permatex vs loctitec : Can they subsititute each other?

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Permatex lubricant​

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Permatex sealant​

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If all sealants are created equal, then why do experienced mechanics have preferences? I mean if repair manuals don’t mention which sealants you should use on gaskets, either is fine, right? Wrong. Loctite clearly owns a larger share of the thread locker market. In reality, both sealants have a lot in common and its even hard telling them apart.

permatex vs loctitec: Are thread lockers and thread sealants the same?

To beginners, they’re the same but they serve different roles. Thread lockers are adhesives applied to bolts and screws to keep them in place. In addition to stop them from vibrating and getting lose, thread lockers help coat screws and bolts stopping them from corrosion and rust. They come in varying colors with dark colored thread lockers being stronger and tougher to remove. Thread sealants on the other hands seal up any space between connectors making them air tight. In water pipes, they render gaps water proof. As you can see, they serve different purposes and each has its role.

Loctite Thread lockers

Loctite Red – High strength permanent sealer

Use it to stock things together and they’ll be glued for an eternity. Seriously! Stronger binds are created when you use heat in the application process

Loctite Blue

This is the most popular

This is a multipurpose thread locker and you will find yourself using it most of the time. This is my go to thread locker when securing bolt threads in most appliances. Where it’s used

  • Stopping metal fasteners from vibrating
  • On small metal parts in hand devices
  • Preventing nuts and bolts from rusting
  • In lawn mowers, motors and household power equipment

Loctite Purple

This is the least powerful thread locker in the company’s production line. Sometimes you dint need strong bonds that will last forever. Use this thread lockers on aluminium parts that require adjusting time over time.

Loctite Green

It’s no surprise that they choose green for their low viscosity thread locker considering that green is associated with slime. This product is easy to spread on threads. Use it when you need to air tight joints without disassembling them.

Permatex thread lockers

Most people prefer Loctite thread lockers because that’s what they got used to. In fact, they use the same color codes on their products. Loctite used to own Permatex.

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