🥇SodaStream fizzi vs jet: Make carbonated water instead of buying




Times have changed. In the golden days, sparkling waters were a reserve retailed by companies. With technological developments in home appliances, appliances can now turn tap water into sparkling one. SodaStream is, without doubt, one of the biggest brands making use of this new technology. With their bestselling soda models, the fizzi and the jet, they’re now revolutionizing now we enjoy our water. Perhaps the most elaborate way of running a SodaStream fizzi vs jet battle is by contrasting their similarities and highlighting what they have in common. We will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of each product model.

SodaStream fizzi vs jet: What they have in common

In both models, the sturdy construction from the company ensures that these starter kits are compact and give consistent infusion. On each model, there’s a water maker housing, a refillable carbon dioxide cylinder, and a water bottle. Both models are non-powered and won’t require batteries or connection to the mains making them eco-friendly. They achieve their carbonation from the infusion in the carbon dioxide bottles.

The starter kits use modest countertop space and will require at least one foot of overhead clearance. At the back where you refill the carbon Dioxide canister, there’s a protruding unit on the housing making for easy replacement.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of these models is that they have interchangeable canisters.

How they differ

Even though they both make use of push to release mechanisms for their canisters, it is slightly easier removing canisters from the Fizzi. The paneling was too thin in my view but it still gets the job done. With the Fizzi product line, you get to choose between a black or a white starter kit. The Jet model is only available in a Black and grey color scheme on the other hand. Aesthetically, the Fizzi is more pleasing as it has an elegant bumpy, textured surface. The Jet is flat throughout and has a simplistic contemporary feel to it.

Even though you could exchange used-up canisters at the company’s shop, the pressurized containers policy in most lines dictates that you must use a local canister agent. Thankfully, they’ve listed all local agents on the company’s website together with the canisters they stock. As a matter of fact, you will find these canisters on the shelves of your favorite grocery chain. These canisters are easy to screw in place (at the top of the unit) and you won’t use any tools while at it.

Sodastream Fizzi

Of course, the biggest advantage of owning a Fizzi is that you get to make your own sparkling water at a fraction of the cost. It works with tap water, boiled water, and even bottled water. You can even add flavorings if they are your thing. The fizzi is, without doubt, their best-selling model UpToDate and looking at its features and durability, this is no surprise. You’ll only need 6 by 8 by 8 inches of cupboard space to store this appliance. In fact, it’s even possible for you to pack it on family outings.

The company has listed the bottles that this soda maker is compatible with on their website but it works with just about any water bottle. The 6-pound frame feels lighter when you notice that it has a sturdy construction. It comes in black and white. However, the white variant sells better perhaps suggesting that its better. It’s powered by the pressurized carbon dioxide cartridges making it possible.

Lock design

With its innovative snap-lock design, the fizzi makes for an airtight seal even when working with party-sized bottles. You’ll hit the carbonating button from five to ten times depending on how fizzy you want your drink to be.  You can now guess where the SodaStream Fizzi gets its name from. The silencer valve comes in handy when you want gentle puffs that aren’t as noisy. The valve does this by reducing the pressure.


The user manual is quite basic and at times the pictures shown don’t have explanations. Either way, there aren’t many wrong ways to using a soda maker and I’m certain that you’ll never look at the product’s manual.

It takes practice getting used to its push carbonator button

There’s no way of telling how much carbonation you’ll get beforehand. You’ll have to master the carbon release button through classic trial and error. This isn’t a fool-proof starter kit either. Those that love super fizzy water may end up over carbonating due to excess pressure.  And with excess pressure, we know that getting the bottle off won’t be as easy.

How the SodaStream Jet fairs

With this lightweight home carbonation unit, fizzy drinks are made at the push of a button. Quite literally! It gets its juice from the c02 cartridges and it won’t use batteries or mains. Just like the Fizzi, the jet makes use of a BPA-free plastic bottle in place of a glass carafe one ensuring that it comes with a lower price tag.


With its sleek and sturdy frame, this soda maker is rather simple with no LED indicators, extra settings or any other features found in trendier models. If simplicity and minimalism is your thing, then this is a simple starter kit that just gets the job done. Instead of capitalizing on features, this soda maker impresses customers with an affordable price tag. SodaStream rarely makes starter kits in the < $100 range. The SodaStream Jet is quite efficient at fizzing drinks (isn’t this why you’re getting a starter kit?) and uses a full-sized cartridge. With every refill, you could carbonate 60 liters.

What’s lacking

  1. An effective, automatic bottle locking mechanism. Unlike the SodaStream Fizzi that comes with a snap-to-lock mechanism, the Jet has a rather primitive holder where you have to safely screw the bottle in place. As you’re already thinking, this will at times lead to large messes
  2. If this is your first time buying a SodaStream machine, you will find the Jet practical and innovative. However, seasoned carbonators look for soda makers with customizable carbonation settings and this is where the higher-end SodaStream models serve their purpose.