🥇These Best woks for electric stove won’t scratch your induction cooktop

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Summary: Flat bottomed woks perform better on electric stoves. You already knew that, didn’t you?  I’m sure you’re here for the exact wok models. First, there are two types of electric stoves – the older coil-based ones often found in apartments and the ceramic, pricey ones. Cleaning the latter is a breeze but they will certainly develop unsightly scratches. Which is why you need best woks for electric stove. Woks that won’t scratch or break your (probably expensive electric stove. The biggest consideration we made when looking for the best wok is that they need to be preheated to avoid warping. Woks are typically made of carbon steel bases – which need to be really hot before using. The temperature should be gradually increased when working with them to extend their utility. In fact, you should preheat all cookware with carbon steel bases.

Rachel Ray Cucina (best woks for electric stove)

Why don’t you make the traditional stir fry meals you crave? Is it because they’re made in a wok – cookware which you can’t substitute? Conventionally, woks used to cook over flames and it was only natural that they had round bases. Good luck working a round-bottomed wok on an electric stove. Electric stoves are great at fast heating. But this isn’t the best maintenance practice for woks – as you already know. Again, non-stick coatings on woks aren’t exactly heat-friendly yet woks should work in high heat cooking. These are the considerations made in designing this Rachel Ray wok.

This exact model is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit – comes in handy when working recipes that need to be finished off in the oven. The only downside of this wok is that you cannot use it on an induction stove. However, it makes up for lack of this feature by being dishwasher safe. Even without a dishwasher, hand washing this model with warm soapy water is a breeze as food won’t stick to its non stick coating.

Another downside of this wok is that it has a somewhat round-bottomed base. Of course, this isn’t the ideal shape for steady balance on electric stoves. It may wobble a little. Customers compliment this cookware on its impressive heat distribution. With the tempered glass lid, you can see how well the food is cooking without having to open.

The elegant agave blue finish will certainly complement other cookware in your kitchen. There’s a silicon layer over the strong stainless steel handle preventing it from getting too hold to hold while you’re cooking. Don’t we all know how durable and (sturdy) steel handles are? The silicon layer makes for a comfortable, non-slip grip.

Helen Chen’s wok for electric stove

Coming at the right price, this carbon steel wok will change how you stir fry (for the better). Worrying about burnt food will be a thing of the past when cooking with it. Unlike the Rachael Ray wok, this model has a flat base making it ideal for cooking on both gas and electric stoves. It stands steadily on the burner. In the package, you will get a 14-inch wok together with its lid and a beautiful 13-inch spatula made from bamboo. You’ve seen many woks but I doubt if you’ve cooked with one with a wooden handle before. There are two handles on the unit – the primary one with its helper – for added stability. The pan has a rather unique design where it “sits” inside the pan, effectively preventing condensed water from falling back into the dish.

Ironically, the manufacturer recommends handwashing this wok even though it comes without a non stick layer. This may be a challenge when you accidentally have burnt food. Eliminating the non stick layer was a sacrifice worth making so that the wok could be used in high heat settings without risk of corroding the layer. Ensure you season this pan prior to cooking with olive oil, a tad of butter or your favorite cooking spray.

Joyce Chen wok

Even though it comes at an almost similar price with the Helen Chen Wok, the manufacturer doesn’t include a lid in this unit’s packaging, Of course, you will have to buy it separately. Thanks to its carbon steel body and base, this round-bottomed wok can be used on all types of cooktops. As you may be thinking, balancing it on an electric stove won’t be the simplest of tasks which is why it ranks third on my list. It has a wooden helper and main handle but if its style you’re looking for, go for the Hellen Chen Wok instead.

The carbon steel base heats up fast ensuring that you can start cooking in a short time. You can dish wash, put in the oven or cook on high heat without worry of destroying the non-stick layer (because there is none). Season this pan with your favourite technique before cooking to stop food from sticking. Even though it’s marked as dishwasher safe, hand wash it and it will outlive its usefulness. Seriously.

Which electric stove is best for woks?

The top brands will never confess that their flat electric cooktops are made of the same materials. They all have varying proportions of glass and ceramic. This makes them great at handling temperature changes.

The downside of these electric stoves is that they break when heavy objects (with woks being among them) are dropped. Again, the stove will scratch when you drag a wok across its flat surface. This is bound to happen when you’re working with a round-bottomed wok. Cast iron woks tend to work better on ceramic and glass electric stoves but they aren’t as durable. Which is a catch 22 situation.

You could use a wok ring to minimise the scratches. Just ensure that you do not drop the wok. With a work ring separating the wok’s base from the stove surface, scratches will be rare. This is workable but you will be sacrificing on the cooking temperature as the wok will rarely be hot enough.