ūü•á Best air fryer with stainless steel basket: which one to buy?

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Instant Vortex

Top Features

  • 1800 watts
  • 7 in 1 functionality (7 functions: air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, Warm, toast)
  • can air fry large chicken (4 pounds)
  • Adjustable thermostatr
  • Timer
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Maxi Matic (Recommended)

Top Features

  • Large Stainless steel  PFOA/PTFE free basket
  • 3.2 QT fryer basket
  • Dishwasher safe basket
  • Guilt free oil less frying 
  • Recipe booklet included
  • Adjustable Time and temperature
  • 1400 Watt heater
  • Aluminium casing
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Top Features

  • Large 5.8 QT non stick coated basket can fit 6 pounds of chicken
  • 11 in 1 functionality (Steak, Poultry, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Foods, French fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bread, Desserts, Preheat)
  • Removable PFOA free dishwasher safe basket¬†
  • For crispy and tasty chicken wings

Best air fryer with stainless steel basket: which one to buy?

If you are evaluating the purchase of an oil-free fryer or the best air fryer with stainless steel basket, you have reached the best available comparison. To prepare this review, we have used customer opinions, sales rankings, and our own experience. If you have already used any of the models reviewed or wish to share your experience with another brand, we will be delighted.

Yes, an oil-free fryer will be consistent with your purpose of preparing healthy cooking, with fewer calories. Every day we are busy choosing the best ingredients, and balancing our diet to include all kinds of foods.

You love healthy food, you cook steamed regularly, but you miss fried foods, especially for their flavor. Well, there is a solution. I am talking about a product that will allow you to cook with hardly any oil (reducing its use by 80%) or directly without oil: oil-free deep fryers or hot air fryer.

We say to cook and not to fry since speaking with propriety; the fryer without oil does not brown.  However, it works similarly to an oven but in a much more practical and fast way and, of course, with lower energy consumption.

  How does an oil-free fryer or hot air fryer work?

Its operating principle is similar to an oven, and it cooks through the circulation of fast, hot air. An oil-free fryer is formed by the container (which is the one that determines the capacity and where you need to evaluate what volume you need) and time and temperature controls.

What foods can you prepare in a fryer with a stainless steel basket?

Undoubtedly, one of the first dishes you can imagine is some French fries, but you can also prepare fish, nuggets, empanadillas, chicken, skewers, eggs, etc. Even fried eggs! Remember that the principle of these devices makes them a deep fryer with little oil, maintaining the flavor but without adding calories.

Other options for cooking without oil, have you thought about it?

Have you ever wondered what other cooking utensils can help you cook without oil? As an example, a good nonstick skillet allows you to cook without just oil, getting effects similar to those mentioned to those achieved with a fryer without oil.

To choose the best fryer with a stainless steel basket, keep these tips in mind:

Yes, it is good that you analyze several points when deciding on the best oil-free fryer for your home, not just the price, capacity, or consumption.

Seven aspects to analyze in your choice:

  1. Cost: the price is the #1 criterion… but it should not be the only one. Think about it: a little higher investment can give good results in the long term.
  2. Warranty: who responds if you have any problems? Having an official technical service is always a plus.
  3. Capacity: for how many people do you usually cook? Think about this point: not buy something too big or small for your day to day.
  4. Dimensions (necessary space in the kitchen): where are you going to store the fryer without oil? We know that there is usually plenty of space in the kitchen… think about where you are going to save it before choosing it.
  5. Are spare parts fixable? Always choose appliances that can be repaired to extend their life.
  6. Consumption: the power will be transferred directly to your electricity bill… keep that in mind!
  7. Previous users’ opinions: a must in any current purchase is to know the experience of prior users and their evaluation of actual use.

The five best air fryers with stainless steel basket


To present these five options, we have evaluated the experience, price, and quantities sold for air fryers with stainless steel baskets  based on real opinions.

Philips air fryer with stainless steel basket alternative – Maxi Matic

Our choice. The Maxi Matic brand is trendy, accessible, and has points of sale and technical service throughout the world. The Maxi Matic Air fryer model is the most popular, and the one we consider has the best price/quality ratio:

  • Dimensions: Width 28.7 cm, Length 38 cm. 32 cm high
  • Available accessories

Cosori air fryer

The cosori fryer marketed by LIDL has good opinions and is the one in the lowest price range. Its quality of materials and performance is good, although it is below the other models. It is a good choice if you give it occasional use:

  • Dimensions: Width 28.7 cm, Length 38 cm. 32 cm high
  • Where you can buy it: its online purchase is not possible, only in its stores and in limited periods.

Actifry Tefal air fryer

The Tefal Actifry fryer is the most complete, large, and powerful. The Tefal brand is recognized worldwide and has points of sale and technical service:

  • Dimensions: Width 48 cm, Length 38.6 cm. High 31 cm.
  • Available accessories

Omorc air fryer with stainless steel basket

The Omorc model is the one with the greatest capacity compared here. Its price appears in the lower part of the comparison as the most accessible after the T Fal model with the advantage that you can buy it online.

·         Dimensions: Width 38 cm, Length 34 cm. 34 cm high

  • Digital remote

Your experience with an air fryer

In addition to what we propose, we would like to read your experience with the use of this appliance; is it worth buying a fryer without oil? What experience of use have you had with the Russell Hobbs, Lidl, Phillips, Tefal, or Princess models?

Many times there is a doubt about whether it is worth buying an air fryer with stainless steel basket or you can do the same type of cooking without buying it. The reality is always that it depends on each home and the kind of cuisine you choose for your consumption. In Europe, fried foods are the order of the day: many dishes go through oil, and having an alternative that reduces calories is good news.

Another point to consider before buying is the space it will occupy. We have included this data in the comparison so you can get an idea of the dimensions you need to incorporate into your kitchen.

What should you keep in mind before buying an air fryer with a basket?

1. Type of stainless steel frying basket

Baskets that can be removed entirely to be washed more easily are generally preferable, as in the models I chose for this comparison. The material is also essential: while the metallic ones distribute the heat more quickly, the ceramic ones are easier to clean. Some models combine the best of two worlds and offer the option of metal baskets with non-stick coating.

  2. Capacity

This will depend on the amount of food you can prepare in a single cycle of your fryer. It is generally not necessary to have one of a large size, but if your family is enormous or you usually cook for several days at a time, it is better that you choose one of the models with higher capacity, some of which can even roast a whole chicken in its interior.

3. Preset programs

Many of these artifacts offer preset settings for some of the most common foods, such as chips, roast chicken, pie, steak, roast, and others. They are very convenient since, with the press of a button, you will get cooked food to the right point. Some models even allow you to make custom programs and store them in memory.

4. Programmable timer / start

Since we are modernizing the kitchen, it is worth choosing a model that allows you to schedule the exact time at which the food begins to be prepared and so that it is freshly made just at the moment we are going to sit at the table. On many occasions, I leave everything prepared inside the fryer and go out to do my homework with the assurance that I will start cooking at the right time so that lunch is ready on time.

5. Preheating time

Some old fryers needed up to 10 minutes to start cooking your food adequately, making you spend time and consuming more energy than necessary. Fortunately, this is no longer very common, and I have been careful to choose products that begin to heat almost immediately for this comparison.

In the constant boom of technology, new things always come to our homes that promise to simplify or improve our lives. This time it was the turn of the Air fryer; there is still an open debate about if this appliance is arrived to improve our health or it is only a well-done marketing job.

The central premise of an air fryer is that we do not need to immerse our food for an extended period in oil to obtain that incredible flavor and crunchy texture. With only half a tablespoon of oil, and in just 10 or 15 minutes we can get the same delicious results.

Most of the foods prepared within this cooking device do not require oil at all, only hot air. Based on Rapid Air technology, air fryers blow superheated air to cook foods that would traditionally be fried in oil.

To begin to clarify this controversial debate, we must first understand how an air fryer works, its different types, and how to use it properly.


French fries are part of the Belgian tradition, and nowhere is it written that this golden delight should be cooked in astronomical quantities of oil. And why is it necessary that your kitchen still feels the fry the next day? It’s no wonder the air fryer is so successful.

1. Faster and more economical

The combination of the heating element and the circulation of hot air allows your preparations to cook faster in an air fryer than in a traditional oven. That’s why this device should not only be seen as a healthier alternative to a fryer, but also as a more economical alternative to baking.

  2. Preheat becomes useless

Unlike deep fryers and most ovens, preheating will not be necessary with an air fryer. This saves time and allows you to prepare snacks more spontaneously. In some models, preheating for a few minutes can further reduce cooking time.

  3. Neither shake nor return

Hot air, possibly accompanied by a stroke of oil, passes through the food at high speed and cooks all sides of the food evenly. You will not have to shake or return your food.

4. Safer

An air fryer not only eliminates the risk of hot oil or grease splashing, but it’s closed, and well-insulated design also minimizes the risk of burns and other accidents. An air fryer is ideal if you are not very comfortable using a traditional fryer.

5. More ecological

The air that is rejected by the device goes through a series of filters. They ensure that this air contains no harmful substances and unpleasant odors. It’s good for the environment and your cooking.

6. You choose the oil

You use the oil of your choice according to your taste or recipe. This can be olive oil, peanut, sunflower, as well as butter spray.

7. Simultaneous cooking

The basket, which can be equipped with a separator often supplied with the appliance or sold separately, allows you to cook two preparations at the same time.

8. Welcome foil

You can use parchment paper, foil wraps, or aluminum foil, but always make sure there is enough space for air to circulate everywhere.

9. Easy cleaning

As there is less fat, and it is found in the preparation basket, cleaning becomes a breeze. This basket (and possibly the accessories) can go in the dishwasher. Many models also have an automatic cleaning function for the rest of the device.

10. No more calories

We have already emphasized this aspect, but we cannot mention the benefits of the air fryer without mentioning the fact that foods – especially, but not only, fried – absorb less fat, are less caloric and are therefore better for health with this new way of cooking.

Additional benefits…

Calorie reduction: one of the main benefits attributed to these appliances is the considerable decrease in fat consumption. Unquestionably when frying food in deep oil, we add many calories, so one of the most attractive benefits of a fryer Air is the reduction of these extra calories provided by the oil. In proportion, we use only 80-85% of the oil that we would use with the conventional method.

Reduction in cooking time: With the programming of temperature and time, we can control the constant flow of hot air and accelerate the process of cooking food. It could save up to 40% of the time used in a regular frying process.

Reduction of energy expenditure: if we compare the energy consumption of the air fryer with that of a standard electric oven. We can see that consumption varies by a reasonably high percentage. You can save more than 50% of electrical energy when using the fryer, and for example, the s Air Fryer consumes about 390Wh to fry half a kilo of potatoes. Less electricity than a conventional oven uses this 45%.

Saving money: when not using oil, it is a critical point to highlight that in your purchases, you should not include an amount of exuberant oil since you will need it much less. You can achieve almost the same results without making that extra expense.

Ease of cleaning: with an air fryer, this process will be much smaller or even null, depending on whether you want to spray oil (to flavor it) or not the food to be cooked. The container where the food is placed is removable, which makes it easy to wash and clean.

Based on all this, we can conclude that having an air fryer brings many advantages and benefits to the level of health. Space inside the kitchen and time, the air fryers are not limited only to frying food as we can control both temperature and temperature. Time would also allow us to steam and cook, which could be another significant benefit of having this appliance especially if we do not have fried foods in our regular diet. These other cooking methods could also be achieved in less time than in other kitchen implements.

Having a more considerable amount of kitchen implements allows us to be more creative and vary our diet more frequently. This could benefit us when having a regularly balanced diet without so much effort.

The air fryer allows us to cook steamed vegetables, make roasted chicken, French fries, and endless recipes… the only limit is your creativity. The air fryer also frees us much space in the kitchen!


More than three years ago, we were commenting on the innovations for our kitchen: hot air fryers, a healthier alternative to traditional oil fryers. Today, they are straightforward to find and acquire, so little by little, they have made a place in our homes.

Its popularity is due to the fact that it gives our food a crunchy and golden touch that really craved, without hardly using oil. Actually, when using them, we are not performing a frying process, since they rather function as convection ovens that cook food with heat that circulates through high-power fans. It is the air created by these fans that keeps the food dry so that it is left with a crispy exterior and a tender interior.

Regardless of the differences between models, we must always ensure that we only use utensils that are manufactured and designed to fit in our appliance, as this will allow hot air to circulate efficiently. Some other tips are:

Adjust cooking temperature

One of the first mistakes we make when we start using an air fryer is to use the same temperature indicated for a recipe in which it is fried with oil or in which food is roasted. However, because the air circulating causes the firing temperature is more consistent, it is necessary to adjust the temperature of the air fryer, decreasing the temperature indicated about 39¬įF.

In addition, we must not forget that the air fryer must be preheated, just like a conventional oven, a process that usually lasts less than 5 minutes. We must do this just before filling the basket, just as we do when baking.

Mix the ingredients with a moderate amount of oil

Generally, we should mix our food with one or two tablespoons of oil, regardless of their nature, before placing them in the air fryer, except for those that themselves contain fat.

In the case of foods that have been passed through a mixture to breach or weather, it is advisable first to spray the basket with aerosol oil before layered the ingredients, then give them a last layer of oil in the upper part. In this way, we will make them golden and crispy.

Now, as an exception to the rule, frozen foods such as fish sticks, chicken nuggets, or pre-cooked potatoes do not need to be added oil before putting them in the air fryer basket, but not it will be too much if the grid is sprayed beforehand.

Avoid moisture in the ingredients

To use the air fryer, it is also advisable to drain perfectly those that, for example, have been previously marinated. In this way, we will prevent excess smoke from forming. In the same way, when cooking those foods high in fat, we must make sure to remove the excess that remains at the bottom of the fryer periodically.

Do not overfill the rack

When using our air fryer, we must try to give food enough space for air to circulate, so that we can make them crispy. One of our best recommendations for preparing snacks or snacks in this type of appliances is to cook them in small quantities.

Advantages of buying an oil-free fryer

  • Easy to clean, you can even put them in the dishwasher.
  • Savings in oil, the amount they use of oil is considerably less than that of a traditional fryer.
  • You will use less energy than using the oven‚Ķ guaranteed.
  • Ease of use, since you only program and wait… it is that simple!
  • Easy to store, in general, they have not such compact sizes but, they are designs that allow being easy to store and use.
  • Less time to cook: it fries food quickly and in a simple way.

How does the air fryer work?

The opinions of the air fryer are very positive for the people who already used it thanks to the benefits they can offer us and the ease of using them. People who have already used one say it is like using a miniature oven (cooking with air hot) but even healthier since it hardly uses oil.

Air fryers have a particular method of preparing food, as we said before; its operation is similar to that of an oven, using fast hot air in the form of circles.

Is the air fryer healthy?

There is no doubt that trying this type of apparatus causes us a little curiosity and many doubts about it, and we wonder if it is healthy or not. The truth is that using this fryer you can use up to 80% less oil than traditional ones, making food healthier, with better flavors, and looking better without too much oil.

While it is true that this fryer uses very little oil, sometimes depending on the food, we will have to put a tablespoon of oil, but that does not compare with the other fryers that do use much more oil. Let us not forget that the best way to cook healthily is by steaming, grilled, baked, or boiled.