little giant vs Werner: Why I would go for the Little Giant any day

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I’m I the only one who believes ladders are one of those things you should only buy once? When the little Giants ladders came out, they were visually appealing albeit gimmicky. They’re without doubt every home improver go to ladder perhaps because they come in the $150 to $400 range. Little Giant ladders are versatile and make for compact storage but their biggest drawback is in their bulky nature. They aren’t the fastest ladders you’ll ever set up either; and that’s why Werner’s customer base is growing. How do these brands compare? In this little giant vs Werner post, we’ll compare them and you’ll understand why carpenters and electricians would rather carry 4 ladders instead of getting the all in one Little Giant.

little giant vs Werner: How they differ


The weigh the same even though the Little Giant is almost twice the size; suggesting that the little Giant is made of lighter (and stronger) materials. The Werner has considerably slimmer steps, it won’t be as comfortable as the Little Giant. The steps on the Werner are somewhat rounded – instead of being rectangular – adding to the discomfort. The little Giant has wider steps and its comfortable and sturdy even when working indoors. However, both ladders have the same feel when you’re wearing boots with study soles like these ones (Amazon). Stepping on the Little Giant feels beet in crew socks in comparison to the Werner.

Sturdiness/durability and steadiness

The Werner is no match for the Little Giant’s joints. When using the Werner as a stepladder, you will notice that the joints play too much and it wobbles once in a while, though you’ll never topple. The Little Giant on the other hand is the sturdiest ladder you’ll set your hands on. Werner ladders have proven stable over time and I’m yet to come across a grumbled buyer but Little Giant inspires confidence. There’s literally zero wobble with it and it often feels like you’ve stepped on solid ground.

Number of pins in each joint

The little Giant ladder has 4 pins on each joint for whereas the Werner has only two. It’s evident that the Little Giant is stringer due to this. However, Little Giant ladders are designed with comfort and stability in mind but come at a premium price tag. Werner ladders are a budget pick and the manufacturer had to compromise on the materials to ensure affordability. This (amazon) is a good Little Giant clone and the only downside is in its bulky nature.

Ease of use

The 4 pins on each Little Giant’s joint make it sturdy but this means that assembling and dissembling this unit will take up twice as much time. The top pins on the Werner are easy to degrees when fooling the ladder and they’re easily secured in place when you’re setting it up. The Werner is definitely easier to use.

Extending and contracting sections

When contracting and extending sections, rungs on the Little Giant ladder are secured in place by locks. You have to be carefully when using them lest you end up with a pinched arm or finger. The Werner makes use of a spring mechanism when releasing and inserting pins. This requires considerably more effort (and shoulder strength). The Little Giant is definitely easier to use.

little giant vs Werner: Why I would go for the Little Giant any day

The Little Giant comes with two wheels at the base for easy movement and I wouldn’t compromise mobility for anything else in a ladder. Moving and relocating it is definitely easier. The Little Giant Revolution Model (amazon) has a permanent integrated leg lever variant to. It’s definitely pricier but well worth the extra bucks.

Frankly speaking both are great ladders and you won’t regret getting either. They have varying features as they were designed for different consumers. The Werner will be the Better choice if you can compromise on comfort, stability and portability. The Little Giant ladder on the other hand is stable on all surfaces but this is reflected on its price tag.

What type of ladder is a little giant?

It’s both a step ladder and a straight ladder. Release the hinge locks and rotate the pins and it becomes an extension ladder. It’s quite versatile and you can use it around obstacles and on staircases. This 300 lb. rated ladder is considerably light at 39 pounds.

The little Giant is a multi-ladder, is it stable?

A straight up aluminum ladder will be sufficient for carrying out most home improvement tasks but a multi-ladder is a better investment if you ever need to do anything else. Multi-ladders may be unstable at the joints and that isn’t something you would risk when you’re 20 feet off the ground. Little Giant ladders are the sturdiest money could buy but they’re somewhat bulky too. Multi ladders tend to have wider bases than their straight counterparts for even better stability. The Little Giant won’t let you down (pun intended)