Zojirushi vs Hamilton Beach Bread Machine

Zojirushi isn't a budget brand. Their bread makers are an industry standard but they come with a premium price tag. Hamilton beach bread makers, on the other hand aren't pricy but they only come with basic features.

Can a budget bread making machine rival a premium one, this zojirushi vs hamilton beach bread machine battle won't be one sided and you'll see that perhaps pricing isn’t proportional to quality.

zojirushi vs hamilton beach bread machine: The kind of loaves that they make

First, the Hamilton beach bread maker has a fixed kneading paddle. It bakes horizontal loaves instead of the vertical ones you're used to. The Zojirushi bread maker will bake a classic horizontal loaf. The Hamilton beach bread maker delivers tall horizontal loaves; most bread machines bake this way too. Both bread makers have dishwasher safe non stick coatings for easy clean up.

With either bread making machine, you get a 1, 1.5 2 or 2.5 pound load. As far as I know, Zojirushi is the only bread making machine that can bake 2.5 pound horizontal loaf. They both lack an automatic fruit dispenser. Either way, people complain that nuts and fruits tend to stick to the sides of the dispenser and rarely make it to the pan. You could try dusting these sides with flour and see if it's beneficial.


Even though they're almost the same size, the Zojirushi bread maker is considerably heavier (at 20 pounds) with. Hamilton beach bread makers are lightweight and compact, They typically weigh 10 pounds. While the Hamilton beach bread maker is the lightest machine of it's kind you'll ever use, this is a disadvantage. It doesn't have a firm grip and will at times "dance" on the countertop, especially while in the kneading cycle. It's also noisier in comparison to the Zojirushi bread maker.

A unique feature with the Zojirushi bread maker

Even though both machines have a viewing window at the top (that let's you see how well the bread is baking), The Zojirushi bread maker has an internal light that cleverly illuminates the loaf. With other bread makers, you'll have to get creative and use a flashlight. I find this feature innovative.

Since then we all love bread, before we discover fire, it has been on the menu and we enjoy it so much. But as time goes by, we replace fire and primitive cooking methods with bread machine, from traditional baking to modern baking.

Modern baking using bread machines are more conventional to people who are always on the go. They are also invented to make baking more a lot easier. Considering what type of bread machine to consider will be depending on the volume you always you make. Time to time there will always be new technologies on bread machine but they all give you positive result- yummy bread.

Healthy and tasty bread surely is made from the best quality ingredients. Not only the freshest things that you can put in the mixing bowl, but the right cooking process also determine the delicacy and the safety of the bread.

Basically, bread is made from flour, water, yeast, and salt. After measuring the ingredients according to the recipe, the second step of making bread is mixing the ingredients. This step can be done using a mixer or manually kneading by hands. No matter what tool do you use, the dough should reach the right consistency. After the dough reaches the right consistency, the dough will be left to sit for a period of time to allow the fermentation process. Once it rises to double its size, it should be punched to expel the air inside the dough. Next, it is time to divide and fill the dough according to the baker’s desire. After that, the filled dough should be sat for the final fermentation and later, bake the bread.

Well, making bread seems to be a long way to go. There are many steps to take in order to get soft and yummy bread. The right consistency of the dough is the first main key to generate perfect bread. However, this step is slightly tricky, and often makes people fail in making bread. One way to check the right consistency is by stretching a little bit of the dough. If the dough is stretched, it will become wide, transparent, and will not rip. If the dough doesn’t reach the proper consistency, hard bread will certainly be resulted.

Luckily, a bread machine comes to be the best partner for every amateur baker who wants to bake bread from home. As a true assistant, the bread machine not only shortens the steps of making bread, but it also makes the process a lot easier. You just need to put the ingredients inside the baking tin, cover the bread machine, and hit the buttons. The bread machine ensures you to get the perfect bread that is usually found in famous bakeries. The great thing about this appliance is that the bread machine does all the bread making process for you, unattended. While you are waiting for the bread machine do its job, you still can do all your daily activities or enjoy your favorite movie.

Making bread seemed to be so impossible that most people never dreamed of doing so. However, a bread machine changes it all. Now, millions of people turn their lovely kitchen to bakeries. Everyone can enjoy the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest bread from their own warm kitchen without spending too much money for it.

The most beneficial of having a bread machine is having fresh bread at the tip of your finger. You just need to prepare the necessary ingredients ahead of time, and let the machine do the work.

Secondly, you can control the ingredients, add delicious ingredients that suits to your palate.

Bread machines make more than bread. Bread machine is not just for making breads; you can use it to make jam, pasta and dough for your homemade pizza.

Superior taste and quality of bread, they are easy to operate. So you don’t have to worry whether you are a good baker or not. Bread machines are programmed to make perfect heavenly breads. Same process in traditional making of bread you must also consider following instructions and considering that you are using a machine the right settings in cooking bread. Baking using bread machine will also bring out one’s creativity.

So if you enjoy eating and making bread, stop going to the supermarket to buy but rather make your own bread using bread machine. There are much more advantages of the bread machines and baking bread at