🥇 Zojirushi vs Tiger: Why I Got The Zojirushi

There’s a common misconception that chefs don’t use rice cookers and that they’re a reserve for amateur foodies. With one, making (perfect) rice is easy and hands-free. What makes you think that professional chefs wouldn’t want the same luxury. 

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Rice is a staple in many Asian countries and it’s no surprise that the two biggest rice cooker brands are Asian-based. A Zojirushi vs tiger Battle isn’t rare amongst sushi junkies. Rice cookers from these brands come with varying features and shapes and it’s only natural that you go through a buying guide before settling on the right one.

In this post, we’ll look at what they have in common, their differences and the pros and cons of getting either. 

Zojirushi vs tiger: Their similarities

  1. They’re both versatile

Chances are you’re getting a rice cooker so that you could make perfect sushi. But, is this the only thing you’ll be using the rice cooker for. You will find yourself making plain rice and the occasional brown rice more times than you think.

Both brands make versatile rice cookers (good at getting multiple things done). In fact, there are two Zojirushi cookers that even have settings for baking cakes. Of versatility, Tiger takes the trophy. With their bestselling model, you achieve even more with the same unit. Imagine owning a rice cooker that cooks soups and stews and it could bake bread too.

  1. They both make the most out of technology in their units

From embedding microcomputers to conventional, electric rice cookers to utilizing induction heating technology, both brands make use of advanced technologies in their products.  Zojirushi seems to be faring better at innovation.

With their latest model, the brand claims that the rice cooker elevates cooking temperatures to new heights. The end result is that it makes softer rice that stays soft for even longer.

  1. Their cookers automatically adjust cooking conditions depending on the food

With both rice cookers, sensors are put in place and they adjust the unit’s temperature to match the food you’re making. This, of course, guarantees perfect meals every single time you’re using their units

  1. Both unite feature fuzzy technology

This gives more cooking settings but of course at a price. Models featuring this technology tend to be pricier. If you’re shopping for a multipurpose unit, then you will benefit most from this technology.

  1. They both have product lines in Japan and in China

Both brands have products made in either country. The label on the unit will usually indicate where that model originates from.

Zojirushi vs Tiger Comparison Table


Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5-1/2-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer, 1.0-Liter

Having perfected the art of making fluffy rice, this rice cooker is Zojirushi’s bestseller up to date. Unlike conventional electric rice cookers, this unit uses induction heating meaning that you could cook batches of rice in a relatively shorter amount of time. Time isn’t the only advantage of an induction rice cooker; this technology makes cooking with the unit cheaper than using a gas cooker.

With various cooking options available, you could switch between different types of rice and porridge on its multi-menu. This makes the unit ideal for Jasmine, white and brown, and sushi rice.

With its automatic keep-warm function, you’re guaranteed that the rice will always be ready at the right temperature. In fact, it features a delay timer, just like the one used in slow cookers, and you could set it to have perfect rice waiting for you when you get home.


  • The delay timer function is convenient and efficient
  • Can cook all types of rice and porridge
  • Automatically switches to keep warm mode after cooking
  • Makes perfect fluffy rice every single time
  • Quick at cooking rice when you need to work with batches


  • Its multi-menu could be confusing to first-timers
  • Not compatible with measuring cups from other brands


Tiger JNP-S10U-HU 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker and Warmer, Stainless Steel Gray

Versatility you seek; this rice cooker is more of a multi-cooker than a rice cooker. From slow cooking soups and stews to baking bread to steaming vegetables, this is your one-stop appliance for typical cooking requirements.

Would you ask for more? Of course, it achieves all these without compromising on the quality of fluffy rice it makes. Just like cleaning it, this unit is easy to use and handle too.


The inner pot comes with a handle for seamless handling. From the factory, this unit gives you a choice of cooking or keeping the food warm. It automatically switches to the keep warm mode once it’s done cooking.

Perhaps the biggest selling point if this Tiger rice cooker is in its “tacook” function. In fact, this feature single-handedly makes Tiger win the Zojirushi vs tiger rice cooker battle. With this handy feature, you get to cook more than one dish at the same time.

Without them mixing flavors, of course. It’s partitioned tacook plate lies on top of the induction heater. On one side, you’ll cook rice and while steaming vegetables, meat, fish or poultry on the other. There’s a steam vent put in place ensuring that these two dishes don’t get their flavors mixed.

Tiger’s rice cooker pot

The inner pot is made of 5 sheets of metal bonded together. In the cookware world, we refer to this manufacturing technique as cladding and it’s a concept that All clad has mastered. A ceramic coating is applied to its innermost layer giving the rice cooker non-stick properties.

The biggest advantage of using multiple layers of metal bonded together is that there are better at heat distribution ensnaring that the food cooks evenly.


  • It’s steam vent is detachable ensuring that cooking is a breeze
  • The 5 clad layer facilitate for even cooking of food
  • Can cook rice and steam vegetables simultaneously
  • The cooking pot has graduated marks for making the perfect rice


  • Rice cooker is not compatible with measuring cups from other brands
  • The outer casing isn’t durable and may develop unsightly scratches over time.

A Brief History of the Programmable Rice cooker

Historians haven’t quite figured out exactly who invented this genius kitchen appliance, but on January 9th, 1991, the Chinese scientist, Mr. Yong-Guang Wang, filed the first electric rice cooker patent.

While this is the best ways to cook instant, fluffy, restaurant-quality rice directly in your own home, the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer is a multi-dish device that doesn’t just focus on ‘rice & steaming’.

This electric rice cooker instructs the chef on several ways to cook food at once such as simmering, braising, slow cooking, warming, and stewing by using different combinations of cooking temperature, pressure and cooking times which has led to the new era of electric rice cookers such as the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer.

The Immense Variety of Dishes Programmable Rice Cookers Create!

You can whip up quick and easy breakfasts in the morning, so you can curb that morning stop on your commute and start the day with more healthy meals like yogurt parfait, old-fashioned oatmeal, veggie frittatas, quiche, and even hard-boiled eggs.

Lunch is made much more simple with this electric rice cooker too! You can easily create fast healthy dishes like Buddha Bowls, Pad Thai, Jacket Potatoes, and Chicken Tacos. Dinners, desserts and snacks, and beyond are all made more simple with the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer. Think Pho, Chocolate Lava Cake, Mac N’ Cheese, Chili Dogs and Whole Roasted Chicken. All fast, healthy, and absolutely delicious!

Health Benefits of Cooking with the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer

The Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer offers you a vast array of health benefits. Not only will you be cooking clean and only adding the oil necessary oil to keep the dish from sticking, you’ll learn how to make each dish in its healthiest style possible. Electric rice cookers cut preservatives, GMOs, and other unhealthy additives.

You’ll be cooking food as naturally as possible, just like many pro chefs. Pressure cooking is also diet friendly. Not just any diet, but great for people who are trying to lower their cholesterol and blood pressure. Amazing for anyone wanting to cut fat and sugar. Vegetarians, Vegans, Paleo can all create delicious meals with the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer.

Along with rice, you can steam veggies for paleo, vegan or carb-watching diets—as well as meats, pasta, and other delicious grains like quinoa.

Why Pro Chefs Use Programmable Rice Cookers

You can cook like a top pro chef right in your own home because with foods pressurized all the various flavors are infused directly back into the food and succulently seal in the flavor.

This transcends the flavor of each meal you cook at home while the cooking time goes from the traditional 30 to 10 minutes on each meal. Minimal cleaning is required and its super fun to use at home. The electric rice cooker is adored by pro chefs, as well as busy parents and students for its programmable features and ease of use.

Professional chefs love the speed of cooking with a rice cooker and now technology has afforded it so you can cook like a pro chef right in the comfort of home!

The Difference Between an Electric Rice Cooker and Pressure Cooker

The electric rice cooker and pressure cooker usually look almost exactly the same. Many people often wonder exactly what the difference is when it comes to cooking with both appliances. While they both cook food at an incredibly quick rate of time, they are actually very different. Both appliances cook using steam, but that’s the only thing these two have in common.

The electric rice cooker uses a heating coil or pad with an inner pan and lid. Sometimes they come with steaming baskets, sometimes they don’t. Rice is cooked using liquid, like water, that evaporates and turns into steam that the rice absorbs causing the rice to become fluffy and soft. The Zojirushi Rice Cooker is similar to the pressure cooker but is designed with a sensor on the lid that is sealable so steam cannot escape and cooks the food with a combination of heat and pressure.

Zojirushi is simple and has less buttons to figure out than most programmable pressure cookers. Most electric rice cookers are programmable and often much easier to use and while being able to cook a vast array of tantalizing meals and flavorful dishes.


How to Get Started in 2 Minutes!

Add rice. Add at least 1 cup of water. Push a button. That’s how simple it is to get started using your Zojirushi. Use the power button to get started. Make sure you read all of the instructions carefully. Make sure your Zojirushi is on a flat surface with nothing underneath the stainless steel surface! Be sure to use your Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer only on a level, dry and heat-resistant surface. 

Wipe any water or residue off the outside and surface of the heating plate; that way you have zero corrosion or noise during cooking and rice cooks properly. Secure the inner lid in place by pushing it into the fixtures found on both sides at the bottom of the outer lid and push up until it is secure. Next, pull the inner lid knobs towards you that are found on the top.

Place the inner pan in the main body, secure the lid closed, and press cook/reheat to set your time or choose the rice option you are cooking. When the cook time is complete the Zojirushi will shift to keep warm mode.

Overview of Buttons, Timer, and Settings

The buttons and timers are super easy to learn. With every recipe, you’ll learn just how to cook each meal to perfection. There’s a button for quick cooking white rice automatically. One for cooking fluffy, delicious brown rice and grains that require longer cooking times. The mixed button is great for steaming vegetables and other delicious main dishes. 

While the sushi rice, porridge, and other buttons can help you cook the most tantalizing meals when you’re super-busy or aren’t even at home. You can also use the keep warm button so your food remains fresh and hot until your dinner guests or family has arrived, or if dinner gets postponed. You really can get started in two minutes with the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer—for delicious, healthy, pro chef style meals right at home.

The best part about the Zojirushi are all the accessories that come with this rice cooker. No other model on the market offers you such a simple way to cook delicious rice – even rice that is not pre-washed is delicious and fluffy in no time with Zojirushi.

Overview of How to Cook Rice, Soups, Stews, Vegetables, and More

Rice is easy to cook using the 13-step process below. Many soup and stew recipes will require you to use the timer function in order to avoid burning the soup. You’ll set the time that each dish needs to steam.

Your Zojirushi will begin to countdown once water reaches a boil. Then it will shut off once time has elapsed. The best part about this rice cooker is that it automatically switch over to keep your food warm once your dish is finished cooking. That way you can count on perfect, fluffy rice every single time you cook. Soups will never scorch again.

Dishes won’t stick to lids or burn. Vegetables won’t wilt but be cooked to steamed perfection.

How to Clean and Store Your Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer

Allow the appliance to cool before starting the cleaning process. Unplug your Zojirushi from the electric outlet before cleaning. On occasion, there may be residue in the bottom of the cooker. While this is almost always unavoidable, you can easily clean the appliance in no time at all. Simply pour a few inches of water into the bottom of the Cooker/Steamer.

If available put a few drops of lemon inside and then cycle it through cooking again on steam. The boiling water will loosen up any remaining residue and help you easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or products that are not considered safe to use on non-stick coatings, as this will discolor or ruin the inner pan and accessories. Simply store your rice cooker in a dry place.

Optimal Sizes of Food, How to Time and Avoid Overcooking

Food sizes can vary, and it is especially useful to follow the recipes to the exact measurement. This will help you avoid overfilling and overcooking your meals. The timer and cooking specifications on each recipe will also help you avoid overcooking food.

Tools that come with the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer like the steam tray, spatula, and measuring cup can come in very handy. The included measuring cup equals one quarter cup. Four cups of water will yield up to 8 cups of rice.

The ribbed spatula is great when lifting rice out of your rice cooker to keep it from falling all over the place. A great pro tip: add a 1/2 tsp. olive oil to rice to avoid bubbling over. Remember that food expands as you cook in your Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer so never fill it more than 1/2 full or past the maximum fill line.

Marinating and Prepping Dishes/How to Store Leftovers

Marinating and prepping dishes beforehand are a great way to cook healthy meals in no time. The Zojirushi are great for making 3-4 meals. Remember to reduce the size of traditional soup or stew recipes for 94-ounce pots and rice cookers. 64 ounce resealable containers are great for the Zojirushi Cooker.

This size container holds 3-4 servings and is perfect for freezing ingredients to quick cook from frozen. If you don’t have time to put all of the ingredients together, you can pick a day to meal prep. Freeze in 64-ounce containers and cook a delicious, healthy family meal in no time. When storing leftovers, just place them in resealable containers and refrigerate for up to 72 hours or freeze for up to 14 days.

Things to Avoid

Other recipes that use flour when cooking soups may not be ideal for the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer because they can expand too much and cause overflow or the lid to burst.

To protect against electrical shock, do not immerse the appliance in water or any other liquid. When cooking with kids, close supervision is necessary. The cord on the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer is short in length as to keep it away from hot burners or near a heated oven.

When cooking your rice or one-pot meals, do not touch, cover or obstruct the steam vent on the top of the rice cooker as it is extremely hot and may burn your skin. Always make sure the outside of the inner pan is dry before use; if the inner pan is returned to the rice cooker wet, it may damage or cause the product to malfunction. Rice should never be left in the inner pan with the KEEP WARM button on for more than 12 hours.

Detailed Process of Using The Zojirushi Rice Cooker(Not-In-The-Manual Secrets )

When it comes to getting that gorgeous color on your meats and vegetables, you’ll want to sear it in a pan after you cook it in the Zojirushi Cooker. While the cooker takes the long time out of traditional cooking it doesn’t have the ability to give your dish or meat that gorgeous, light golden seared color. If you’re cooking something like a cheeseburger, simply cook it in the rice cooker and heat a frying pan on high. Sear on both sides for 1 to 2 minutes, and you’ve got one quick delicious meal.

When it comes to making yogurt, you’ll want to place a ceramic bowl into the bottom of the rice cooker. You’ll want to heat your milk and use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature. Simply follow the recipe below and you’ll come out with perfect, thick yogurt every time. The Zojirushi also gives you the option of choosing a melody or beep sound to alert you when cooking is completed.

Simply, put the inner pan in the Zojirushi, plug into a power source, press the Timer Key for more than 3 seconds and the sound changes every time you press this key. Here, you can choose High Melody Sound, Low Melody Sound, or Beep Sound.

How to Add Crispiness

When it comes to adding crispness to your meal, you’ll want to follow the same rule as searing. Because the rice cooker primarily uses steam and hot water to cook food, you won’t be able to crisp chicken. Simply heat a frying pan on high and char for 1 to 2 minutes on each side. Alternatively, you can get that golden brown color in the oven with a broiler.

Be sure to heat on high and watch the food so as to not burn it! Occasionally, you may need to brush meats with olive oil to crisp. To keep it healthy, measure out 1 tsp. Olive oil and evenly distribute across one serving. You’ll only need 1/2 to 1 tsp. per person/per serving.

Secrets to Making Perfect Fluffy Rice Every Time

The secret to making the perfect, fluffy rice every time you cook in your Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Steamer is to use the measuring cup and follow the recipes below. It’s that simple. There’s no inside tip or trick—just be sure to follow the detailed, yet easy instructions and you’ll cook perfect rice in no time—every time!

You can also use the rice cooker to flash cook rice in as little as 24 minutes for those really busy days and nights. Just be sure to use the measuring cup that comes with the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer, and follow the Rice section of the manual included with the appliance. In the event that your rice isn’t cooked or hard when the rice cooker switches to KEEP WARM, add 1/2 to 1 cup of water and stir through.

Close the lid, lock it in place, and press the RICE switch. When the rice cooker switches to KEEP WARM, remove the lid and stir the rice and taste. Repeat as needed until the rice is fluffy and to your desired consistency. If your rice is soggy or full of excess water, stir, replace the lid and leave on KEEP WARM for 10 to 30 minutes longer.

Stir occasionally to check until cooked through to desired consistency. If your rice keeps turning brown or caramelizing, simply rinse the rice before cooking to avoid this common kitchen mishap.

Best Way to Safely Reheat Rice

You may have read claims that reheated rice can be loaded with bacteria and possibly cause food poisoning. There is a safe way to reheat rice, and we’ve got the top pro tips for you here! While you might think a microwave is best, the best way is to add 1 tablespoon of water, per bowl of rice or 5.5 ounces, to the rice and reheat it using your Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer.

Loosen rice with the spatula and gather rice toward the center of the Inner Pan to avoid scorching or drying out. Set the timer to 5 to 8 minutes and your rice cooker will fluff and rehydrate your rice in no time. Just make sure it’s heated through. Make sure that keep warm lamp is on. Press the cooking/reheat key when the melody sounds and the cooking/reheat lamp will start blinking.

If the cooking/reheat key is pressed when the keep warm lamp is off the rice cooking function will start – not the reheat. In the event that the rice is not cooked too hot, just add 2 minutes and check it again. Cook until hot and serve with your favorite vegetables, tofu, chicken, pork, shrimp, or beef.

Seasoning Tips for Yellow and Mexican Rice and Other Specialties

Seasoning rice is a healthy way to make more versatile dishes. Adding broth or stock is a great way to elevate the flavor of your rice like a pro chef. The ratio of broth or stock to the Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer is the same as water to rice ratios on your manual chart or recipe. You can make delicious yellow rice for paella or spanish themed meals by adding a 1/2 tsp. turmeric to the rice cooker and substituting chicken or vegetable broth for water.

When creating mexican Rice, do the same by substituting chicken broth for water. Add 1 tsp. garlic salt, 1/2 tsp. cumin, 1/2 cup tomato sauce, and 1/4 cup chopped onion. Creating delicious rice dishes in your Zojirushi has never been so easy! You can find more delicious rice recipes to try below.

Extra Tips

If you misplace the measuring cup that comes with your Zojirushi Rice Cooker and Warmer, a 1 standard US cup or 171 ml. is an exact replacement.

When turning the rice cooker off: be sure to press the off button twice and unplug the power cord from the electric outlet. Keep in mind that the function of the steam vent is to help pressure cook and steam your food, so hot steam can escape periodically. Simply keep hands, arms and face away from the steam vent to avoid burning yourself. That means little hands too if you tend to have children in the kitchen.