insinkerator badger vs evolution: Why the Badger sucks

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The Badger (garbage disposal unit and not the animal) is significantly louder than the Evolution when in operation. Bones and egg shells will definitely clog both units but meat and vegetable peelings are no match for their powerful motors. Why should you use a garbage disposal unit instead of throwing them in the bin? First, you keep fruit flies out and the can won’t smell. You could take care of these smells by placing old newspapers at the bottom of the can and they will absorb al rotting juices though. Won’t the disposal unit be the one smelling then? Not if you occasionally put sliced lemons in it. Insinkerator and Waste King both make great garbage disposal units and today we’ll be comparing Insikerators two best sellers; insinkerator badger vs evolution. Waste king units make the loudest unholy sound you’ll ever hear. The insinkerator unit may be a little spendy but here’s why I would go for it any day.

insinkerator badger vs evolution: Why I would get the Evolution any day

TL:Dr; All reviews (on amazon) say that it’s “almost” silent and tears up just about anything. Perhaps durability is the reason why this is the best-selling garbage disposal unit on Amazon. Garbage disposal units are one of those things you should buy only once. Isn’t surprising that it’s one of the most powerful yet quietest units you could get your hands on? It produces enough noise to wake a sleeping baby for sure but you can comfortably have a conversation in the kitchen while it’s on without shouting.

Even though they’re hard to see, its stainless steel blades are immune to cracking and corrosion. If they ever get blunt, you could throw in a few ice cubes and the blades are sharpened by this crushing motion. The blades won’t be worth anything without the powerful DuraDrive 0.75 horse power motor backing them. Garbage disposal units are weird, the larger ones with even bigger motors are usually quieter than their weaker competitors.


With its 0.75 horse power motor driving this continuous feed unit, it’s works well in a medium- large family’s kitchen. It’s 2 stage grinding system ensures that no food particles escape the wrath of its blade. Even large banana peels and small bones are not too tough for it. The Auto Reverse system kicks in when the unit detects clogs and blockages. It grinds food into small particles ensuring that they don’t clog your sewer.

Installing the insinkerator evolution

As you would expect, the unit comes with a detailed installation manual on how to set it up (with pictures). There’s an official installation video on YouTube too. It comes with all the tools you need to install it, except for the plumber’s putty which you can get at the dollar store. It’s even easier replacing any older insinkerator model (like the badger) with this model as they share the same connections and you won’t have to redo the connections.


This is where this model outranks the badger. In comparison to other garbage disposal units, this one whispers. It’s 60% quieter than the badger thanks to its dual anti-vibration system. AT the collar joining the grinder’s compartment to the sink, the manufacturer uses rubber (instead of stainless steel) effectively reducing vibration and noise. The tailpipe mounting is made of rubber too, reducing under sink vibration.

insinkerator badger: how it fairs

The Badger 5 comes at a lower price tag than the Evolution series. Neither too noisy nor to powerful, this is the right unit for a small sized family. Just like all other insinkerator models, it comes with steel propellers on its grinder. The 0.5 horse power motor gives it enough power to mash through food remains easily. Of course, stainless steel is advantageous over regular steel as it’s immune to corrosion. I doubt if you’ll ever need to mash more than the 26 ounces of food that fits in its grinder. Above all it comes with a 2 year warranty suggesting that the company believes in their products.

Why are garbage disposal units popular?

According to this Wikipedia Survey 50% of Americans have garbage disposal units, I would assume the other half use strainers  to catch food particles in the sink; then transfer these remains to the trash. They’re blenders that mash food remains in the sink when you switch them on. They are one of those things you never realize how important the were before they break down.

Unblocking your Garbage disposals

A garbage disposal can make life a lot easier but from time to time it’s bound to get clogged up. Follow these tips to get your garbage disposal running smoothly again in no time. First and most importantly turn the unit off, safety comes first. If your garbage disposal is clogged at the blades use a torch to light up the area and see if the problem is visible. If so you can use some tweezers to get rid of the debris and clean out the blades so that they run smoothly. One thing to note is that if your garbage disposal switches itself off unexpectedly, you may have a reset button that you don’t know about. Some disposals will have a built in safety device that turns it off whenever something too big gets caught up. Just look for a small button near the disposal that says reset, this should return everything to normal.
A blockage may also occur further down the disposal in the drain pipe. You can try to avoid this by placing things down the disposal slowly rather than just chucking everything in. Anything too hard will likely not get broken up properly and cause a clog further down. Also banana peels have been reported as one of the most difficult things for a garbage disposal to handle. Don’t assume that your garbage disposal can handle anything you throw at it.
The first thing to try when you’ve got a blocked disposal drain is to run the cold water at full strength. Do this at the same time as switching the disposal on and off. This combination is often enough to clear small clogs. Anything more serious might require you to locate the clog and unscrew the pipe. You can then clean out the pipe with ease and screw it back in again. Make sure to turn off the water and be prepared for a bit of a mess if you have to resort to this method