cooker reviews

Cooklover Nonstick Ceramic Coating Shabu Shabu Hot Pot

This pot has been designed using aluminum cast ceramic marble coating to make your cooking experience easier and of much fun. It comes with a diver that never leaks allowing you to prepare two separate types of food. This is a great plus as compared to other pots with dividers that leak.

This pot has a larger and deeper 12’’ capacity compared to normal ordinary pots making it ideal for family gatherings or a small house party. The 4.5mm thick pot allows quick and even transfer of heat. You will also be sure that the temperature will be retained for longer periods for quicker cooking.

It can be used on gas stoves, direct heating, and induction heating too. The pot has nonstick properties therefore easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Its surfaces are scratch-free making it durable. To ensure that this is maintained, it is advisable to use wooden or plastic utensils. It is also environmental friendly.

Cooks Standard 02502 Classic Everyday Chef Sir Fry Pan

An attractive hot pot cooker that can delight not just your eyes at the dinner table but also of the friends you may invite. Trust me, the 12’’ diameter 5-liter capacity pot allows providing enough food for them.

An aluminum hot pot hot plate has been featured to the bottom of the cooker to evenly distribute heat for even and faster cooking. Don’t be afraid of your fingers getting burnt with this quick heat transmission as the handles always remain cool.

This pot is versatile enough to be used in any heating surfaces form the induction method to the gas canisters and coil stoves. It can also be used in the oven to a temperature of up to 500F.

Both the lid and the hot pot pan are so easy to clean as this cooker is dishwasher safe. However, after many months of heating, the pan might begin getting discolored.

Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl

The Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl might be the last thing still functioning properly years later after purchase because of its durability. The porous ceramic design allows it to maintain heat for a longer period for consumption even at a later time after food has prepared. This pot has been double glazed and fired to ensure that no water seeps in.

This pot tags along a trivet to ensure that your dining table, as well as your hands, are kept far from burning. This small pot works well with any method of heating, whether induction system, hot pot stoves, ovens and guess what, even the microwave!

The pot is dishwasher safe. The pot is available in different sizes. However, the largest is only 6 cups in volume, therefore, can only sustain one to two persons per meal.

Rosewill 1800 Watt Induction Cooker Cooktop and pot

This is a great deal for those who have been in deep search of an ideal induction hot plate to meet their needs. The stainless steel pot and induction stove with 8 power levels and eight temperature settings is just the hot pot machine you require for the best hot pot experience.

The pot has a diameter of 10’’ and a capacity of 3 liters. This is why it works great for a small house party. The induction stove, with the vast temperature settings, can do anything for you! Talk of warming your food to even deep-frying it. This plate has non-slip feet and an exhaust fan designed in it. It can accommodate various diameters of pots from 5’’ to 10.2’’.

MyLifeUNIT Shabu Shabu Hot Pot with divider

This pot has earned great recognition by most restaurants around here. It is made from stainless steel construction with a diameter of 12’’. It has been split into two to allow you to prepare two different meals all in one pot.

The welding on the divider is to ensure that it does not leak to ensure the independence of the meals. However, with a closer look, it has left some imperfection.

This best shabu shabu cooker is perfect for induction. It can also be used with a gas stove. The pot is thin allowing it to heat up quickly for faster food preparation. This means that the sides to become hot. Fortunately, the rubberized grip handles ensure that you can handle the pot regardless of how hot it may become.

FAQs on the best hot pot cooker

Q: What is the best hot pot?

A: Here is a list of the best hot pot that will ensure winter will never be that harsh again.

KaGaYa- A clear display of the traditional Japanese shabu shabu delicacy. It is made from perfectly cooked wagyu beef that serves as a base for thick udon noodles.

HaiDilLao- This spicy hot pot roots down from the antics of China.

Little sheep- This hot pot has been around for around 20 years, making sure we enjoy every single slice of the paper-thin meat and lamb.

Mizu 212- This hot pot is a clear piece of art with the organic meat of high quality and farm produce products.

Q: What is a hot pot for cooking?

A: Hot pot for cooking is a method of food preparation originating from Asia. It is well served by positioning a big pot at the center of the dining table (with a heating source underneath it) bearing the hot boiling broth. The meal is prepared collectively by cooking the ingredients and eating them using a dipping sauce. Ingredients such as thinly sliced meat, produce, seafood and noodles are often used.

Q: How much does a hot pot cost?

A: The cost of hot pot will vary with the number of people sharing it. When talking of one for five persons, you will pay 60 dollars. This can be via booking with the outlet.

Q: What is a hot pot for college?

A: In college, rooms do not have kitchens. This means that no stovetops are present. So what happens when students get hungry in the late nights after the cafeterias have closed? Well, it’s exactly why hot pot is such a great part of college life. A hot pot cooker is legal in almost all colleges. Crazy Korean Cooking Korean Stone Bowl allows you to safely prepare food in the dormitory.

The best hot pot cooker buying guide.

To ensure that everything goes as planned with your dinner, it is important to select the correct cooker to make your hot pot experience remarkable. You need to consider these to buy hot pot.

An electric or non-electric pot?

Whether you choose the electric hot pot or the non-electric portable hot pot that can use a portable heat source will depend on how much you love making hot pot dishes.

  • If you are so into frequent hot pot dish making, then you might consider acquiring the electric hot pot cooker. Both the pot and the heating source have been compressed to a single device that simply sits on your table ready for use.

No hot pot gas canisters are required for external heating. Its heating can be adjusted using the settings present. Before acquiring an electric hot pot cooker, ensure that the pot portion can be easily removed for easier cleaning.

  • I would highly suggest you acquire the non-electric option in case you already have a stovetop or you do not east hot pot frequently. They are easier to store as they only have this one-pot that occupies less space compared to the electric stove hot pot.

Furthermore, non-electric pots can also be used for other functions apart from just hot pot. Some of them tag along with an induction heater or portable hot pot stove. This small heater can be used with other pots too making them versatile.

Select your pot considering the heating source you will be using it on.

Different hot pot cookers have been made using different materials, each with its benefits. It’s up to you to bear in mind the method of cooking you will be using before acquiring one.

  • Ceramic pots are a great way to prepare hot pot using a direct heat source. Their engineering dates back to the early hot pot cookers where ceramic pots were used to enhance rich and deep flavor. Ceramic material ensures slow and steady heating, retains heat well and distributes it evenly.

The pots, therefore, can be used over the stovetop. Their versatility also allows you to use them in the oven when you are not preparing hot pot. Ceramic pots, however, cannot be used for hot pot preparation on induction heating sources. If this is your preference, ensure that you take a closer look at it to see if it requires seasoning before you begin using.

  • For induction stovetop users, then a stainless steel pot will be a great way to prepare your hot pot. Although they do not enrich any flavor to the hot pot, these pots have made their way to our dining tables since they are not hot to touch. This ensures safety when using them.

Just ensure that your pot has a magnetic bottom compatible for use with an induction stovetop.

Depending on your needs, select the ideal shaped one

Hot pot is all about how you like it served. It’s an art. To some, it’s about sharing with that big happy family or friends. All these play a critical role in the shape of your pot.

  • Use a large capacity wide shallow pot for friends and family sharing

In case the beauty of doing hot pot for you is with family or a few friends, then a wide shallow pot of large capacity is what you need. Everybody can easily reach up to food with its wide surface. Being shallow, food will be easier to access. All in all, both this allows for quick heat transmission for faster simmering.

  • Their taste, not your vibe? Get a split pot

This pot has the same capacity as a normal one, just that it has been divided into two sections free of each other. This means that you could have two different flavored broths all in a single pot. It is also ideal for dividing vegetarian meals and meat.

When acquiring a divided pot, ensure that the two sections are perfectly sealed off each other to prevent contamination. This can be tested by pouring water on one of the sections and watching to see if it drops to the other side.

  • A deep pot is ideal for various dish preparation for one

Such kinds of pots are often used by students at colleges or those living alone. Their small capacity and deep construction allow the preparation of several meals apart from hot pot dishes that could have been prepared by a normal pot. Those without a stove or using a single burner can make good use of the shape of this pot.