nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a review: Why we love it

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Nesco fd-75a food dehydrator (Recommended)

Top Features

  • Adjustable thermostat for dehydrating at different temperatures (95º-160º F)
  • Top mounted fan for even drying
  • Made in USA
  • Can fit upto 12 trays (comes with 5)

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Get Started Get the Most from Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a with This in Depth, Real World Guide

By now you probably know that you can make your own dried fruits and meat jerky at home, but did you know that you can also make nutritious powders and fragrant tea  blends with the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a? This in-depth guide will teach you plenty of exciting ways to turn your favorite fruits and meats into healthy and delicious treats, but you’ll also learn valuable techniques for how to get the absolute most out of your SnackMaster. From choosing temperature and time settings, to learning how to best arrange food in the dehydrator, we take all of the guess work out of making amazing meals and snacks that will delight the entire family. In addition to easy-to-follow instructions and tips, we will also explore the science and history of food dehydration to give you an understanding of all the benefits of using a dehydrator at home. And did you know dehydrating food is an amazing way to save money?

Amazing Pro Tips for Making All Kinds of Dehydrated Foods

Once you’ve learned the basics of dehydration it’s time to become a pro. Not only can use your dehydrator for purposes other than dehydrating food, but did you know you can change temperature settings to speed up your results?

Makes amazing recipes

Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a is perfect for making dehydrated classics like jerkies and dried fruit, but our exciting and diverse recipes go far beyond traditional snacks, providing you with endless possibilities for amazing breakfasts, entrees, desserts, sides, and even soups and stews! We will even give you step by step instructions on how to make all-natural air fresheners and potpourri, which are not only useful around the house, but contain no artificial chemicals or dyes.

Avoid Common Mistakes and Become a Dehydrating Pro

The Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a is the easiest food dehydrator on the market today, but if you’ve never used a food dehydrator before, getting started might seem a little challenging.  From avoiding food sticking to the trays to figuring out how to master the SnackMaster’s settings and controls, we will carefully walk you through the techniques for producing perfect snacks from your very first batch. We will also teach you the best methods for cleaning and storing the SnackMaster to improve your chances of getting perfect results for many years to come.


How Do Food Dehydrators Work?

Food dehydration has been around for thousands of years, but the modern food dehydrator does the job more reliably and in a fraction of the time. Dehydrators work by controlling temperature, while creating air flow to remove moisture from your food. The combination of low heat and constant air flow results in uniformly dried food. Because the moisture in food is what helps cause it to spoil, removing most of the moisture means your food lasts far longer than before it was dehydrated. The Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a works using the unique Fan Flow Radial Air system which results in even dehydration in less time than other commercially available models. It also means you don’t have to monitor your food and move it to make sure it comes out evenly. Unlike the canning process the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a maintains a low heat, which results in the preservation of valuable nutrients that are lost at higher heat. To give you even more flexibility the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a is expandable so you can make even more dehydrated foods at once.

A Brief History of Food Dehydration

Believe it or not, dehydration to preserve food has been around for over 14,000 years. Dating back to 12,000 B.C. in the Middle East and Asia, food dehydration was a technique used by humans before refrigeration came into existence. Those early humans figured out that harmful bacteria and yeasts were responsible for their food going bad, and they realized the culprit: water. They discovered that if they removed most of the water from meat and fruits, they did not spoil quickly and could be safely stored far longer. Originally, the dehydration was accomplished by sun drying food, though this was not a very reliable method for drying many types of food. Eventually, humans figured out that smoking foods produced a more reliable way to dehydrate food, but smoking food isn’t very efficient and really only works well for meats (dehydrators for deer jerky). The invention of home food dehydrators changed everything, and people suddenly had the option to easily make dehydrated foods in the comfort of their own home. The Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a continues this ancient tradition of food dehydration, but with some help from modern science.

Who Uses Food Dehydrators?

If you love delicious dried foods that are cheaper and healthier than store bought dried foods, food dehydration is for you. Store bought meat jerkies are expensive and only come in a small variety of flavors. With your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a food dehydrator you get to be in control of what you make. You decide which cuts of meat to dehydrate, and you can custom tailor your seasonings to make your jerky taste exactly how you want. Many people these days are rightfully concerned about the dangers of added sugar in snacks. The great thing about using the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a to dehydrate your own foods is you get to control how much sugar is included. Now you can make snacks that are healthier and lower in sugar, so you can enjoy your snacks more. This is perfect for parents who want healthy but tasty snacks for kids. And because using the SnackMaster is safe and easy, the whole family can participate in making creative and delicious foods.

What Kinds of Foods Can Be Dehydrated with The Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a?

Because the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a is designed to be so versatile, you can dehydrate almost anything. From fruits and meat to herbs and crackers, the SnackMaster is designed to dehydrate anything, fast and consistently. Our fun and unique recipes will teach you the basics of dehydrating all types of different foods which can then be eaten as snack or added to other foods to create tasty dishes the whole family will love. And you can even use your SnackMaster to make non-food items such as dried flowers and potpourri. Once you start using your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a you will be amazed at how many different things you can make!

Helpful Accessories for Amazing Results

Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a comes with everything you need to get started right away, but let’s discuss how to use the unique accessories. If you are making dehydrated fruits which tend to be sticky, you will want to use the Nesco Clean-A-Screens which allow you to remove your dried fruit items easier than if they are placed directly on the rack. The Clean-A-Screens also come in handy when it’s time for clean up because they are easy to remove from the machine. Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a also allows you to purchase additional trays which can be used to expand the SnackMaster for extra capacity. So, if you want to make an extra-large batch of fruit leather or jerky, all you have to do is pop in extra trays and dehydrate to your heart’s content. Best of all, the SnackMaster’s accessories are inexpensive, durable, and very easy to use.

Use Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a to Save Money!

These days, everyone is looking to save money when it comes to food, and the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a is the perfect way to stretch your food budget. Much like ancient humans from thousands of years ago, people today are concerned with food spoilage. Did you know that about half of all produce grown in the United States every year is thrown away because of spoilage? That’s 60 million tons of food that would have been worth $160 billion! And millions of tons of meat are also wasted because they sit on store shelves for too long. That’s a lot of money wasted every year on spoiled food. Imagine having a way to preserve that food while retaining almost all of the nutrients. Well, that’s exactly what your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a does. Your foods will last longer while still being delicious and nutritious. And best of all, you won’t waste money on spoiled food.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Using the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a

One of the best aspects of the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a is that, unlike other food preservation methods like canning, dehydrating doesn’t destroy vital nutrients. And because your SnackMaster is the perfect way to preserve healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats, it is the perfect way to encourage healthy eating habits. Two of the growing problems in many countries, including the United States, are obesity and diabetes. The cause of both of these problems is eating too much added sugar, much of which is found in processed snack foods. Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a allows you to prepare snacks without added sugar because you get to control the ingredients. You can also eat healthy by making jerkies with lean meat and even fish. Since kids crave sweets, keeping them away from processed foods and candy can be difficult, but kids love the tasty and unique treats you can create with the SnackMaster. You might even find they prefer these healthy treats to store bought treats. And because the SnackMaster is so easy to use, the kids can help prepare their own snacks and come up with new and fun recipes.



Get Started in Two Minutes

Setting up your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a really couldn’t be easier. When you’re ready to dehydrate, place the SnackMaster on a flat surface like a kitchen counter or table. Your SnackMaster requires at least five trays to function, but you can add up to seven trays if you are making a large batch. Then, simply place the cover on the top tray, install the blower, and turn the trays slightly to lock them into place. Before getting started, make sure your SnackMaster is plugged in with the power switched to “On”. And that’s it! You are now ready to start dehydrating.

Master the Temperature Settings in No Time

Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a only has one control which allows you to set the temperature. Because the SnackMaster allows you to dry a wide variety of food, you will want to use different temperatures to achieve the best results. For fruits and vegetables, use a setting between 130F and 140F. This will allow you to thoroughly dehydrate the food without cooking away the valuable nutrients. For things like meat and fish you will want to use your SnackMaster’s highest setting because you want to make sure to avoid any bacteria forming on your food. Fat rich foods like nuts and seeds need to be cooked at lower temperatures between 90F and 100F because their oil will take on an unpleasant taste if dried at higher temperature. You will also want to use these lower temperature settings for things like dried herbs or flowers. Otherwise, you risk losing their delicate flavors and aromas.

Prepare Your Food for Dehydration

In our recipes section, we will go into more depth about how to prepare specific foods, and there are many options to choose from. Meats benefit from marinating before dehydrating to maximize flavor and improve texture. Fruits can be sliced and dried whole or made into a variety of different purees that will give you a fruit leather when dehydrated. Items like fresh herbs and flowers require little to no preparation because you will want to maintain their unique, robust flavors.

Important Safety Tips for Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a

As we’ve mentioned, the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a is one of the safest appliances in your kitchen. So safe, even the kids can get in on the dehydrating fun. The source of heat and air circulation is the blower. When cleaning your SnackMaster, make sure the blower is never submerged in water as this can damage the blower motor. When you have finished using your SnackMaster make sure to always unplug it, and make sure the plug and cord are not damaged before using. Because all food dehydrators are different, make sure to only use parts and accessories made specifically for the Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a. Using other parts may result in damage to your SnackMaster. When using the SnackMaster with children, make sure they are properly supervised while using the temperature controls and power cord. For best results, never use your SnackMaster near a heat source such as an oven or stove. This can cause damage to the unit.

How to Clean and Store Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a

Cleaning and storing your SnackMaster really couldn’t be easier. Before you use your SnackMaster for the first time, make sure to wash the trays with soap and water. You may wash the trays in the dishwasher, but make sure to remove them from the dishwasher prior to the drying cycles because the high heat can damage them. Never put the blower in the dishwasher or submerge in water. To clean the blower, use a damp cloth, and make sure the air vents are not obstructed by anything. Otherwise the airflow into the SnackMaster may not be strong enough to work efficiently. After use, make sure to thoroughly clean the trays to remove all traces of food.

The Absolute Best Ways to Safely Store Your Dehydrated Foods

Once you’ve used your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a it’s time to store those dried foods. Since you may use your SnackMaster quite often, you may find it helpful to label your foods. Simply choose Zip-lock bags, which you can write on with permanent marker. For easy reference, label with the type of food and the date you made it. Then there’s no guessing about how old the food is. To store your foods for the maximum amount of time, try to always choose cool dark places. This will increase the shelf life of your food and ensure that the valuable vitamins and nutrients do not degrade with time. If possible, store your dried food in the refrigerator or freezer, but a cool dark cabinet will work well too. To minimize the possibility of insects invading your home, try to wrap and freeze all fruits with skin for forty-eight hours before defrosting and eating.

Use Your Dehydrator for Aromatherapy

Many people find aromatherapy to be a soothing and relaxing way of dealing with stress. Did you know you can use your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a as an aromatherapy tool? Simply pour a small quantity of water into a plastic or ceramic dish and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Turn the SnackMaster up to high heat, and as the water evaporates it will evenly distribute the soothing scent around your home. Always make sure to wash the SnackMaster thoroughly after using for aromatherapy. Otherwise the fragrant oils may find their way into your food.

You Can Use Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a As A Humidifier!

During hot dry summers or cold dry winters, having a humidifier is a great way to keep your skin and nasal passages hydrated, but many humidifiers are large and cumbersome. To use your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a as an easy humidifier, simply place water in several containers which will fit inside the trays of the SnackMaster. Turn the unit to high heat and the water will quickly begin evaporating. Since the evaporation process is gradual, the air in your home will absorb the moisture more evenly and completely. For best results, use distilled water which has had the minerals removed.

How to Keep Food from Sticking to Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a

Food sticking to dehydrator trays most commonly happens when drying pureed fruit because of the high sugar content. There are three quick and easy ways to prevent this from happening. First, be sure to use the fruit roll sheets which are provided with your SnackMaster. The smooth surface is designed to help avoid food sticking. You can also apply a very small amount of vegetable oil to the fruit roll sheets which will make removing the fruit rolls much easier. Lastly, make sure your fruit is properly dehydrated prior to removing it from the tray. When you look at your dehydrated fruit, there should not be any sticky or wet looking areas on the fruit. To ensure even dehydration, you will want to make sure the fruit puree is evenly distributed and not more than 1/4 inch thick.

How to Speed Up Dehydration Times

For certain food, like jerkies, you will want to use the highest possible temperature setting at all times to avoid the formation of harmful bacteria. However, for fruits and vegetables, you can speed up your results by starting the dehydration at a higher heat for a short period of time. Fruits are typically dehydrated at a temperature of 130F to 140F for between four and eight hours. To speed things up a bit, start dehydrating at 165F for the first hour and then reset the temperature to 135F. This can help speed up the process by one to two hours depending on what you are dehydrating, and it should not have an effect on the flavor or nutritional value.

How to Guarantee Consistent Results for Every Batch!

The key to consistent results is even thickness. Whether you are dehydrating fruits, vegetables, or meats, you will get the best results if you make sure all of your ingredients are the same thickness. When slicing meat to make into jerky, try to make sure to cut all of the slices an identical thickness. When you are slicing fruit, try to cut your slices as uniformly as possible. Items like fruit rolls will come out best if you make sure to spread the puree evenly and not more that 1/4 inch thick. Doing this should cut down on batches where some of the food is perfectly dehydrated while the rest is either overly dried or still a bit too moist.

Cut Down on Food Waste with Your
Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a

Your Nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator fd 75a is a powerful way to cut down on the problem of food waste. As we’ve mentioned, just in the United States alone we waste $160 billion every year because of spoilage. One of the best ways to stretch your food dollar every month is by not wasting food you’ve already paid for. The SnackMaster allows you to purchase perishable foods like meat, fruits, and vegetables and stretch their shelf life a long way. Those bananas that once turned brown in a week, can now last for months as healthy banana chips. Extra meat that might have been thrown away can now be made into jerky which will still be edible and delicious for a long time. Dehydrating food isn’t just a great way to make fun and delicious snacks and meals, it’s also a responsible choice for your family and the whole planet. So, let’s get started by exploring one hundred amazing recipes which are sure to be a hit with your friends and family.

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