what can you make in an instant pot

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Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1(Recommended)

Top Features

  • 3Qt to 10Qt capacity
  • Best selling multi cooker
  • Perfect for canning
  • 7 in 1 functionality (pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker and warmer)
  • Cooks food upto 70% faster
  • 14 pre set programs
  • Dishwasher safe, stainless steel inner pot

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what can you make in an instant pot

Cooking is fun again!
The Instant Pot is a multi-function kitchen device that replaces seven conventional devices.
The device is mainly used as a pressure cooker and has two settings. The Instant Pot is ideal for roasting and cooking as well as for cooking rice and steaming. The innovative device regulates the pressure automatically—the built-in microprocessor is responsible for this. Thanks to sophisticated technology, all functions can be conveniently set at the push of a button. A time control function allows you to keep food warm or to select a specific start time. As a result, the dishes are ready in a few minutes and can be served fresh if desired. Different temperature settings and degrees of browning are part of the device’s inventory, as is a comprehensive cooking and slow-cooking function.

The Instant Pot is therefore more than an ordinary pressure cooker and has many advantages over conventional steam cookers. It works absolutely noiselessly and does not get hot, which is why it can even be used on the go. A safety mechanism prevents the device from overheating, and thanks to the microprocessor control, the Instant Pot is energy-saving.
The Instant Pot is the Mercedes among multifunction stoves. With its 7 programs, it turns everyone into a chef. The Instant Pot replaces the pressure cooker, roaster, slow cooker, rice cooker, steam cooker (with and without pressure), yogurt maker and warming plate fully automatically. Since all cooking programs are fully time-controlled, everyone can have a healthy, warm meal prepared even in stressful everyday life. To further enhance the cooking experience, there are a number of accessories for the Instant Pot.

The Instant Pot as a revolution

This steamer is revolutionizing the kitchen, especially since seven appliances can be replaced with one. It works as an electric pressure cooker, as a slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steam cooker, warming device and sautéer. This not only saves a lot of space, but also money. The Instant Pot is able to prepare meals faster than conventional cooking appliances because it works with pressure. This pressure is controlled by a microprocessor and is precisely adapted to the respective meal. The programming function is also useful: the steamer can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance so that the meal is completed to the minute. After the cooking process is complete, the meal is kept warm for up to ten hours. Working people also benefit from Instant Pot.

Easy cleaning thanks to special coating

The Instant Pot is coated and is easy to clean. The stainless steel inner pot can be removed for cleaning. Warm water and a little washing-up liquid are often sufficient, but cleaning in the dishwasher is also possible—however, the electrical parts (i.e. the housing) must never be cleaned with water.

The advantages of the Instant Pot pressure cooker

The Instant Pot belongs to the latest generation of intelligent kitchen appliances. It has a total of 14 microprocessor-controlled programs that can be used to cook at the push of a button. Up to 70% energy is saved compared to conventional cooking methods. Cooking time is also reduced by 70% and vitamins and minerals are preserved in the food.

The Instant Pot is characterized by the highest security standards

A total of 10 security mechanisms ensure that literally nothing burns. Among other things, the lid position is monitored, the lid is closed under pressure, temperature and pressure are electronically controlled, automatic shutdown when running dry is activated, overpressure protection and a strict fuse for temperature and current limitation are made possible.

The health aspect

A nutritious and vegan diet is easily possible with the Instant Pot. Cooking with steam is particularly healthy and has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years. This makes vegetables more aromatic and crispy than with conventional preparation methods. The Instant Pot is so gentle with its contents because the ingredients do not come into contact with the hot water. The hot steam penetrates deep into the food in the form of thermal energy, which differs significantly from the principle of dry heat. The water swells the cellular structures of the vegetables and thus releases vitamins that are otherwise difficult for the body to break down. Steam-cooked vegetables need less seasoning and will last longer

The Instant Pot as a steam cooker

Steam cooking is healthy, cheap and incredibly tasty. In modern kitchens, steam cooking is a healthy, simple and modern method of preparation. There are many positive reasons for this healthy approach. In addition to saving time and money, it is primarily a gentle cooking process that is becoming increasingly popular not only with amateur chefs. Cooking is done here only with hot steam. The food not only retains its color, but also the necessary bite. The main focus of this preparation method is on the preservation of valuable nutrients. However, a pressure cooker is not the same as a steam cooker. At best, this project succeeds with the Instant Pot, which should not be missing in any modern kitchen.
The steamer provides even more aroma
The preparation of vegetables is based on this steam cooker in a particularly gentle and gentle way so as not to change the cell structure. Regardless of the type of vegetable, the vegetables remain aromatic, firm to the bite and retain their natural color. In addition, vital vitamins are preserved and are not overcooked. Steam cooking also enables preparation without fat. This positive feature makes the functional and practical benefits even more attractive. The Instant Pot steamer is a high-quality and functional multifunction device. It replaces some kitchen appliances, so to speak, and is easy on the wallet. This steam cooker is primarily used as a pressure cooker.
The Instant Pot is an intelligent kitchen appliance and can also be used as a pressure cooker, Roasters, steam cookers or rice cookers can also be used. It can also be used as a yogurt maker or food warmer. Whether roasting or cooking, it could hardly be easier and more convenient, because the Instant Pot regulates the pressure completely automatically. The high quality workmanship of this steamer can be seen at first glance. Inside, the most modern microprocessors and technologies ensure constant and flawless preparation. The simple handling also speaks for this device. The Instant Pot can be operated with a simple push of a button. The clear display activates the time control or the desired start time as required.

The additional functions of the steamer

The additional functions enable, among other things, a precise temperature setting, a slow cooking option or a desired degree of browning. The Instant Pot is more than just a kitchen device and is considered essential in every modern kitchen. It works independently and is absolutely quiet. Of course, the topic of security must also be mentioned here. The Instant Pot has a special safety mechanism that prevents the device from overheating. So there are many good reasons to choose this modern and functional kitchen helper. Minced meat dishes, poultry, vegetables and even desserts can be prepared easily, easily and very energy-efficiently in the Instant Pot. Steam cooking saves up to 70% energy compared to conventional preparation methods. Steam cooking with the Instant Pot is fun, and healthy.

The Instant Pot as a slow cooker

Slow cookers are trendy. The slow cooking method offers a healthy and tasty alternative to fast food. But what exactly is possible with this slow way of cooking?
The types are plentiful, from low-temperature cooking to preserving, confectioning and gelling. Marinating, drying and slow baking are also part of this slow cooking method. With this method of preparation, meat, fish and vegetables are cooked between 60 and 120 ° C so that the food does not boil, overcook or burn. Due to the low temperature, the dish is cooked longer, and depending on the food, even up to 10 hours. All flavors and spices can be better absorbed into the dish.

Which dishes and foods are suitable for a slow cooker?

Soups and stews are particularly successful with slow cooking, where half an hour more or less does not matter. Braised dishes with meat also remain nice and juicy. Even solid pieces of meat become tender. Solid vegetables such as potatoes and carrots are particularly suitable as vegetables. In addition, legumes such as beans, lentils and peas can be easily cooked. The Instant Pot slow cooker mode also succeeds in classic French desserts such as pots de crème and crème brulée, which must not be burnt or overcooked. Stocks can also be wonderfully made from meat and vegetable scraps. Boiled overnight, they are the perfect substitute for stock cubes.
But there are also ingredients that are not suitable for the slow cooking method. These are those that decompose quickly, such as fish, milk or cream, pasta, and rice. It is by no means impossible to use such components in slow cooking. However, they should only be added towards the end of the cooking time. Pastries are also only steamed in the slow cooker and bread in particular does not become crispy. The Instant Pot back function should be used for this. Pudding and porridge are also suitable for the slow cooker function.

Can the Instant Pot also fry or bake?

The Instant Pot is not a deep fryer, but has a “sauté” function. This makes meat nice and crispy, so this pressure cooker differs significantly from conventional devices.

Can I open the pot to stir while cooking?

It actually works – but only with slow cooking. If the steam pressure mode has been set, the lid can no longer be opened for physical and safety reasons.

Can I put different ingredients together in the Instant Pot?

Naturally. Vegetables, meat and other foods can be heated together in the pot so that a complete meal is later available.

The Different Cooking Programs

Instant Pot helps you to prepare different types of foods to perfections by means of using its basic as well as advanced cooking programs. Here is a breakdown of all the programs available in the latest models of Instant Pot.
Adjust: This button helps you to modify the temperature and time as per your needs.
Sauté: You can use this program to sauté or brown your foods, such as onions, garlic, spices, meat etc. with the lid open. You can also use this program to thicken the sauces.
Manual: allows you to customize experience thoroughly, by setting temperature, duration and other parameters.
Steam: will help you to steam any food, such as fish, meat, seafood, vegetables and etc.
The default cooking time for this particular program is high pressure for 10 minutes. You will need a steaming basket to use this program.
Multigrain: is used to prepare various grains, including quinoa, buckwheat and etc. The default cooking setting in this program is high pressure for 40 minutes.
Meat/ Stew: Allows you to prepare stews and different types of meats and stews. The default cooking setting in this program is high pressure for 35 minutes.
Bean/Chili: You can prepare all kinds of bean meals using this program, with the default setting of high pressure for 30 minutes.
Rice: You can use your Instant Pot as simple rice cooker with this program.
Yogurt: turn the Instant Pot into a yogurt maker with this smart cooking program. The default cooking setting here is 8 hours, but you can use the “Adjust” feature to increase or decrease cooking time.
Soup: This function is perfect for preparing all types soups, stews, broths, and chowders. The default cooking setting is high pressure for 30 minutes.
Poultry: Prepare different types of poultry dishes with the help of this function. Poultry meat is generally faster in preparation comparing to other types of meat. The default cooking setting here is high pressure for 15 minutes.
Cake: Bake perfect cakes and pies with this program.
Porridge: This is another program you can use to prepare your rice, grains and oatmeal. The default cooking setting in this program is high pressure for 20 minutes.
Egg: Use this program to prepare various egg-based recipes.
Slow Cook: This program allows you to turn the Instant Pot into a slow cooker. The cooking time can range from 30 minutes to 20 hours, and you can also delay the start of the cooking process by up to 24 hours.
Keep Warm/Cancel: This function helps you to cancel the ongoing cooking program. In addition, it turns the cooker in a standby mode while keeping the food warm.
NPR (Natural Pressure Release): This setting is used to release the pressure in a natural way, which takes 8-15 minutes to release all the pressure.
QPR (Quick Pressure Release): This setting is used to release the pressure manually in order to speed up the process. Just turn the vent valve into open position to start the process.