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With an oven-proof pan, cooking and baking is comfortable and pleasant. In fact, it’s easier as you can use the same pan to prep your ingredients on a stovetop and then use it while baking. Either way, you should only put approved pans in the oven or you risk warping them. Manufacturers usually indicate on the underside whether cookware is oven safe or dishwasher safe. At the pan’s underside, you’ll also see the maximum temperature that it can withstand without undergoing damage. Budget oven-safe frying pans usually withstand up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit while the pricier models can withstand excesses of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Today, we’ll look at some of the bestselling frying pans that can go in the oven.

Cooksmart copper pan

This non-stick pan from a reputable brand is a blend of functionality, style and durability. On the pan’s interior, are three layers of non-stick Maxlon. Just like Teflon, maxlon is non-stick. It’s made of copper making it a healthier non-stick alternative. Maxlon is durable in comparison to Teflon too. At 1.5 pound, this pan is quite light considering that it has a 10-inch base.

The non-stick layer for healthy fat-free coking beautifully complements the stainless-steel handle. There’s a loop at the end of the handle for easy storage and maintenance too. Even though this pan is dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 450 degrees, you’re better off handwashing it with soapy warm water. Dishwashers use aggressive detergents that may corrode the pan’s non-stick layer over time.

Pros of this frying pan that can go in the oven

  1. Aluminium base – aluminium is a great heat conductor. This base ensures that the heat is evenly distributed to the food. It’s also quite responsive and you will notice that when you adjust the flame, this heat change is relayed almost instantaneously.
  2. Usable on all types of cooking stovetops – It won’t scratch your glass stovetop
  3. Stylish design – The pan has a classic copper design bringing elegance to your kitchen and the durable non-stick interior is decent too
  4. Comfortable steel handle– It forms an easy grip when cooking and baking


  1. The pan’s bottom isn’t as durable and will peel off with time. It may also develop eyesore scratches.
  2. It at times gets uncomfortably hot especially when baking. Mitts are a must

Cuisinart hard-anodized non-stick pan

This pan wouldn’t have made it to my list were it not for its triple-layer construction. On the exterior, this oven proof pan features a durable aluminium core for effective heat distribution and fast conductance. Aluminium pans are preferred to stainless steel ones as they’re lighter and sturdier.

What material is used for the non-stick coating?

This pan makes use of Quantanium on its interior non-stick coating. With elements of Titanium, this coating is durable and oven temperatures are no match for it. It’s scratch-resistant too. You will notice that this layer will withstand the test of time; an aspect that Maxlon and Teflon can’t compete at.

When confronted on how this layer compares too Teflon, Cuisinart remarked that Quantanium is “Teflon on steroids”. However, they have more similarities than they differ. Teflon and Quantanium both contain PTFE and if you look for this chemical in a pan, then the Cuisinart hard anodized pan is the right pick for you.

What should you know before buying this pan?

  1. Minimize use of metallic utensils – Even though Cuisinart marks the interior as metal safe, I wouldn’t risk scratching the non-stick layer. Use wooden, nylon and polymer utensils and you will prolong the pans utility
  2. Avoid cooking sprays – they’re great at making pans non-stick but you’ll pay for it when the layer starts peeling off

Is this pan oven and boiler safe?

Yes. Up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can move this pan from a cooktop to an oven to a boiler and it won’t warp. When cooking, you will notice that the handles never warm up. Don’t assume the same when baking in an oven. You should always use mitts. Well, unless nasty burns are your thing. Just like all other cookware with non-stick layers, its best practise not to throw them in the dishwasher. The aggressive detergents in the dishwasher are too harsh for the non-stick coating.

Cuisinart chef’s classic pan

Looking at the price tag, it’s no surprise that this pan is a best seller. Cuisinart is a well-known brand but their products are relatively pricier than their competitor’s. This pan is one of the cheapest ones from the brand; and as you would expect, it’s a winner too. Unlike the first runners up in this list, a hard-anodized aluminium pan from Cuisinart, this model is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is heavier when compared to aluminium and often cheaper. This explains the price disparity between these two pans from the same manufacturer with the latter being a budget frying pan that can go in the oven.

At first glance, you will notice that the pan’s rim is tapered for spill-proof pouring. This tapering acts as spout for mess-free pouring. It comes in when you’re making soups and sauces. The stainless-steel handles are riveted to the pan’s body for a comfortable and sturdy grip. They will rarely get too-hot-to hold when you’re cooking on a stovetop. The pan is oven safe up to 500 degrees and dishwasher safe too. As you’re already aware, dishwashers and pans aren’t the best of friends.

Pros of this pan

  1. Comes from a reputable brand – Cuisinart is trusted worldwide and they wouldn’t risk tainting their reputation by making low-quality cookware
  2. Durable Construction – The pan is made from stainless settle and this is, without doubt, the most durable cookware material.


  1. It’s difficult cleansing burnt off food from this pan.