Best Vitamix For Smoothies

If you are in a hurry and have no time to make your meal, if you want to lose some weight and be healthy, or if you just want to enjoy a good glass of delicious creamy and frothy drink to cool you in a hot day, there is no better option than to mix up a good smoothie.

Smoothies or shakes are amazing ways to get your fill of good and healthy treats in an incredibly short time. And there is only one way of making amazing smoothies, and that is through an equally amazing blender.

What is in the Vitamix Blender that makes it the best blender for making you smoothies, you ask?


Vitamix Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black - 65542 (Renewed Premium)

Well then, here are the reasons why:

Trusted by professionals

The Vitamix Blender is popular among professionals in the food business. Top chefs in star-rated restaurants and baristas in numerous large café chains swear by this blender, allowing them to not only cook up their famous dishes and well-known delicious drinks, but also craft new creations.

Like a professional, you can also make all kinds of amazing smoothies with your own Vitamix blender.

Environment friendly 

Vitamix Blender is one of the most environmentally safe blenders out there in the market. First of all, it is hand assembled in its manufacturing house in Ohio, reducing the carbon footprint it generates.

Also, 70% of the materials for the components are sourced locally within 250 miles of their center of operations, which is a big help to local industries and saves on fuel usage. Because of this, you do not have to be guilty in making your smoothies.

You will not only be keeping yourself healthy and satisfied but the environment as well.

Unrivaled engineering 

When it comes to the product’s engineering, no other blender can surpass the Vitamix Blender. It is made to last and handle years and years of usage, which is a result of careful and strict material selection. Each part of the blender is made up of high quality materials and assembled meticulously together to form an effective, strong, and efficient superior blender.

Moreover, each new model of the Vitamix Blender is based on meticulously done research. The best designs are selected from a series of them and prototypes are made for each design. Every prototype undergoes a number of thorough and strict tests for quality, so that what comes out into the market is the best of its kind.

Durable and sharp blades 

The Vitamix sports have one of the most heavy-duty blades in the world of top rated blenders. Its blade is constructed from exceptionally strong stainless-steel that can handle anything that you want to throw at them.

Furthermore, it is formed in to a star-shape for more surface area coverage and spins at a speed of 39,000 rotations per minute. Imagine that! You can use any ingredients and you will still have your smoothie within seconds.

Exceptionally engineered container 

Another good thing about the Vitamix blender is its effectively shaped container.

It does not only hold huge amounts of liquid (which is good, especially if you want to make a batch of smoothies for your friends or family), but it is also crafted in such a way that the ingredients or your smoothies are rotated efficiently, ensuring that you will get a nice and even creamy texture as a result.

Powerful motor 

As to the motor power of the Vitamix Blender, it absolutely does not lag behind the most popularly used blenders in the market.

And with a motor with 2 horsepower, the Vitamix blender promises not only fast but also effortless blending.

Sturdy tamper pool 

Another good feature of the Vitamix blender is its highly durable tamper tool. With this tool, you can effectively and safely push down the contents of your smoothie that are harder to blend.

But you will probably end up not having to use it that often though because the blades can easily handle all ingredients of your smoothies. 

But in case you do, there is no reason to worry about it getting all easily shredded up by the blades themselves because it is made up of sturdy and durable plastic material.

Incredible versatility 

The Vitamix blender is a multipurpose blender that can take on any food product you toss into it. It is very good in making purees and pastes out of hard and fibrous ingredients making it perfect in making restaurant-worthy dishes, which is why it is a crowd favorite among professionals.

But it is not only good for commercial use, but in home use also, especially in making your smoothies and desserts.

Strict quality control 

Each Vitamix Blender that goes out of the manufacturing headquarters are scrupulously inspected and checked to ensure that what reaches the households and establishments are Vitamix Blenders of the highest quality and performance.

Simple and self-cleans 

Another good thing about the Vitamix Blenders is its simplicity, especially in cleaning. Because of the fluted design of the container, it is a bit harder to thoroughly clean its bottom part. However, it is not a problem with Vitamix Blender.

By just putting in hot water and a few drops of dish washing liquid and giving the blender a few pulses, you will easily and quickly have clean container. It is just that simple.