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With the brand having several stand mixers across their product line, it can be challenging picking the right Kitchenaid stand mixer. Their two bestselling models, the Artisan and the pro have a few overlapping features adding on to the confusion. In this KitchenAid pro vs artisan, we’ll go through their features, how they differ and the similarities they share. At the end, the decision to go for the professional stand mixer will be an easy one.

kitchenaid pro vs artisan: Their similarities

With either, you’ll be able to accomplish the same tasks. In fact, they have a similar visual appearance too.  They had competing performance and the only thing that could set them apart was when mixing on a larger scale: Here, the Artisan mixer lagged behind.

They’re both made by a reputable company and with each purchase, you’re sure that the brand is giving you your money’s worth. There are many reasons as to why you should get a stand mixer from a reputable brand. First, they will offer satisfactory customer support. Again, stand mixers are compatible with a bunch of accessories and you’re better off getting a unit from a popular brand due to availability and compatibility of these accessories.

Their differences

The professional mixer has a sturdier frame than that of the artisan. Stand mixers are usually a one-off purchase and you’re better off getting a unit that will possibly outlive its usefulness. Stand mixers accessories need to be replaced once in a while. The professional’s accessories take longer before getting worn out.

This 7-liter KitchenAid professional stand mixer comes with a pouring shield, a feature that the Artisan lacks. In addition to the pouring shield, it beats the Artisan in that it has a stop safety witch too.

The kitchenaid Artisan

This unit comes in 40 colors and if you’re creative, you’ll go for one that complements your kitchen. Of course, there’s only a slim chance that it will come in the exact shade of red you’re looking for. Your best bet is to get a contrasting one. Of course, I’m sure aesthetics aren’t your biggest consideration when getting a stand mixer.

Coming with a larger bowl (and a more powerful motor than the kitchenaid classic), this unit is a workhorse. With it, you get to knead more dough. Even though it’s heavier than most stand mixers with the same price tag, it makes up for this as it kneads heavier dough comfortably. Again, 26 pounds of a stand mixer won’t be too heavy for your countertop but you’ll feel it when lifting the unit to high shelves.

The pouring shield is a perfect fit around the bowl. It comes in handy when you’re adding lighter ingredients like powdered sugar or flour as they tend to fly off the bowl. The shield ensures that they stay on the bowl making cleaning up a breeze thereafter. It’s worth noting that the pouring shield can be a separate purchase.

Pros of the KitchenAid artisan

  • The bowl makes for easy pouring as it has a handle
  • Comes with a pouring shield, flat beater and wire whip
  • Choice of 40 colors
  • 325-watt motor kneads dense doughs comfortably.


  • Has a premium price tag
  • 5-quart bowl isn’t sufficient for large families
  • Not the best at kneading large volumes of dense dough

Kitchenaid pro stand mixer

This is a revamped version of the Artisan in that they’ve fixed its flaws. The larger bowl and a powerful motor form a great team. With it, daily kneading tasks are a breeze and you could even mix batter for 15 cookies at a go. Of course, it has its downsides too with the price tag being dominant. Its three pounds heavier than the Artisan and moving it around is challenging. If you buy one, the kitchen countertop will certainly end up being its permanent home due to its bulky nature.

Unlike the Artisan that had a tilting head design for pouring, the professional series has a bowl-lift design instead. This mixer is designed for kneading dense dough and a bowl lift de9sgn makes the unit sturdier as no hinges are utilized. Changing attachments or adding ingredients is still easy. However, these tasks are even easier with the Artisan


  • A handled mixing bowl for hassle-free pouring
  • Impressively powerful 550-watt motor
  • Large 6-quart bowl for intensive kneading
  • Comes with an extra spiral hook for kneading dense dough
  • Comes with a pouring shield


  • Not portable due to its bulky nature
  • Adding ingredients is slightly harder due to its bowl-lift construction

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