🥇 food processor vs chopper: Here’s how you decide?

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Food processors and mini choppers are both great at helping in food prep. Their biggest difference is that mini-choppers are smaller (cheaper) alternatives to food processors. How do they compare and which one should you opt for? In this food processor vs chopper, we’ll cover their differences, similarities, pros and cons and how you know which one to go for.  Think of a food processor as your large third and in the kitchen. Using various factions, they typically process between 8 to 12 cups of food. Some of them even knead dough.

food processor vs chopper: Their differences

Perhaps the easiest way to compare food processors and choppers is by contrasting their features. Food processors find most practicability when you’re chopping vegetables such as spinach and cauliflower. If you frequently prep salads, then a food processor would be the right pick for you. Choppers, on the other hand, are great at cutting foods into smaller pieces.

What should you use a food processor for?

They’re great kitchen additions for those who love experimenting with various foods. When using a food processor, meal preparation is ten times faster. All their parts are designed with ease of removal in mind and you will rarely waste time washing the appliance.

What shouldn’t you use a food processor for?

If you’re looking to prepare smoothies or mix liquids, then it will be a disappointment. Blenders are better suited at such. In fact, you’re better off crushing ice with a bender than with anything else. Most small food processors lack dough kneading features too.

When getting a food processor, think of all the functions you will need. Their price tags are generally in line with the number of features they come packed withy and if you don bake often; there’s no need of getting a food processor with a kneader. If you make meals for a large family on the other hand, then a full-feature food processor would be the most practical in that case.

Most food processors (especially ones with a kneading feature) are space hogs. They will rarely fit in your cupboard. Thankfully, they come in fancy designs and they will certainly add an aesthetic feel to your countertop. There are smaller models designed for kitchens with smaller spaces.

Food choppers

They’re smaller versions of food processors and I’m yet to see one exceeding the four cups capacity. These compact kitchen appliances can chop, grind and at times mix various foods. They’re best suited for people who rarely cook and when they do, it’s only for two or three people. Choppers are quite efficient at performing small tasks such as making a salad or crunching up peanuts. However, they’re of little use when you need to prepare meals for a large family. Well, unless you want to spend the whole day chopping in batches.

What can’t you use a food chopper for?

You shouldn’t try to crunch hard foods with it as they may end up breaking the blades. Choppers are also not great at slicing harder foods such As Parmesan cheese either. They’re smaller and will fit in just about any kitchen. If storage space is an issue, then you’re better of getting a chopper over a food processor.

food processor vs chopper: Their pros and cons

The biggest selling point of food choppers over processors lies in their compact size. They are both known for their wide capabilities and utility. Choppers are smaller and, in many cases, cheaper. You could achieve the same results with a chopper if you have the time to prep your food in batches. A food chopper will slice any food coming into contact with its blades. Food choppers are smaller, easy to clean and they require lesser storage spaces.

Are there all in one appliances that combine features of both?

All in one food processors were created for the people that want the best of both worlds. Let’s compare these two best sellers

Braun MQ777 Multiquick 7 Hand Blender

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Making the most out of current blender technologies, this durable 6 cup processor comes with a blender, a beaker, and a whisk. With it, chopping vegetables and whipping up eggs is a seamless task. The hand blender is smart in that, it adjusts the motor’s power based on how hard you squeeze it. All its attachments are easy to use and clean too. The stainless blades are inclined for even finer chops.

Breville BSB530XL the All in One Processing Station

With the right combinations of appliances and efficiency, this is a practical processor. It comes with 19 thickness levels on its shredding disk and it could slice from 0.5mm to 6mm. With a lever, you can choose from three mashing levels. It has a ribbed blender base that reduces suction when blending too. In the box, you’ll find ice crushing blades but they aren’t as useful.

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