These best skillets for steak won’t warp (even in the oven) 😲

Lodge skillet




Lodge Grill pan


Any pan will make steak. However, Conventional wisdom suggests that cast iron ones make the best steak. Could this be because cast iron skillets are great at retaining heat and they won’t cool when you place the steak? The biggest advantage of cast iron skillets is that they’re still hot and heavy even after being slapped with cold and wet steak. They don’t heat up fast but when they do, they stay that way. What’s the best tool. Perhaps the biggest consideration you’ll make when choosing the best skillet for steak is if it can handle high temperatures. This makes almost all non-stick skillets unsuitable for searing steak as they’re rarely able to withstand more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. While you could certainly use two skillets, you’re better off getting one that’s oven safe too. This way you won’t have t wait for the pan to pre heat.

  1. Lodge cast iron skillet

Even though you’ll never sear steak on a pan that’s glowing red, with this cast iron skillet you’re assured that it will handle all the heat you throw at it. What makes this skillet ideal? It’s pre-seasoned, reliable and comes at an unbeatable price tag. When seasoning a pan, cooking oil is applied and the pan heated. This procedure is repeated serval times. With a pre-seasoned pan, you don’t have to do this on your own. Seasoned pans are somewhat non stick and this skillet won’t lose this property as long as you’re cooking with it.

The pan’s seasoning is a layer of cooking oil. If you wash it with warm soapy water, or with a dishwasher, you will have to re-season it. Not that it’s a big deal but re-seasoning takes time and beginners aren’t used to it yet.

Looking at the thick, metallic base, you wouldn’t expect anything short of durability and reliability firm this cast iron skillet. Under proper maintenance, this pan will last several decades. To be honest, cats iron pans are quite cheap to manufacturer. They are all made in the same way and it’s a surprise that some brands (I’m speaking of all-clad) sell them at exorbitant prices. While brands may involve different workmanship practices when making these units, you’re only buying a shaped chunk of metal.

Cast iron skillets have their own downsides too. Eve though they’re great at retaining heat, this is disadvantageous when you’re following a temperature sensitive recipe. Heat changes take long before being relayed to the food you’re making and this may result in overcooked foods.

  1. Cuisinart Stainless steel pan

Cast iron skillets definitely out perform stainless steel ones when searing steak but the latter are more versatile. This skillet can’t take the heat and it would definitely undergo permanent deformation if you leave it on the stove for long under high heat. Unless you’re planning to sear steak three times a day, you’ll need a multipurpose skillet that gives you more value for money. It’s great at making burgers, chicken, sauces, vegetables and just about anything that you can make without requiring a lid. Of course, you could

Aluminium heats up fast and loses the heat equally fast. Cast iron on the other hand is slow. Stainless steel is somewhere in the middle and almost immune to corrosion. This is a tri ply pan made in a cladding technique where two stainless steel layers sandwich an aluminum one giving it protection from corrosion and wear and tear. All clad makes use of this technique in all their cookware sets and we’ve compared the brand to Cusinart here. It’s stainless steel interior is immune to damage and you can safely use metallic utensils on it – as long as you dint do stupid things like poking it with a knife. It won’t rust or corrode. However, it will slowly lose the shiny stainless steel exterior with time. Scrub it off and the glow will be restored.

The only downside of this pan is that it doesn’t have a non stick coating. Stainless steel skillets don’t require seasoning as long as you use plenty of cooking oil or sear fatty steak.

Lodge Cast iron grill pan

Do Grill pans offer more than the crispy grill lines we love? I doubt. If you’re more interested in getting an even crispy steak that’s browned to perfection, you’ll gain little value from this pan. This pan makes great looking steak for sure but the taste and crispiness isn’t consistent. Grill pans may `not be ideal for everyone but they do make irresistible-looking steak.

What makes this grill skillet great? It’s quite roomy. You can make enough steak for a medium sized family at ago without batching. Again, it’s a grill pan on one side and has a flat surface on the other. Flip it to make eggs and pancakes. As you would expect with grill pans, it doesn’t have a handle. This makes it somewhat difficult to use.