🥇Corkcicle vs yeti: Why I wouldn’t touch the Corkcicle ?

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Top Features

  • Triple Insulated
  • Stainless Steel casing
  • Hot or cold drinks
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Top Features

  • Vacuum Insulated
  • Magnetic sealing lid
  • Won’t fade
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Top Features

  • Steel straw
  • Premium Exterior
  • Lifetime warranty

Corkcicle vs yeti: picking the right travel tumbler

From best-selling water bottles to reliable tumblers, yeti is establishing itself as a powerful brand. But, how does their tumbler compare to Corkcicle’s? While not many are impressed by the latter’s puny name( Popsicle- Corkcicle), they claim that their stainless steel model could keep anything warm or hot for up to 25 hours. A bold claim I know. Either way, I’m not sure if you’d want coffee that’s still hot after being in a tumbler for over 25 hours. To be fair, the Corkcicle vs yeti battle will be a one sided-match with the latter taking the trophy on multiple aspects. It would still be fun comparing their features and difference, however.

Corkcicle vs yeti: Why we’d go for the Yeti any day


Holding 30 ounces of liquid, the Yeti Rambler is clearly a larger upgrade of the Corkcicle. The durable stainless-steel casing stops your liquids from sipping in while preventing them from getting that nasty metallic taste.

With its sweat-proof exterior, this tumbler has a comfortable feel to it. The casing is durable and gives for a sturdy grip. It feels so great on the hand that you’ll wonder why anyone would go for a handled tumbler. Unlike the Corkcicle that has a relatively narrow mouth, The Yeti rambler has a wide mouth for easier dumping of ice. The Corkcicle’s tiny lid is a pain in the neck when you need to drop in more ice.

Yeti tumbler review


The Yeti’s lid features a magnetic locking mechanism that makes it spill-prof. No more nasty surprises in your bag or in the car. With a 1-year warranty, the Corkcicle is no match for the Yeti Rambler that comes with a 5-year warranty. Of course, both warranties are limited in that they’ll only cover manufacturer’s defects and not misuse or chipping. Just like a warranty, availability of replacement parts should be an important consideration too. The Yeti Rambler clearly scores higher on this front as they stock replacement parts in all their repair shops.

The Yeti Rambler has better aesthetics

Many people will agree that the Corkcicle comes in “girly” colors. In fact, their “red” tumbler i8s more pink than red. Either way, color is a personal preference and if you fancy girly things then buying the Corkcicle will be a no brainer.

Corkcicle review


This tumbler comes with a lower price tag than the Yeti. But, is it worth saving off a few bucks or will this be the worst trade-off you’ll make? Even though the brand offers larger tumblers (with the largest one having a 60 oz cup), all their units have small openings at the top. Dropping in ice is always a challenge.

Corkcicle is a budget brand and this is evident in the quality of materials they use; especially on the lid. Their lids are somewhat frail and will break down the line rendering the tumbler useless. Yeti, on the other hand, uses sturdy materials on their lids ensuring that they will outlive their usefulness. Try dropping the Corkcicle’s lid from three feet and it will break right before your eyes. The yeti Rambler is almost immune to physical damage. The yeti Rambler is the right pick for you if you don’t rank top 3 in the list of the most careful people you know of.

Corkcicle grip

Even though the tumbler’s casing has a solid build, it’s somewhat uncomfortable to hold. This will be more pronounced if you have smaller hands. This is a big flop considering that the Corkcicle tumblers are designed with colors that appeal more to the feminine population as they tend to have smaller hands.

Pros of the Corkcicle

  • Affordable
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the feminine population


  • The tumbler chips after falling from low heights
  • The paint peels off from the casing
  • Small opening from dropping ice


How do they retain ice?

Which brand outranks the other at ice retention. With a slight edge, the Yeti Rambler takes the crown here. Honestly speaking though, there are both great at retaining ice and this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. They retain heat well too. Coffee drinkers will benefit most from this as they will get to enjoy their drink the way they love it. They’re both able to retain ice for more than 30 hours and this is why ice retention doesn’t set them apart. Of course, their ice retention goes down in summer based on self-explanatory physics.

Why should you get a travel tumbler and how do you choose the right one?

I doubt if choosing a travel tumbler will be the most complicated decision, you’ll have to make this year. Either way, there are many great brands in the market and choosing a product shouldn’t be a brainless decision. This is what you should look for in a good travel tumbler.

  1. How long it keeps liquids warm or cold

This is what differentiates a tumbler from a water bottle. They all have different retention prices based on the type of insulation they come with. If you’re looking for a tumbler to keep your coffee hot while you work 9 to 5, then getting one with a 24-hour retention capacity would definitely be overkill. You should instead give more consideration to the volume it carries instead of prioritizing the retention time.

  1. Aesthetics and practicability

A travel tumbler should fit in the standard cup holder or it would beat its purpose. Popular brands like the Yeti have tumblers in a wide array of colors. This means that you could choose one that matches your vibe and personality.