Nuwave Air Fryer Won’t Turn On: How To Troubleshoot Air Fryers

Is your nuwave Air fryer having problems or not working (correctly)? In this guide, you will learn how to fix the most common errors of your Air fryer device yourself such as the nuwave air fryer won’t turn on.

It, is of course, even better if there are no problems at all. Therefore, you will first find some tips here to avoid problems.

If you follow these simple guidelines, most of the errors listed below should not even occur.

If something does not work, hopefully the following tips will help you to solve errors and issues with your nuwave Air fryer.

PROBLEM #1 The nuwave air fryer won’t turn on

  •        Check that the device is connected correctly.
  •        Set the timer to the desired setting or at least 5 minutes.

PROBLEM #2 Nuwave Air fryer does not heat up when switched on

  •        Make sure you’ve set a cooking time.
  •        If this does not solve the problem, the Air fryer heating element may be defective.

PROBLEM #3 The Air fryer makes unusually loud noises when used

  •        Check that all parts are inserted correctly.

PROBLEM #4 White smoke comes out of the Air fryer when it is used

  •        Check if you have used the grease trap.
  •        Make sure to thoroughly clean the pan & basket before each use so that there are no grease residues on them.
  •        Make sure that the breading adheres to the food to be fried so that it does not come off during frying.

PROBLEM #5 The display shows 5 dashes / an error message

  •       The safety function was probably activated due to overheating. Pull the plug out of the socket and let the device cool down briefly. Plug the Air fryer back in and turn the device on again.

PROBLEM #6 Coating peels off / peeling marks appear

  •        When cleaning, be careful not to use abrasive cleaners or metallic materials.
  •        Make sure that you insert the basket correctly and carefully into the pan, otherwise it can damage the coating.
  •        Basically, these stains are not harmful and should not affect your frying results.

PROBLEM #7 Food is not cooked evenly

  •        Be careful not to exceed the maximum fill amount.
  •        Always cut the ingredients into pieces of the same size.

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