🥇This best pan for bacon doesn’t warp even in the oven

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Isn’t bacon amazing? This is a favourite snack for many people across the world. What does it really take to make perfect bacon? Straining the grease and is important. Chefs advise that you should start with a hot pan too. However, making bacon is ten times easier with the right pan. Today we’ll be looking at the best pan for bacon. Hint: it’s not your typical non-stick pan – those ones are best for making scrambled eggs and not bacon.

  1. T fal pre-seasoned skillet – the best pan for bacon

Traditionally, the best bacon used to be made firm cast iron skillet, this hasn’t changed a bit. While today’s skillet manufacturing techniques enable brands to make ones that have better heat distribution, they’re certainly using the same time-tested design. With this pan from T-fal, you’re guaranteed that the bacon you’re making won’t undercook or burn.

This skillet isn’t just made of heavy gauge durable cast iron, it comes pre-seasoned from the factory and you can start making crispy bacon as soon as the order is delivered. Again, it has a non-stick inner layer. Grease bacon is certainly stubborn to wash away and the Teflon coating takes care of this.

Making bacon is usually a two-handed affair and this is why T-fal added an (unusually) long handle to this model. There’s a helper handle for added stability too. Just like skillets from other product lines from the company, this model has a thumb rest for comfort. Draining bacon fat is a breeze with its dual pouring spouts. The best pan for bacon should be multipurpose too and this is where this model takes the crown. The skillet is oven safe up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit meaning that you could finish off dishes in the oven without risk of the pan warping. It can also be sued to fry your favourite snacks over campfire.

GreenLife Ceramic Non-stick Pan

Greenlife strives to make cookware sets that simplify everyday cooking and this non-stick square griddle is in line with their mindset. From making bacon to beef jerky, this is the ideal pan for breakfast. It’s argued that breakfast is the most important thing you could have and with this griddle, you could make, bake, fry and brown like the king you are.

Its Thermalon coating is fairly durable and facilitates for even heat distribution to the food you’re cooking – an aspect I look for when buying pans. This non-stick layer is toxin-free at all temperatures and you’re guaranteed that toxic chemicals won’t leech into the food you’re making. Crispy bacon is best made at low temperatures and the ideal pan should relay heat changes fast.

This Oven and dishwasher safe pan is usable on all stovetops.


  • Easy to get off bacon grease from the non-stick coating
  • Responsive to heat changes
  • Can be used in the oven
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Thermalon coating isn’t durable

Rachel Ray

While I’m certain that you’d o for functionality over aesthetics any day you’re shopping for a bacon pan, this unit has a beautiful enamel exterior that will com0plement your kitchen’s décor. It comes in 6 color choices from striking red to a fun shade of orange that brings life to the kitchen. In the package, there’s a glass press too. It will come in handy when grilling cheese and paninis. This glass press is durable too and you could whip sandwiches without risk of breaking it.

Even though its just dishwasher safe to 350 degrees, it comes with a non-slip handle that definitely adds stability to the pan. The pan is dishwasher safe too. You get to eat the bacon while the dishwasher cleans messy bacon grease


  • Heavy gauge base that evenly distributes heat to bacon
  • A shatter-resistant glass press is included
  • Dishwasher and oven safe up to 350 degrees


  • The somewhat rounded base makes it unsuitable for use on electric stovetops

Common bacon making mistakes

  1. Using the wrong type of pan

I must admit that they’re great at making scrambled eggs. However, bacon is naturally fatty and I doubt if it could stick even to a non-stick pan. Again, aluminium pans heat up fairly fast and you will notice that they end up burning the bacon more times than you’d love to admit. Cast iron cookware is better at making bacon. The bacon grease seasons the pan as you’re cooking and it naturally becomes better as you continue using it. You could still make great bacon with a stainless steel or aluminium pan as long as you move the pan frequently to “even out” heat spots that would otherwise result in undercooked and burnt

  1. Putting bacon on a hot pan

If you start by pre-heating the pan and then place the bacon thereafter, it will seize up and lock in all untendered fat. Start by laying the bacon flat on a cast iron pan and then turn your heat to low instead. You will notice that the fat melts as the pan heats up. Crispy bacon is made by letting all the fat liquefy at low heat.

  1. Undercooking bacon

Most of use tend to undercook bacon. While this is certainly better than overcooking it, the ideal bacon should have a brown coating and evenly cooked inside.