Use this best pan for searing fish 🥇 it won’t stick

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While in campus, there used to be a special restaurant that used to prepare my favorite dish, salmon. I tried preparing it by myself using a pan that I had borrowed from my neighbor and I was disappointed because the outcome was not appealing. On enquiring from one of the kitchen staff of the disappointment I encountered, she asked me, “Which pan did you use?”  From that day I did my research on the most efficient cooking ware to use in the market and purchased it. I have never been disappointed while preparing my favorite dish-salmon. In this article ,we will discuss the best pan for searing fish.

Which is the best pan for searing fish?

Many have asked this question because of the setbacks of the cooking ware they have previously used. The first time I tried searing my salmon fish, it all stuck on the surface of the pan and it was not crunchy and crispy. Would you also like to revamp your cookware and don’t know which is the most efficient cooking ware to use? Worry no more. This article clearly elucidates the best brands that you can go for. When going for the most efficient cooking pan, there are factors you need to consider so that you can have the best pan with regards your budget.  There are 3 major pans that will give you the best results when searing fish:

cast iron skillet

This is one of the best searing pans that you cannot fail to have in your list of preference. It is majorly known for its vastness and its ability to evenly distribute heat all through the surface of the pan.  Here are some of its features:

physical appearance

This is a circular pan with a 12-inch diameter. It is also has a depth of 2 inches. It has a big surface area, making it proficient when searing large sized fish. Cast iron skillet is also endowed with a large handle. This ensures a proper grip and also prevents direct heat from reaching your hand.

type of material

As the name suggests, the pan is entirely made up of cast iron. Cast iron is dense type of metal used in most cooking ware. This makes the pan reliable and long lasting. If maintained well it can last for a lifetime.


This pan is pre-seasoned at the factory. You can directly use it from the factory hence you don’t have to season it. In the factory, it is pre-seasoned by the use of natural oil poured on the surface of the pan to avoid corrosion and to enhance a non-stick surface.

Heat properties

Cast iron is well known for its ability to withstand very high temperature conditions of about 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

all clad 440465 stainless steel triply bonded pan with lid

This is also one of the most renowned cooking pans manufactured in the USA. It is made up of stainless steel material and also has a small percentage of aluminum core to improve on the heating properties. The following are the features:

physical appearance

This is a rounded 12 inch diameter pan offering a wide surface area for searing fish. It also has a lid on top to help maintain the moisture content of the food during the preparation process. The stainless steel pan has a flat bottom and is flare sided thus enabling one to toss the pan easily while cooking.

Heat properties

Stainless steel is predominantly known for its ability to maintain and to distribute heat equally all through the cooking surface. Scientifically, steel is an alloy of iron and aluminum that have been blended together to come up with the stainless steel metal. Aluminium is well known for its ability to conduct heat faster than iron.  This makes it easy for the stainless steel metal to conduct heat evenly.

Stainless Steel can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit both in searing and in the oven.

Caution has to be undertaken when using the stainless steel pan due to the high temperatures retained. If not carefully handled, it can cause the sticking of fish due to the high temperatures experienced. It is therefore advisable to smear some oil on the surface of the cooking pan so as to maintain the non-stick surface before you can start cooking.


Stainless steel is well known for its long lasting properties. If properly maintained, it can last for a lifetime. The advantage of using stainless steel pans is that most detergents used in cleaning the surface don’t react with the metal and neither do they corrode the surface.

lodge CRS12 Carbon steel skillet

It is made up of heavy 12 gauge carbon steel. This pan can be used for various purposes and can also be used with various sources of heat. The following are the properties of carbon steel skillet:

material type

This pan is made up of 12 gauge carbon steel making it more convenient to conduct and to maintain low temperatures. It is made up of an alloy of both steel and carbon, which is efficient in the maintenance of the surface.

Pre seasoning

Pre-seasoning occurs in the factory where natural soy-bean oil is coated on the surface of the pan to prevent corrosion of the metal and also to provide a non-stick surface. You don’t have to keep smearing oil before you can start searing the fish.

Can be used with variety heat sources.

The ability of the carbon steel pans to withstand very high temperatures makes them to be used widely. They can withstand camp fires, oven heat, electric and induction cooktops, gas cooker and so much more. The only heat source that is incompatible with the carbon steel pan is the microwave ovens.


Carbon steel is a very tough metal enabling it to withstand very high temperatures and to prevent any type of deformation caused by excessive heat. One can also be in a position to use a variety of detergents while cleaning because the metal is unreactive.