Can You Freeze Coffee Creamer?

Coffee creamer takes your morning coffee to the next level, doesn’t it? But it always goes bad too soon and we end up having to throw half of the bottle out. We have good news for the coffee lovers out there - you can freeze your coffee creamer! 

Start freezing your coffee creamer and never have to throw away money again. There is even a genius way of freezing your coffee creamer in serving sizes so that you don’t have to defrost all of the coffee creamer in one go.

We’re going to tell you how to freeze your coffee creamer and how to defrost it properly, as well as some factors that you should consider before doing so. You can now buy coffee creamer without feeling guilty about only using half of it. 

How To Freeze Coffee Creamer

We have a few different options for how to freeze your coffee creamer today, starting off with an ice cube tray. Separate your creamer into the ice cube slots in the empty tray. Use as much in each one that you think you’d use for one cup of coffee. 

If you use more than you can fit in one ice cube hole, you can double up the creamer ice cubes you use in the morning. Cover the ice cube tray with aluminum foil and freeze the creamer for three hours or so. This is called flash freezing. 

After three hours you can remove the foil and take the frozen creamer cubes from the tray. Place them in a freezer bag and return them to the freezer. Make sure that you write the date on the freezer bag so that you know when you have to use them. 

The next method is to pour the coffee creamer right into a freezer bag and seal it shut. Write the date on the bag and leave the liquid to freeze. However, this method requires you to use all of the coffee creamer once you defrost it. You should not freeze coffee creamer twice! 

Finally, you can freeze your coffee creamer in its original packaging. The same applies to this method as it does the freezer bag - you will have to use all of the creamer as soon as you defrost it. However, this saves you from making any more waste with a freezer bag. 

How To Defrost Coffee Creamer

Much like freezing your coffee creamer, there are a few different methods for defrosting it. One that we find particularly interesting is that you can simply add the frozen cube of creamer into a steaming cup of coffee. 

The cube will defrost pretty quickly, leaving your coffee at the perfect drinking temperature. If you prefer your coffee boiling hot to drink; however, you might have to use a microwave to get it back to the desired temperature. 

Another way of defrosting your coffee creamer is to take however many cubes you need for the morning and defrost them in a bowl in the refrigerator. Leaving the cubes overnight should be long enough for you to use them for your morning beverage. 

You can also use the refrigerator method if you’ve frozen all of the creamer at once. You might need to leave the freezer bag or creamer container in the refrigerator for longer so that it completely thaws. However, this shouldn’t take longer than a day. 

You shouldn’t defrost your coffee creamer at room temperature because there is a greater risk of it separating. If your creamer separates you might find that it has a gritty texture rather than the smooth taste that you know and love. 

Defrosting at room temperature might also encourage bacteria to grow on your creamer, which is not what you ordered with your coffee. If the creamer does separate, simply mix the components back together. 

Factors to Consider Before Freezing Coffee Creamer

There are a few considerations to think about before jumping to freeze your coffee creamer. Some people have had an issue with their freezers not being cold enough to keep the coffee creamer frozen. You can add some milk to your creamer if this is the case for you. The milk should help to keep the creamer frozen. 

Another consideration is that freezing coffee creamer might cause the components to separate during the defrosting process. This has been known to change the taste and texture of coffee creamer, potentially ruining your coffee. 

You can leave coffee creamer in the freezer for up to six months, so make sure that you write the date on your freezer bag to avoid surpassing this date. Using coffee creamer after it’s gone bad is sure to ruin your drink, so this is an important step in freezing your coffee creamer. 

Finally, coffee creamers are full of different ingredients that not many people know about. These ingredients are not commonly found in other foods, so they’re not widely understood when it comes to freezing. 

This means that different coffee creamers might fare differently in the freezer. Some brands might be perfectly fine in the freezer while others might struggle and not turn out too great. For this reason, we think that you should test freezing your coffee creamer before freezing the entire bottle. Otherwise, you might waste it. 


Overall, you can freeze coffee creamer. There is a clever way to do so with an ice cube tray so that you can only defrost one serving at a time. Alternatively, you can freeze all of your coffee creamer at once in a freezer bag or the original packaging. 

If you have frozen your creamer in single servings you can defrost them straight away in your hot cup of coffee. However, you also have the option to leave them in the refrigerator overnight. 

One thing that we recommend doing is freezing a single serving of your coffee creamer before you jump the gun and freeze a whole batch. This allows you to see how your favorite coffee creamer fares in the freezer.