wonder cooker copper chef reviews

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Wonder Cooker Copper Chef(Recommended)

Top Features

  • 12.5 Quart
  • 14 in 1 functionality
  • Stainless Steel induction plate
  • Ceramic non stick coating
  • Hard Anodized Pan

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Why Wonder Cooker?

My entire professional life, I have been interested in helping customers pare down their crowded kitchen drawers and cabinets by bringing them items with multiple functions. Never has this been more apparent than with my newest product, the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker!

This looks like a traditional roasting pan at first, but it is so much more than that. The Copper Chef Wonder Cooker features an innovative two-piece design; the base is a deep roaster and the lid is a shallow roaster with grill grates. This means that you can cook in them separately, together with the lid on, or you can even stack them! While it will be your best roaster ever with its amazing chemicalfree Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Coating, which makes clean up a joke, this pan set also performs several other jobs in your kitchen!
An unbelievably useful two-piece set, the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker performs many different cooking functions for you. It acts as an XL deep roaster (9-L capacity), and it also acts as a shallow roaster (the lid itself), stock pot, grill pan, baking pan, casserole, deep fryer, steamer, slow cooker, Dutch oven, chafing dish, and electric grill (when you use it on the Copper Chef Induction Cooktop, which is sold separately).
The Wonder Cooker is not only super useful but also extremely well made. We used thick cast aluminum, which means its very durable but also lightweight, something that I know many of my customers prefer. It features a stainless steel induction plate, so you can use it on any type of cooking surface (gas, electric, or induction). We made sure it is chemical PTFE and PFOA free and can withstand heat up to 850º F! What makes it even better? It’s dishwasher safe. I hope you enjoy your Copper Chef Wonder Cooker and that it allows you to simplify your kitchen.

Questions & Answers

  1. How many different kitchen pans & appliances does the Wonder Cooker replace?

The Wonder Cooker is a 14-in-1 multi-use cooker. It replaces your deep roaster, shallow roaster, dual roaster, Dutch oven, stock pot, grill pan, steamer, skillet, baking dish, deep fryer, slow cooker, chafing dish, casserole dish, and indoor grill.

  1. Do I need to use any butter or oil?
    The Wonder Cooker is designed with Advanced Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Coating. There’s no need to add any extra butter, grease, or oil.
  2. Is there a coating on the Wonder Cooker that burns off at first use?
    No. As with all cookware, remember to wash with nonabrasive soap before first use.
  3. What is the Wonder Cooker made of?
    The Wonder Cooker is constructed of highest quality, thick cast aluminum with Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Coating. You get built-in, stainless steel induction plates on both the bottom of the Roaster Pan as well as the Lid (Grill Pan).
  4. How do I clean my Wonder Cooker?
    We recommend you clean the Wonder Cooker’s components by hand with water, a mild soap or cleanser, and a soft, nonmetallic scrubber, sponge, or bristle brush. Or, you may put them in the dishwasher.
  5. Is the Wonder Cooker designed to go in the oven?

The Wonder Cooker is designed for any stovetop— including induction—while 850° F heat resistance makes it equally perfect for the oven.

  1. Does the Wonder Cooker contain PTFE or PFOA?
    Absolutely not. The Wonder Cooker is free of both PTFE & PFOA.
  2. What kind of utensils should I use with the Wonder Cooker?
    We recommend you use only nonmetallic utensils made of wood, plastic, silicone, or bamboo.
  3. How do I store the Wonder Cooker?
    To protect the surface of the Wonder Cooker, we do not recommend stacking other cookware inside of the pans during storage. Use a soft cloth to protect the coating if you must store the Wonder Cooker with other cookware.
  4. Are there any special safety precautions I should follow?

Always remember to use potholders, as the handles and lid can get hot when on the stovetop and in the oven. When lifting the lid, divert your face and body from the Wonder Cooker as hot steam may escape.