🥇 best margarita machines for cocktails and frozen drinks

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Ninja Master

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Hamilton Beach

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10 years ago, would you have predicted that margarita machines would become a popular thing? I doubt. We’ll they do give us refreshing drinks on demand. Unlike your typical blender, the best margarita machines are built with powerful motors that cut through ice. This shaved ice is then mixed with your favorite ingredients and syrups. While a blender could do both, it lacks an ice storage tank or a faucet on the jar for easy dispensing. Try crushing large chunks of ice with your blender and you’ll see the motor overheat before caving in. we’ve picked three margarita machines that are great at making alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) beverages, smoothies and milkshakes. They give consistent texture every single time.

Ninja Master – the best margarita machine

With this purchase, you will be buying crushing power. With a 400-watt motor, this margarita machine will devour ice and frozen fruits and that come into contact with its stainless steel blades. It’s quite big to and you could comfortably make frozen drinks for 8 people at a go without batching. As you’ll come to learn, it’s quite versatile and making margarita isn’t the only thing its good at.

What would you do with the power to mash ice cubes into snow or to crush frozen fruits to creamy smoothies? Make margaritas with a consistent texture. With its 3-cup chopper bowl or 6 cup pitcher, making margaritas will be a breeze. All components are dishwasher safe, the dishwasher will be doing the heavy lifting while you do what you love most – enjoying a frozen drink. This blender has a non slip base making it sturdy. There’s a storage lid included in the packaging for keeping food fresh but In doubt if you’ll ever need that.


  • Has 4 blades that give consistent texture every time
  • Can even blend frozen fruits
  • Variable crushing power
  • Quite versatile


  • Pricy

Wavestation by Hamilton Beach

No ice is too tough for its 500 watts motor. Aesthetics aren’t the biggest consideration you’ll make when choosing the best margarita machine but this one is rather easy on the eyes. This countertop blender comes in an elegant red finish.

A dispensing tap on its body complimented by its 48-ounce capacity makes it ideal for small parties. The handles are thoughtfully placed too and its comfortable handling it.


  • Crushes ice fast
  • Sturdy frame and won’t break easily
  • Can make margaritas for 8 people at a go
  • Spout makes for easy pouring


  • May take time getting used to this blender

Margaritavile concoction maker

This will be without doubt the easiest to use margarita machine you’ll ever set your hands on. Choose how many drinks you want and that’s it – the machine does its magic. It will auto-shave the ice and then blend it with your favorite ingredients


  • Beautifully designed
  • Features a manual and auto mode


  • Bulky requires large cupboards for storage

What things should you know before getting a margarita machine

First, there are two kinds of margarita machines, a kitchen blender that actually crushes ice (in the $50s range) and a countertop margarita machine (>$350). Both arWhat’s the difference between a margarita machine and a blender?e long term purchases and you may get more value from a blender as it can do much more than make cocktails. The Ninja professional blender in particular, makes slushy drink with a great consistency without watering them down as its quite efficient at crushing the ice. It comes with single serving cups which will come in handy when you want to make individual frozen drinks.

Personally, I would only go for a blender with a square pitcher. When crushing ice, the larger particles tend to be thrown around once the blade hits them instead of being shaved. I see crushed ice getting stuck in rings above the blender’s blades when working with ice crushers with cylindrical pitchers.