Magic Bullet for smoothies reviews: Why I got mine

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Magic Bullet (Recommended)

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  • 13 piece blender
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  • Easy to use 
  • Dishwasher safe components 
  • Recipe Book included

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Review: What Separates The Magic Bullet for smoothies from Other Blenders?

If you’ve purchased The Magic Bullet for smoothies you may have done some research on the blenders currently on the market. Unlike many other blenders, The Magic Bullet  has some unique features which set it apart from anything else out there. The Magic Bullet  features the familiar blending cup technology  which makes blending a breeze. Many people who chose The Magic Bullet do so because of the simple yet powerful design that has made The Magic Bullet one of the most popular blenders in the world. Because the cups are so compact, you can easily prepare unblended ingredients ahead of time and then blend whenever you want. This revolutionary design has many imitators, but the original Magic Bullet is optimized to be the highest performing blender in its class. The Magic Bullet also features a powerful 250 watt motor which gives you considerably more flexibility than other blenders because it can handle difficult to blend items like cubed ice, frozen fruit, and nuts. Once you’ve explored all of the amazing capabilities of your Magic Bullet, you will find you can blend virtually anything with ease.

A Brief History of Blenders

The blender has become a staple of the American kitchen, but blenders have been around for longer than you might think. All the way back in 1919, around the end of the first world war, the Stevens Electric Company began designing drink mixers because of the rising popularity of milkshakes at soda fountain counters. Over the next couple of decades different companies developed different drink mixer designs which solved a variety of problems that were plaguing soda jerks across the country. The first product called a “blender” was introduced in 1937 by Vitamix founder W.G. Bernhard, but it was still a fairly simple design which provided only an “on” and “off” function. By the 1960s blenders were becoming a more common item found in American households because the size of the units were becoming small enough that they could be efficiently stored. The rising popularity of blended drinks has only caused blenders to become more advanced and The Magic Bullet is an impressive step in the constant evolution of blending technology. A far cry from giant industrial models installed at soda counters, The Magic Bullet follows a proud tradition of blenders that offer greater control and versatility giving you the ability to get perfect results no matter what you need to blend.

Who Uses Magic Bullets?

If you love blended drinks, smooth batter, creamy soups, and delicious desserts that are cheaper and healthier than store bought foods, The Magic Bullet is for you. Store bought smoothies are expensive and are often loaded with extra sugar are artificial flavors. With your Magic Bullet you get to be in control of what goes into your drinks. You decide which fruits and vegetables go into your smoothies, and you can custom tailor the settings to get the perfect consistency from all of your blended foods. Many people these days are rightfully concerned about the dangers of added sugar in smoothies and other blended treats. The great thing about using The Magic Bullet is you get to control how much sugar is included. Now you can make smoothies that are healthier and packed with vital nutrients which other blenders can destroy. The Magic Bullet is also perfect for people on the go because of the unique blending cup technology. Simply fill the blending cups with your desired ingredients, blend with ease, and take the blending cup with you. The cups even have spout lids so you can take your smoothies in the car without worrying about spills.

What Kinds of Foods Can Be Prepared with
The Magic Bullet?

The amazing thing about The Magic Bullet is the variety of different foods which can be blended with ease. Because The Magic Bullet features a powerful 250 watt motor, foods like frozen fruit can be effortlessly pureed in no time. The powerful motor, combined with The Magic Bullet’s stainless steel cross blades means nearly anything you want to blend will come out perfectly and quickly. The Magic Bullet is designed to handle foods from fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nuts and seeds. It’s also perfect for smooth blended cocktails that are perfect for entertaining. Once you start using your Magic Bullet you will quickly find that nearly anything can be easily chopped, ground, pureed or blended to perfection.

Helpful Accessories for Amazing Results

Your Magic Bullet  comes with everything you need to get started right away, but let’s go into a little more depth about the amazing accessories you get with your Magic Bullet. Your Magic Bullet comes with an eleven piece set that includes a tall cup, a short cup, a party mug, two comfort lip rings, two stay fresh resealable lids, and one flip top lid for convenience on the go. The blending cups are easy to take with you wherever you go and are made from the safest BPA free plastic. This ensures that your blending cups are not only safe to use, but also durable and long lasting. To make taking your blended beverages even easier, there is an included flip top lid which means you don’t have to worry about making a mess on the go. The flip top lid is also perfect for the kids. You can also purchase additional blending cups so that there are enough for the entire family. The blending cups are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Use Your Magic Bullet to Save Money!

These days it seems like everyone is looking for ways to save money when it comes to food. Did you know that about half of all produce grown in the United States every year is thrown away because of spoilage? That’s 60 million tons of food that would have been worth $160 billion! Your Magic Bullet is a great way to save money by making sure you use all of the healthy produce you buy. Let’s face it, getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables can be difficult, but making flavorful smoothies and other treats in your Magic Bullet means less produce is wasted. And because you can make so many different foods with your Magic Bullet, you can avoid paying high prices for prepackaged food at the market.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Using The Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet is specifically designed to lock in the vital nutrients in the food you are blending. The Magic Bullet’ simple press down mechanism is easy to use and takes all of the guess work out of blending your favorite foods, allowing you to preserve all of the vitamins and nutrients in your fresh food. In addition to preserving nutrition, The Magic Bullet for smoothies promotes healthy eating by making blending fun. The whole family will be excited to try out different combinations of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and so much more. Instead of reaching for processed snacks and sugar filled drinks, encourage the whole family to get creative and come up with new and interesting healthy recipes. And because The Magic Bullet has such a powerful motor, you can easily process healthy greens into a fine and palatable puree. Other blenders can’t handle hearty greens like kale and the result is chunky and stringy, but these types of greens are loaded with vital nutrients. The Magic Bullet makes quick work of these veggies for delightfully smooth smoothies every time.


Get Started in Minutes with This Easy Guide

Getting started with your Magic Bullet for smoothiesreally couldn’t be easier. Simply follow these steps and you will be on your way to blending in no time. First, remove The Magic Bullet from the box and remove all packing materials. Place the motor base on a flat, level surface. Make sure the motor base is plugged in before using. Wash and dry all of the blending cups before use. Place the ingredients you want to blend in the cup you would like to use. Each cup has a Max Fill line, and to ensure your Magic Bullet functions properly, it is important you do not overfill the cup. Once the cup is filled, screw on the blade cap until it is tight. Turn the cup over and place in onto the top of the motor base. Now, simply press down on the blending cup. This will activate the motor and blending will begin. When you stop pressing down on the cup, the motor will automatically turn off. If you want to blend for a longer period of time and don’t want to press down the whole time, simply twist the cup to lock into place. When blending has finished, and the motor has come to a complete stop, pull the blending cup directly upward. It should easily detach from the base. Unscrew the blade cap from the cup and enjoy. You can store your blended foods in the blending cups, but do not store with the blade cap attached as this may cause damage to the blades. Screw the spout top onto the blending cup and you are ready to enjoy your blended drinks anywhere you go.

Master All the Controls and Settings in No Time

The Magic Bullet is designed to be as user friendly and simple as possible while still giving you state of the art features which will take the guess work out of your blending. Because there is no display, there is no confusion about how to get great results. All you need to do is fill your cup with your desired ingredients, screw on the blades, and press the cup onto the motor base. You decides exactly how long you want to blend, and the powerful motor and precise stainless steel blades do the rest. The Magic Bullet’s cups even feature the patented Cyclonic Cutting Zone technology which allows for more efficient blending by allowing your ingredients to circulate more rapidly during the blending process.

Prepare Your Foods for The Magic Bullet for smoothies

Depending on what you’re going to be blending, you will want to do a little preparation before getting started. For fruits and vegetables, you will want to trim the stems and remove the seeds before blending. Since The Magic Bullet isn’t a juicer it will not remove pulp or skin, so it is important to remove those parts of the fruits or vegetables before blending if you do not want them in your smoothie. If you are using The Magic Bullet to make nut butters, keep in mind that The Magic Bullet was not designed to blend completely dry ingredients so it is recommended that you add oil when blending items like nuts or seeds.

Important Safety Tips for Your Magic Bullet iQ

Because The Magic Bullet uses a stainless steel blade cap assembly, it is important to make sure you handle the blades as carefully as possible. Always be sure to hold the blades away from your body and never in close proximity to another person. When you are getting ready to blend, make sure that the blade cap is firmly screwed onto the blending cups. Before starting the motor, turn the blender cups slightly to ensure they are properly in place. An improperly installed blender cup can damage the cup or the motor. Before you remove the cup after blending, make sure the motor has come to a complete stop.

How to Clean and Store Your Magic Bullet

Always make sure to store your Magic Bullet unplugged and in a dry place. After blending, use a damp cloth to clean the exterior of the motor base and make sure no food or debris has fallen into the opening on top. Never submerge the motor base in water and never put in the dishwasher. The blending cups can be washed with soap and water, but for longer life, avoid washing in the dishwasher. Make sure to wash the blade assembly well between uses.

The Absolute Best Ways to Safely Store Your Prepared Meals

Since you can make so many different types of foods with your Magic Bullet, there are many great ways to store the foods you’ve made. For items like smoothies and batters, often the best method for storing is to use the blender cups provided with your Magic Bullet. They come in three convenient sizes and are BPA free so you don’t have to worry about the possibility of harmful chemicals finding their way into your food. If you find that after storing a smoothie in the blender cup that the ingredients have begun to separate, simply screw on the blade cap and pulse for a few seconds on your Magic Bullet.


Use Your Magic Bullet for Condiments,
Peanut Butter and More!

Many people buy The Magic Bullet because it is the perfect tool for making perfect smoothies, but it does so much more than that. You can make homemade mayonnaise and ketchup in seconds with your Magic Bullet. Perfectly blended salad dressing is made simple with a few pulses in your Magic Bullet, including getting a fine puree of anchovy for classic Caesar salad dressing. And believe it or not, The Magic Bullet is powerful enough to make nut butters. Now you can have healthy, all natural peanut butter with no added sugar or preservatives. Just add nuts and oil and blend to your desired consistency.

You Can Use Your Magic Bullet for smoothies to Make Pizza Dough, Sorbets, Dips

The Magic Bullet is such a diverse appliance that you can even make bread and pizza dough with ease. The Magic Bullet’s powerful motor and high quality blades take all of the guess work out of blending perfect doughs which can be used for pizza, bread, and crackers. You can also use your Magic Bullet to make amazingly smooth and decadent sorbets with fruits of your choice. You can even make thick and creamy dips which are perfect for entertaining. Once you start using your Magic Bullet you will be astonished at how much you can do.

The Best Order for Stacking Food in Your Magic Bullet

If you are planning to use your Magic Bullet to blend different ingredients at the same time, you might be wondering if there is an ideal order to how to stack them in the blending cups. The answers is yes! Because the top of the cup is the part that will make contact with the blades first, you will want to put your hardest item in the cup last. That means if you want to have fruit, vegetables, and ice in your smoothie, try placing the vegetables in the cup first. Follow the vegetables with a layer of juicy fruit. At the very top of the cup place your ice. That way, the high speed blades will crush the ice first before getting to the juicy fruit and fresh vegetables. This will lead to easy and even blending.

How to Make Juice with Your Magic Bullet

While The Magic Bullet isn’t technically a juicer, that doesn’t mean you can’t make juice with it. The high powered motor and precise blade assembly means maximum blending power. Once you’ve thoroughly pureed your ingredients, you are left with a mixture of juice and pulp which is the healthiest way to consume your fruits and vegetable because you get the nutrients as well as the beneficial fiber. If you don’t want all that pulp, though, you can place a simple piece of cheesecloth over a bowl or pitcher and pour the puree over it. The juice will filter through into the bowl and you can discard the pulp. You now have perfectly fresh juice.