🥇 These Best non stick cookware for induction won’t scratch your cooktop

1 trophy

T Fal

Top Features

  • 12 to 17 pieces
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hard-Anodized
  • Non-stick
  • Black
  • Lids included
2 trophy

Rachael Ray

Top Features

  • PFOA free non stick coating
  • Oven Safe
  • Multiple Colors
3 trophy

 Paula Deen

Top Features

  • Non stick
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Heat-locking lids
  • Multiple colors
  • Oven Safe Handles

Perhaps it’s time to get a new cookware set for your induction cooktop or you’re simply upgrading a few worn-out pieces. Either way, there are a few considerations you need to make when shopping for a set (unless you want to end up with cookware that takes too long to heat up). With the widespread adoption of induction cooktops, serious foodies and home chefs have noticed that they’re more efficient. However, the material making the cookware is equally important. Induction cooktops work by producing a magnetic current that is converted to heat by the cookware. As you may be guessing, the best non stick cookware for induction is quite efficient in this process and those are the sets we’ll be reviewing today.

  1. T-fal heat indicating 12-piece set (the best non stick cookware for induction)

Since 1954, T-fal has been an industry leader in making non-stick cookware they recently raised the bar higher with their Thermo-spot indicators. What’s that? Their pans and sets have an orange indicator that turns red at the right cooking temperature; signaling that it’s the perfect time to throw in your ingredients. The pans in this set do not warp either thanks to the patented Techno Resist base. This hard-anodized base gives the pan a sturdy feel to it. As you would expect, it’s dishwasher safe though you’re better off handwashing it (more to that later).

The cooking surface is infused with Titanium that’s both non-stick and durable. In fact, the company claims that you could safely use metallic utensils on this layer without corroding it. Again, a marketing gimmick. There’s no metal-safe non-stick layer.

The silicon handles will stay cool when cooking, giving for a comfortable, sturdy grip. Sadly, they’re riveted to the set’s side (instead of being mould together). This isn’t exactly the most durable way of attaching handles as rivets loosen up and will fall off with time. This set is rated oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit meaning that you could use the same set on a gas stovetop and finish off in the oven. All 12 pieces come with handled lids too.

  1. Rachael Ray cookware Set

This hard porcelain cookware set is a balance of performance and aesthetics. With four color choices, you’ll surely get one that matches your kitchen’s décor. The non stick layer is made of PFOA-free material. All pieces in this set have an aluminium base; known for its fast and even heat conduction. Of course you’ll benefit most as there will be no hotspots in the food you’ll be making. Aluminium is durable too; even under rigorous cooking under high heat. Frankly, this is the first brand to admit that their non stick cookware sets aren’t dishwasher safe. Dishwashers use harsh detergents and temperatures (especially in the top rack). These detergents are aggressive and will certainly corrode the non stick surface in most cookware sets. Eggs and pancakes are easy to slide off this set as its frying pans and saucepans have angles sides. Of course, you will use a tad of olive oil to get your food off the pan once in a while.

All pieces in the set have rubber handles that never heat up. It’s quite impressive that this set is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit considering that rubber and heat don’t go well together.

  1. Paula Deen Non stick induction cookware

While few of us will admit it; we’re all low key petty. Vibrant colors won’t pass for practicability when buying cookware. That’s why this brand combines both. The enamel exterior is particularly easy to clean but I doubt if it has any effect on the performance. The pans are quite light thanks to their base aluminium base. An aspect that comes in handy when flipping pancakes. Aluminium is a great thermal conductor heat. Meaning that any heat changes you make to the induction cooktop’s power will be relayed to the food you’re making almost instantly. The glossy exterior is quite scratch-resistant too.  It won’t easily stain either. The tempered glass lids make this set oven safe up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The riveted handles have a copper hook at the end for hanging the cookware when you’re done cleaning it.

What induction cooking is and why you should choose cookware carefully.

Would you know how to shop for the best non stick cookware for induction without understanding how these cooktops work? I doubt. There are many instances of induction and the “induction cooking” we refer to is actually electromagnetic induction.

In the cooktop’s element electric current (from the mains) is converted to magnetic frequency after being passed through a coil. The cookware absorbs this magnetic frequency and it heats up. This heat is transferred to the food you’re making. This process is energy efficient. On experimenting with induction cooktops, the first thing you will notice is that the heat stops as soon as you remove the pot. This is because there’s nothing absorbing the magnetic frequency provided by the coil.

Quick pro tip: Place a magnet at the bottom of cookware. If it sticks, then the cookware can be used on an induction cooktop. Induction cooking isn’t a new technique. However, it’s only recently gained popularity in the kitchen when we started o desire accurate temperature control.

Advantages of induction cooking

  1. Easy and fast temperature adjustment

This is, without doubt, the biggest advantage of using induction cooktops over conventional propane and electric ones. This technology is both fast and efficient. Use time doing things that you love – like making a smoothie – instead of standing next o the pot waiting for the water to boil

  1. Minimal heat loss

Heat is transferred from the coil straight to the cookware without passing through external mediums where losses would occur. Heat is only transferred to the surfaces that are in direct contact with the cooktop – explaining why all induction safe pots and pans have a flat base.

  1. Safety

The cooktop never warms up. This is more practical when you have children in the household. Of course, cooktops aren’t the best kids’ toys but don’t we all know how mischievous they get.