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NS TSC-10 (Recommended)

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From water boilers to pressure cookers to rice cookers, Zojirushi is a renowned brand popularized by the unmatched quality of their rice cookers. The company has been in business for the last ninety-three years and it’s certain that you can’t have such a huge customer base without offering them quality products. From their first popular product, a glass thermos flask making use of vacuum technology, this company has been in the front line in the adoption of new technologies. All their rice cookers, for example, are designed with unique features. It’s no surprise we’re spoilt of choice when choosing the best Zojirushi rice cooker. Their units have been helping consumers make perfect rice every single time and this is evident in their ever-growing sales.

Reviews of the best Zojirushi rice cooker

ZCC-10 (the best Zojirushi rice cooker)

This rice cooker wouldn’t have made it to the top of my list were it not for its versatility. From cooking all types of rice to making porridge to cooking, you will comfortably feed a family of five with this unit. Of course, you could make one serving of perfect rice with it too.

With its spherical Teflon-coated inner pot, this rice cooker facilitates even heat distribution to the food it’s making. There’s a handle on the inner pot too. The retractable power cord and foldable handle make this unit compact. Perhaps suggesting that it was designed with dorm dwellers in mind where storage space is limited.

How the ZCC-10 fairs

  1. Fuzzy logic

This technology makes a rice cooker “smart”; in the sense that it continuously adjusts cooking conditions based on how well the rice is cooking. This technology makes the rice cooker versatile as its able to make perfect rice every single time irrespective of the amount of rice it’s making

  1. Zojirushi Rice cooker number of cups

This is the ideal rice cooker for a medium-sized home as it makes 11 cups of rice from 5 and a half cups. However, just like with all other rice cookers from Zojirushi, it’s not compatible with cups from third party manufacturers.

  1. Multi-Menu

From its multi-menu, you get to choose the type of rice you’ll be making. It features white rice, mixed rice, brown sweet and porridge but it’s also compatible with Jasmine rice. This falls under white rice. After cooking, the unit automatically switches to the keep warm heating function. However, it has an automatic keep warm and a reheat function. The Zojirushi ZCC-10 switches from cooking mode to ‘keep warm’ at the end of the cooking cycle with a beep, just like a microwave does.

  1. Cooking rinsed rice

Of course, this cooking technique isn’t for everyone. Some of us prefer rinsing off the rice before cooking while the rest of us cook it as is. On the rice cooker, you could choose your desired texture. Hard rice is firm whereas soft rice is easy on the teeth just like sushi

Pros of this Zojirushi Rice cooker

  • Works with all types of rice
  • Best for a medium-sized family
  • Uses fuzzy logic to automatically adjust the cooking temperature based on the type of rice
  • Cleaning this rice cooker is a breeze


  • Comes at a premium price tag
  • Multi-menu may be confusing to beginners

Zojirushi NP-NVC 18 (induction heating, pressure cooking, and rice warmer)

This is, without doubt, the most advanced rice cooker you could set your hands on. Combining fuzzy logic for smarter cooking and an induction heater that’s energy-efficient, this unit turns cooking rice into a fun, predictable experience. This rice cooker is for the contemporary foodie that wants to experiment with various types of rice. The only downside is that it’s pricy but you already knew that.

Why is this unit expensive?

  1. Pressure cooking

This pressure rice cooker auto-selects pressure settings (from three presets). The end result is perfectly cooked rice without compromising on cooking time. The platinum-coated inner cooking pot screams elegance and functionality as it beautifully complements the unit’s exterior steel casing. The LCD display panel at the front displays the cooking time left and facilitates other timing features. With an onboard chip, this high-end rice cooker is able to adjust the induction heater’s temperature instantaneously based on the amount of rice its cooking and the temperature. Yet, this isn’t the chip’s biggest selling point. It “remembers” the last used cooking settings taking out guesswork and classic trial and error. The end result is predictable results every single time.

  1. Safety Features

Just like traditional pressure cookers, this unit features a safety valve too. The safety valve lets steam out preventing dangerous pressure build-up in the unit. There’s a pressure indicator built into the unit too.

  1. Induction Heater

Conventionally, rice cookers used to have an element at the bottom that would heat up and in turn warm the pot. Even though this got the job done, there was uneven heat distribution to the rice and as you would guess, it didn’t cook evenly. With induction heaters, on the other hand, current is passed through the inner cooking pot and it heats up from all sides (not just at the base)

Pros of this rice cooker

  • It features an induction heater for faster, even cooking.
  • Cooks all types of rice
  • Delayed cooking function
  • Automatically switches to keep warm at the end of the cooking cycle
  • Nonstick inner pot making for easy cleaning up thereafter.


  • Expensive