Can You Freeze Quiche?

If you have recently had a party or hosted a party where you put on a spread of food and there are a lot of leftovers, there is a chance that there might be some quiche in the collection of leftover food. In order to reduce food waste, you can definitely freeze this quiche and save it for a later date.

This guide will go into more detail about the fact that you can freeze quiche, though. This is because the ‘yes’ is not the end of the answer. There are different situations where you might want to freeze your quiche.

Whether you are freezing one that has already been cooked like in the party leftover example above, or you want to freeze your homemade quiche before cooking it, this guide is the perfect source of information!

To begin with, you can find out how to freeze your quiche, be it cooked or prepared ready to be cooked. Then you will find information on how to safely and perfectly thaw out your frozen quiche. Make sure you read to the end to find out some points that you should consider when you are freezing and defrosting quiche.

How to freeze quiche

There are two parts to this section. The first is referring to already cooked quiche, and the second is referring to homemade quiche that can be frozen before it is cooked. Both contain information that you might find useful even if you are only opting for one of the options.

Step by step guide to freezing already cooked quiche:

  • Step one: bake your quiche to the instructions that you desire (or if you have a quiche that is already cooked or store-bought, skip to step three).
  • Step two: let the quiche cool down out of the oven and then place it into the freezer on the same tray you baked it on, uncovered.
  • Step three: once the filling has frozen solid, take the quiche out.
  • Step four: wrap the quiche as close to the filling and crust as possible with some cling wrap.
  • Step five: wrap in the same way with some foil on top of the cling wrap. This will protect the quiche from any potential freezer burn that it might encounter, since the filling is made of delicate ingredients.
  • Step six: place the newly wrapped cooked and cooled quiche back into the freezer and forget about it until you want to take it out.

Remember to only keep your cooked quiche in the freezer for up to around three months, otherwise there is a higher chance of freezer burn and ruined food.

Step by step guide to freezing homemade uncooked quiche:

There are actually two ways that you can go about doing this. You can freeze the uncooked crust base and filling together already assembled, or you can freeze them separately. This is simply personal preference, and you can find out how to do both here:

  • Step one (both methods): make your crust and filling for your homemade quiche.
  • Step two (separate freezing): place your crust into your quiche tray and place that in a freezer bag, expelling any extra air, then place your filling in a separate freezer bag and do the same. Place these in the freezer.
  • Step three (assembled freezing): place your filling into the quiche base as you would were you about to bake your quiche. Then place this all onto a baking sheet and freeze uncovered until the filling is firm.
  • Step four (assembled freezing): take the assembled uncooked quiche out of the freezer and wrap in some cling wrap, expelling any excess air.
  • Step five (assembled freezing): wrap in some foil exactly as you did with the cling wrap, then place back into the freezer.

Both of these methods will allow you to keep uncooked quiche components in the freezer for up to about a month. You shouldn’t keep it in the freezer for much longer, as it will lose some of its flavor and quality.

These can be left in the freezer and forgotten about until another party rolls around, or a family gathering. Then, based on the guide below, you can thaw out your cooked or uncooked quiche and prepare it for the table.

How to defrost quiche

If you have followed the freezing guide that we have laid out above, you will have no trouble following this defrosting guide.

Defrosting cooked frozen quiche:

  • Step one: take out your cooked quiche from the freezer and unwrap it.
  • Step two: leave it on the side while your oven heats up to your required heat.
  • Step three: place your quiche on a baking tray and into the oven.
  • Step four: wait for the quiche to reheat in the oven for a more even reheat than in the microwave.

Defrosting uncooked quiche:

  • Step one: take out and unwrap your frozen uncooked quiche (assembled or otherwise).
  • Step two: place your filling in the crust if it isn’t assembled already.
  • Step three: cook in the oven based on your recipe instructions, allow some differences because it is frozen.

Factors to consider when freezing quiche

There is a couple of things that you may want to think about before freezing your quiche. The main obstacle is that freezing cooked quiche that has vegetables in it could result in mushy vegetables when you reheat your frozen quiche. This can be avoided if you freeze uncooked quiche, since the vegetables won’t be overcooked when you reheat your quiche.

Another thing to consider is that protecting it in the freezer is one of the most important things. Whether your quiche is cooked, or you are freezing your prepped ingredients, you do not want your quiche to suffer freezer burn as this will significantly affect the quality of the food.

The last thing to consider before freezing your quiche is potentially altering your portion sizes. You could freeze mini quiches so that you don’t run into the same problem when defrosting a whole party-sized quiche and potentially have leftovers.