can you use bar keepers friend on stainless steel

You have probably used Comet, SOS Pads, BonAmi, Ajax, Brillo Pads and other cleaners for your pot and pans. If you want to superbly clean your stainless steel cookware, use only Bar Keepers Friend.  It comes in liquid and powder form.  I use both types.

The liquid is primarily for shiny surface cleaning.  The powder is for the rough stuff and it really does the job.My pans are at least 6 years old and they look almost new.  My pressure cooker is 12 years old and it looks new.It’s important that you develop a good cleaning discipline for your wonderful cookware.  Your stainless will last you for many years and it will always look good if you will be consistent in its cleaning.After you have finished cooking and the pan is cooled use a paper towel to wipe out any excess oil and any food particles that can be removed by a simple wiping.

Sprinkle a small amount of the BK powder in the pan and lightly scrub with a plastic pot scrubber.   If you have done everything properly in the pre-cooking and cooking stages the residue in the pan will clean easily.Don’t despair if something burned in the pan because this cleaner will clean it up.  It may take a little more effort but your pan will shine when you are finished.

As a final cleaning, always rinse the pan with soapy water and clean water to remove any residue of the cleaner.Bar Keepers Friend is fantastic for stainless steel.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  I use it regularly and my stainless gleams.The amazing wonder to me is that this cleaner is not expensive.  It’s usually found in the aisle with all of the other kitchen cleaning products and costs no more than most of them.  But it outperforms them by a country mile.

If you own a quality stainless steel pan(s) and you use Bar Keepers Friend you have joined the “upper crust” of culinary brilliance.Have fun with your stainless.  Don’t ever be afraid of it again.But …. Don’t keep it to yourself.  Tell everyone you know how to use stainless and how to clean stainless.Some people will listen to you and thank you for the information.  Others will turn a deaf ear and continue to use their inferior favorites.

Don’t be discouraged on your mission.  You can’t save everyone from the horror of cheap pots and pans but you can save a few.Even now, my grandchildren laugh at me over my enthusiasm for stainless steel but they like the good meals I cook with it.And they are happy to know that no mysterious substances will appear in their food.

Remember – Buy a good set of stainless.  If you can’t afford a set buy one piece at a time.  Start with a 9 inch skillet and build your set one pan at a time.  You will never look back!Plan to spend around $250.00 –  $300.00 for a decent 18/10 quality set – which should include about five pieces. And if you take good care of it you’ll still enjoy cooking on your stainless when you’re old – like me!