hamilton beach panini press reviews: 10 reasons why we bought it

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Hamilton Beach Panini Press (Recommended)

Top Features

  • Beautiful chrome exterior
  • Makes sandwiches, quesadillas, and sweet fruit turnovers
  • Floating style lid that presses any size sandwich
  • Easy to use and store

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Not only is this Hamilton Beach Panini Press great for making many different types of grilled sandwiches, but it is great at making other dishes in the kitchen –fast and easy for any cook. For instance, you can cook chicken without firing up the grill, grill vegetables, make croutons, and even make dessert cakes – more to that in this hamilton beach panini press review.

Our Reasons to Buy the Hamilton Beach Panini Press!

Let’s face it…nobody wants to return a product after you buy it/use it, and see that it does not do what you thought it would do. That’s why we give you 10 reasons that we feel you should buy this product for your home!

10 Reasons to buy:

  1. Best way to make panini’s
  2. Non-toxic cooking
  3. High Heat Capability
  4. It’s non-stick
  5. Clean up easy
  6. It’s inexpensive
  7. Browns food beautifully
  8. Can act as an indoor grill
  9. Cooks multiple items at once
  10. Perfect size for easy storage

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Make Em’ as Thick as You Want!

Have you ever bought a sandwich maker or Panini press in the past and discovered that you couldn’t stuff it to capacity? With the Hamilton Beach Panini Press you can stuff your sandwich – or other dishes – with as much cheese, meat and veggies as you want.

The Hamilton Beach Panini Press comes stocked with handle lid lock that locks the press in place. This way you can push all of those tasty ingredients inside the sandwich – oozing with cheesy goodness.

We suggest you start stacking and stuffing today!

Cook Almost Anything with this Appliance!

You guessed it, you can cook almost anything with this great appliance. We have some pics above to prove it! Get creative and never limit yourself when it come to the imagination of whipping up a good meal for you, friends or even with family.

Just remember that some foods that you may want to cook can be kind of thick and the lid for your panini press may not close correctly. If this is the case (like a thick piece of chicken above) then you can fillet cut them in half and they will cook more evenly. Just want ever you do, remember to always get a meat thermometer to check your meats to ensure it is cooking on the right temperature.

hamilton beach panini press review: It’s non stick

Nothing sucks worse than making a grilled cheese only to find it stuck to the pan! Did you not put enough oil on the pan? Did you forget to grease the press? A lot of these Panini Press’ comes stocked with Nonstick Surface Grids to make sure that your food cooks without sticking.

The Nonstick Surface Grids provides another healthy option for those who are health conscious. Cooking with butter and oils adds more unnecessary calories to your food. The nonstick capacity on the Hamilton Beach Panini Press ensures that you can cook without the butter, without compromising the flavor.

Features of the Panini Press

Here are some features that we found on this panini press grill:

  1. Cover
  2. Cover Lock Knob
  3. Base
  4. Nonstick Surface
  5. Storage Latch
  6. Green Preheat Light
  7. Red Power On Light

Put the Kids to Work in the Kitchen

You have tried different ways to get your kids excited about the kitchen. Well, let the Hamilton Beach Panini Press be another reason. It is safe and easy to use, which is a great incentive to start them off cooking with this great appliance.

From snacks, to sandwiches and even meat itself, bring the kids in for some creative fun. Have them help you start a new weekly tradition – Sandwich Sundays, where everyone can create the sandwich of their dreams and cook it right there in their very kitchen. They will be so excited about their creations that they will want to tell all their friends about it on Monday.

Experiment with the Bread…

Bread, there are so many choices to choose from that it can make your head spin. Do you remember when bread just consisted of soft, white bread that was served plain or toasted?

Sometimes it is easy to just go classic, but why not play with all of the possibilities that are now at your fingertips?

When shopping for the right type of bread you can choose from any loaf that is made with barley, buckwheat, corn, gluten, millet, oat, rice, rye, sourdough, whole-wheat, soy or even triticale. The bread aisle contains many options that can not only delight your pallet, but will pair well with the type of ingredients you are going to sandwich in-between the slices – pun intended.

Do you ever want to go for an awesome tasting Jewish, Russian or marble rye? A San Francisco Sourdough? And ancient flatbread was well known as focaccia? Or something sweet like Hawaiian?

(see their sandwich makers)

Whatever you decide, your taste buds are going to thank you for it.

Remember, your bread choice is the most important part of the sandwich. So, take it with caution, before you start sandwiching.

Cleaning is “Easy-Peasy”

Most Panini Press’ nonstick surface makes the appliance easy to clean. No more scrubbing for hours or soaking in the sink. The no stick surface lets you clean it with cloth or Clorox wipe, toss and go. Not only is it easy to cook with, but it is also easy to clean.

This Panini Press will start to become one of the best used appliances in your kitchen. The frame of the Panini Press also lets you store it upright to save space in your cupboards for other kitchen appliances that you might need in the future.

Pro Tips from the Panini Masters

Making a sandwich is a science. There is a particular meat to cheese ratio that makes the sandwich complete, and if it is not followed then the taste of the dish is completely off. For instance, using a sandwich spread is one of the essential elements of the sandwich itself. Not only does it add flavor, but it gives the sandwich moisture and a type of creaminess as well. Start experimenting with different types of spreads, to see which one fits well with the type of sandwich you are making. Remember to spread the spread you choose all the way to the edge of the bread to seal against the wetness of the other ingredients you will be adding to the sandwich.

Just like choosing the bread – choosing the toppings on your sandwich is another important choice. Lettuce and tomatoes not only give the sandwich moisture, they also give it a type of crunch and freshness. However, they can add a type of sogginess to the sandwich as well. Instead of tomatoes, you can add roasted peppers to keep the texture and freshness of the tomato. You can use spinach, cabbage or cucumber in place of lettuce as well. Don’t be shy. Try something new.

We have all dreamed of being the star in the kitchen. Of making the world’s best sandwich. With this Panini Press now you can! You can start with choosing the right bread, and the simplest to tastiest ingredients and spread. Start with picking the right type of bread for the ingredients you are using. Slather or drizzle the bread with your favorite spread or eat it dry. Pair the meat with the best cheese choice and then top with your vegetables.

Remember, making a sandwich is a science for your taste buds. Whatever you choose will stick in your mind forever as the sandwich that made history. So, start sandwiching.

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