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Yonanas 987 Elite (Recommended)

Top Features

  • 3 year warranty
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can make fat and dairy free vegan desserts
  • Transform any frozen fruit to ice cream in seconds
  • 130 recipe book included
  • Quiet

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The Revolutionary Way to Enjoy Soft-Serve Right at Home.

With Yonanas you will make super-trendy, rich soft-serve right at home without the typical cost of such luxury. You can also top your soft-serve treats with healthier options, and decadent ones when you really have a hankering to fulfill your sweet tooth. Creating soft-serve in your own kitchen with Yonanas also helps you choose healthier options and abstain from refined sugars. In this yonanas healthy dessert maker review you will see that best part about Yonanas is that you decide what goes in it.

Super Diet-Friendly for a Plethora of Lifestyles.

Think: lactose intolerant, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, raw, and clean eating. Yonanas is made from fruit, so it’s 100% dairy free. You select the additives, so it’s easier to stick to your own healthy eating plan. If you’re a dieter who counts points, Yonanas soft-serve is also a zero-points dessert. Plus, there are also a lot of great supplements you can use to modify recipes in order to make them more low-carb friendly or vegan that you might not even think about. You’ll find all those pro tips and tricks right here!

No Preservatives, GMOs, or Additives.

With preservatives, GMOs and additives becoming some of the most avoided ingredients in food these days—Yonanas is the way to go! Traditional super-market sorbet and ice cream often have a lot of ingredients that don’t gel with your healthy lifestyle. Some are even made with gelatins not suitable for vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. Yonanas soft-serve desserts are made with 100% fresh fruit, so you can go totally organic, fresh and additive-free if you desire—with little to no effort. It’s so easy, even kids love making soft-serve with Yonanas.

Supports Weight Loss Lifestyles.

One of the biggest culprits in ruining your diet is sugar. Frozen treats are nearly impossible to find without some sort of added sugar or sugar substitute. Plus, they can be made with heavy cream making them high in fat content. Yonanas is the ultimate way to enjoy frozen treats without worrying about your weight, because the only sugar you get is from natural, freshly frozen fruit.

Super Easy to Use, Clean, and Maintain.

Yonanas is easy to assemble, clean and maintain because it doesn’t come with a bunch of parts. There are some tips and tricks to go along with the easy cleaning that will help you, not only get the most out of the machine and your fruit, it will also help you maintain the machine for endless soft-serve making.

The Healthy Alternative to Ice Cream.

Yonanas doesn’t use any sort of cream milk based products, or added sugar unless you add them yourself. This all fruit based ice cream alternative is more of a sorbet than anything. With all natural ingredients and no additives, plus natural sugar and fiber from raw, frozen fruit—Yonanas really is one amazing, delicious and healthy ice cream.

Yonanas is Kid Friendly.

Kids love playing in the kitchen or helping out when it comes to creating their own foods. Creating kid friendly activities in the kitchen is a breeze with Yonanas. It’s so easy to use, you’ll just need to guide children until they get the hang of it. It’s also a great way to teach children about clean and healthy eating, making the Yonanas perfect for kid friendly fun.

yonanas healthy dessert maker review: Health Benefits of Yonanas Desserts

Packed With Loads of Antioxidants.

You might know what antioxidants are, but do you know how awesome they are for your body? Yonanas desserts are loaded with healthy antioxidants that come from fresh, frozen fruit. Antioxidants are proven to promote brain health, prevent dementia, increase blood flow to the brain, increase bone mass, help nurture your nervous system, improve learning and motor skills, protect the brain from damage causing free radicals—and so much more! Antioxidants help your body naturally fight off disease and ageing for a super-healthy lifestyle.

A Great Way to Go on a Delicious Detox Diet.

When our bodies consume a large amount of processed, packaged or canned foods we are adding a lot of ingredients to our diet.

Consuming high amounts of sodium, complex carbohydrates and dairy found in processed and packaged foods can cause weight gain, as well as health problems like high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high blood pressure—all symptoms of heart disease and diabetes. Not to mention the fact that your body doesn’t break down dry food as well as it does fruit. Yonanas desserts can help you flush out your colon, liver and kidneys for a natural, delicious way to detox.

Helps Aid in Anti-Aging for Healthy, Glowing Skin.

Have you ever thought of anti-aging from the inside out? Free radicals are introduced into our diet and cause our skin to age—it’s that simple. Yonanas all natural, fruit based soft-serve is just the thing the dermatologist ordered. All those amazing antioxidants packed in your Yonanas soft-serve not only give you a healthy mind, they can help aide in cellular skin repair for a healthier, all over glow.

Can Fight Free Radicals that Cause Infections, Cancer, and Aging.

Free radicals break down the cells in our body over time in a chain reaction, which causes your body to age. Essentially as you age your body is then susceptible to infections, cancer and physical aging. How do you fight all that? With a healthy diet packed with fruits. One of the best ways to get your daily serving of scrumptious fruit is with a heavenly bowl of Yonanas soft-serve. You’ll think you’re eating ice cream and forget how absolutely healthy it is, and think more about what decadent recipe you want to try next!

Cool Down Your Body and Keep Hydrated.

Yonanas soft-serve is the healthy way to cool down your body temperature during the hotter months or on scorching record temperature days. A great way to enjoy Yonanas soft-serve in the heat is to check out the recipes that will keep you hydrated and cool on those super-hot summer days. Water-based fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe and oranges are great for hydration.

Increased Energy to Help You Take on the Day.

Of course Yonanas soft-serve doesn’t just hydrate, some of the recipes are specifically designed to increase energy to help you take on the day. With all the superfoods you’ll be consuming your increased energy will have you wanting to work it off in the gym, take a yoga class or join a fun workout class in no time—getting you geared toward weight loss and a healthy lifestyle one delicious bowl of soft-serve ice cream after another.

How to Use Your Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker

How to Clean Your Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker.

Remove the Full Chute Assembly from the base of your Yonanas. Take the full chute assembly apart. Place all of the individual parts in hot, mild soapy water. Clean only the full chute assembly; do not submerge the base of the machine in water. Wash the assembly parts by hand with a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse with cool water. The manufacturer recommends that you “not use any abrasive cleaning products”—especially those not fit for human consumption. Basically stay away from any product other than dish soap. Wipe the parts down with a clean towel, or dry them overnight on a drying rack.

How to Make Your First Soft-Serve.

Gather the ingredients for your first recipe. If you just want to try bananas, break the bananas into pieces so they will fit into the machine. Put a bowl under the front of the Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker. Turn the machine on. Push the banana through the machine using the plunger. In seconds you will have delicious soft-serve “ice cream.”

How to Maintain Your Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker.

Clean your Yonanas after every use. Only use the Yonanas for its intended use as described in the manual. While Yonanas is kid friendly, it’s not a toy; be sure to supervise children so they simply don’t play with the machine.

How to Store Your Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker.

Be sure the entire machine is completely dry, including all of the full chute assembly parts. Be careful about any moisture in or around said parts as it can mold, so wipe it down well. Put the appliance back together. Place the appliance back in its box and store in a room temperature, frost-free, dry place, out of reach to any kids.

Pro Tips to Make Perfect Soft-Serve Dessert with the  Yonanas healthy dessert maker

The Best Fruit to Use.

The best bananas to use in your Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker are overripe, brown-spotted bananas. The overripe banana is sweeter and takes on the other flavors for a tastier experience! To freeze: peel the bananas and discard the peel. Place the bananas in an air-tight container. Freeze for 24 hours and up three months. After three months your bananas may still keep, but can begin to get freezer burn. Once they crystallize, or a layer of ice forms, it will cause your soft-serve to taste stale. Time to freeze some fresh, ripe bananas.

How to Prep Fresh Fruit & Freeze.

To prep all other fruit that has a peel, like Kiwi, follow the instructions above. Some fruit, like oranges, may need deseeded before freezing as well. Be conscious of the fruit you are using. For instance, strawberries will require the tops to be removed. Unlike juicing you want to use the meat of the fruit that you eat. All other fruit should be rinsed thoroughly and lightly dried on a paper towel before freezing to eliminate excess water that can cause freezer burn.

Best Time to Freeze Fruit for the yonanas healthy dessert maker

The best time to freeze fruit for use in your Yonanas is at optimum ripeness. For instance bananas should be over-ripe and spotted, but not black. Strawberries should be dark red, but not molded. Cantaloupe should be dark orange but not mushy, and so on.

Tips for Adding Fruit.

Let your fruit defrost outside of the freezer for 10 minutes before you start using your Yonanas. This will yield the best tasting ice cream and you will get more of the fruit into the bowl. You will also less likely lose your first banana.

What to Do if You Lose Your First Banana?

Sometimes when you make your Yonanas frozen soft-serve the first banana will literally disappear and not reappear as ice cream in your bow. If this happens to you, simply remove the full chute assembly from the front of the Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker. Next, twist the black, circular base piece off of the chute. Remove the white cone inside the base of the chute. Voila! There is your first banana. Simply spoon it into your bowl along with the additional soft-serve. This is likely due to the fruit not being defrosted long enough. Simply wait another five to ten minutes when defrosting your fruits before you make your ice cream for a total of 15 minutes defrost time.

The Best Dish to Use to Catch Yonanas Soft-Serve.

When catching your Yonanas soft-serve, a bowl twice the size of your intended serving is optimal—especially for mixing up recipes. If making more than one serving, a metal mixing bowl is the best option because it will keep the soft-serve super cool until you are ready to divvy the decadent treat up into individual servings.

 How to Store Your Soft-Serve Desserts

The Best Container to Use for Storage.

The best container to use for storing all of your delicious Yonanas frozen treats is a freezer-safe, shallow, airtight container. Reusable, rectangular plastic containers are great, as well as stackable, to keep your freezer organized. Simply clean and rinse your container. Dry very well, as excess water can cause freezer burn. Place your Yonanas soft-serve in the container and freeze. For individual servings, store in styrofoam cups with a plastic lid. You can even make Yonanas pops for the whole family using a popsicle mold.

How Long Can I Keep My Yonanas Dessert?

You can keep your delicious frozen Yonanas soft-serve dessert for up to three weeks. If it begins to crystalize and form freezer burn, your ice cream is ready to be thrown out and a new recipe to be whipped up.

How to Store Your Yonanas Dessert.

Check the temperature of your freezer. Ice cream is best stored at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Simply adjust the temperature of your freezer as needed.

Simply place your airtight container of delicious Yonanas soft-serve dessert in the back of your freezer. This keeps it from changing temperature, so it will keep longer. Keeping it in the door or in the front of the freezer exposes your frozen treat to warm elements that can cause freezer burn.

Tips & Tricks to Keep Out Freezer Burn.

Start by making sure your container is completely dry. Don’t let the Yonanas soft-serve dessert melt either, freeze it as soon as you make it. Place a layer of cling wrap firmly over the top of your container, then place the lid on tight over the layer of cling film.

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