Here’s the best pasta pot with strainer: Bye Colanders 👋



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What’s the best way of draining pasta? Some use pots with strainers while others swear that you could just use a normal pot and scoop them out with a spider. Either way, the word “best” is subjective. Should you really get a dedicated pasta pot with a strainer? I’ve seen people use a normal pot lid and leave a tiny gap and it works just fine. With practice, you’ll master this technique and will no longer dump pasta onto the sink. There are great pasta pots with strainers and perhaps the biggest shopping consideration you’ll be looking at is the pot’s size. Regular pots work well but these best pasta pots with strainers we’ll be looking at will certainly outlive their usefulness.

Faberware 8 qt stainless steel – the best pasta pot with strainer

Aluminum is arguably the most efficient cookware material in terms of heat conduction. However, it’s easily discolored and isn’t durable, perhaps due to its light nature. In this pot, an aluminium layer is sandwiched by two stainless steel ones making it sturdy and durable. This manufacturing technique is known as cladding. The stainless steel exterior is polished ensuring that the pasta gum is easy to clean off even without a dishwasher. The aluminium layer at the core of this pot facilitates for even heat distribution to the pasta you’re making ensuring that there will be no hot spots or uncooked parts.

Unlike most pasta pots designed to be used with a separate strainer, this unit comes with a colander lid with differently-sized holes so that you can strain the pasta straight from the pot. The two riveted handles have a comfortable feel to them and its rather impressive that they stay cool even when cooking on high heat.

Cook n Home 8 quart

In this multipot set from a California-based manufacturer, you get a stockpot, a vegetable steamer, a pasta strainer and tempered glass lid that lets you see how well your pasta is boiling without letting the steam out. All pieces are made from stainless steel celebrated for its durability. Stainless steel is no match for aluminum’s fast heat conduction and retention and that’s why it sandwiches and aluminum core. This aluminum disc however, is only at the base and doesn’t extend to the handles.

The 8-quart pot is large enough to make pasta for 10 without batching. The steamer and pasts strainer insert certainly make cleaning this set easy. The deep steamer is fairly large and will steam a generous amount of vegetables. Even though you could make hard boiled eggs, pasta and spaghetti with this pot, you have to be careful as boiling water tends to foam and get to the pot’s top or strainer. This is mitigated by reducing the stove’s heat or by opening the lid to let the steam out.

This dishwasher safe pot can be used an almost all types of stoves – ceramic, electric and even halogen ones as it has a flat bottom for even heat distribution. It’s not oven safe however. This isn’t a deal breaker though as I’m yet to come across a pasta recipe that requires the pasta to be finished off in the oven.

Cuisinart pasta steamer set.

All pieces in this set are made from stainless steel and this is certainly a good thing as it never degrades over time. With an elegant champagne coating or shiny stainless steel exterior choice, this set will certainly refresh your kitchen. This 12 quart pot will make enough pasta for 25 – seriously. In this set you’ll get an airtight lid, a vegetable steamer and a spaghetti strainer. This unit is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit too.

Colander or pasta insert?

How do I strain pasta without losing it to the sink and without a strainer? You’ll need to be patient and leave space that’s large enough for the water to flow through and small enough not to let the out. Give it time as its impossible to drain a whole pot in under 30 seconds. You could buy a strainer too. Just ensure that you don’t get a plastic one as it may get burnt by the hot pasta water.

TIP: If you leave more than a few drops of water after straining pasta, it will turn soggy and lose flavor.